Trish Stratus is a former 7-time WWE Women’s Champion, Hall of Famer, and was even proclaimed “Diva of the Decade.” In short, the native of Ontario, Canada is one of the most successful performers (male or female) that the professional wrestling industry has ever seen.Although she is semi-retired, Stratus remains one of the most popular entertainers in the world. That being said, despite her overwhelming popularity there is still a lot of things that even hardcore fans don’t know about the former women’s champ.

Trish Stratus Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About photos and video

Trish Stratus Hottest photos and video BIO Real Life evolution pictures

When most folks think of Trish Stratus’s title reigns, they remember her WWE Women’s Championships. After all, she won the title 7 times. However, most people don’t realize that Stratus also held the now defunct, WWE Hardcore Championship.

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She captured the title by pinning Crash Holly in a hardcore match involving several wrestlers back in 2002. Moments later, in the very match, she was pinned by Stevie Richards and lost the belt. In those days, what was known as the 24/7 rule was in effect. This meant that a wrestler could pin the hardcore champ at any time (day or night) and become the new title holder.

Trish Stratus Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About photos and video online

9She Owned Her Own Yoga Studios

Trish Stratus hasn’t been with the WWE on a full-time basis since 2006. As a result, fan’s are probably wondering what she’s been up to since leaving.

One of her many post-wrestling ventures was opening her very own yoga studio – Stratusphere Yoga. The studio officially opened its doors back in 2008 and was known for being eco-friendly. Both the business and Stratus won several awards over the years – including Top Choice Awards Best Yoga Studio in 2013. However, despite the awards and initial success, Stratusphere Yoga closed its doors for good in 2015. While the studio ultimately shut down, a 7-year run isn’t bad for a small business.

8She Used To Work As A Receptionist

Before she became one of the most groundbreaking athletes in sports entertainment, Trish Stratus worked a regular job. In her early-20s, she worked as a receptionist at a gym. During this period, the future WWE champ was discovered by a representative from a fitness publication known as MuscleMag International. After her test shoot with the magazine, her career as a fitness model had begun.

It was her modeling work that eventually caught the attention of WWE officials and led to her signing with World Wrestling Entertainment. Had she not been discovered while working as a receptionist, her wrestling career may have never happened.

7She Appeared In The Reality Series Armed & Famous

Trish Stratus was doing the reality television thing long before shows like Total Divas and Total Bellas were around. In 2007, she became a cast member on the CBS show known as Armed & Famous. Among the other cast members were stars like Erik Estrada, La Toya Jackson, and Wee Man.

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The program featured Stratus and company training to become reserve police officers in Muncie, Indiana. They even got to go on patrol with training officers. Despite the eclectic mix of stars, the show was short-lived. In fact, Armed & Famous was canceled after only 6 episodes. These days, only the most die-hard Stratus fans even remember she was on the show.

6She Married Her High School Sweetheart

Workplace romances have been very common in WWE over the years. However, Stratus was one of the few performers who was never romantically linked to another wrestler. This is because Stratus has been in a relationship with the same man since high school.

After dating for around 14 years, Trish Straus married her high school sweetheart, a man named Ron Fisico, in 2006. Their wedding was even featured in a popular bridal magazine. The couple now has 2 children together – a son named Maximus Stratus Fisico and a daughter known as Madison-Patricia Fisico. The kids were born in 2013 and 2017 respectively.

5She Studied Biology In College

In the late 90s, Trish Stratus attended York University. For those unfamiliar, York is a Toronto-based public research university. At press time, the academic institution is the third-largest in Canada – based on the number of students enrolled.

During her time at York, she studied biology, and another field known as kinesiology. Kinesiology, simply put, is the scientific study of human movement – this may be where Stratus got the idea for some of her signature moves. Unsurprisingly, she was an excellent athlete in her college days – having excelled in sports like field hockey and soccer. After a faculty strike in 1997, Stratus ended up leaving the school.

4She Used To Host A Radio Show

Stratus wasn’t exactly sitting around before her career in World Wrestling Entertainment got underway. She attended college and had several jobs prior to becoming a wrestling legend. For example, the pride of Toronto briefly worked as a radio host back in 1999.

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In those days, she hosted a Toronto Sports Radio program known as Live Audio Wrestling (aka The LAW) which aired on The Fan 590. As the name suggests, this was a wrestling-based production. She worked with co-hosts Jeff Marek and Big Daddy Donnie. While Stratus’s tenure as the host was brief, it’s said that her work there was one of the reasons WWE decided to sign her.

3She Starred In A Film Called Bail Enforcers

Like many high-profile celebs and athletes, Trish Stratus has dabbled in acting. She even starred in a feature film called Bail Enforcers.

Released in 2011; Bail Enforcers is an action film about a group of bounty hunters who have a run-in with the mob. Stratus plays the lead role – a bounty hunter named Jules. The flick has shown few theatres on a limited release basis. While Stratus didn’t win any awards for her performance, one of her co-stars was at least nominated for one. Boomer Phillips, the actor who played Chase Thomson in the film, was nominated for a Comedian Comedy Award.

2She Made Her Video Game Debut In WWE No Mercy For N64

Those who play WWE video games have seen Trish Stratus (at least a digital version of her) a lot over the years. She has appeared in well over 20 games and, despite being semi-retired, is still a playable character in many new releases.

Her video game debut dates back to the year 2000. The release of THQ’s WWF No Mercy for Nintendo 64, marked the first time fans could play as Trish Stratus. The game received positive reviews and went on to become one of the best-selling titles for the Nintendo 64. WWF No Mercy turned out to be a great starting point for the video game version of Stratus.

1Her Net Worth Is $6 Million Dollars

Historically, professional wrestling has been a pretty tough way to make a living – and still can be. However, in recent years, those who make to WWE can expect to earn a very good living. According to World Wrestling Entertainment, the average salary for a performer in the company is around $500,000 (USD). A top star in the company can expect to earn $1,000,000 or more a year.

Apparently, Trish Stratus got paid like a top star – especially when one considers she hasn’t been with organization full-time since 2006 – when wrestlers probably weren’t making as much. Trish Straus is worth an estimated $6 million – having worked a full WWE schedule for around 6 years.

Trish Stratus WWE Top 10 stories career photos and video online

Trish Stratus Hottest photos and video BIO Real Life evolution pictures