Wrestling from 2000 to 2006 save for the odd return match, Trish Stratus is one of the most influential female wrestlers of the Attitude Era, alongside her fellow WWE contemporary Lita. In an era when WWE was not taking women’s wrestling seriously, Stratus was among the female performers who were trying to prove that they could have great matches, too, and in the process inspired many women performing today.Trish Stratus also has an Instagram account, @trishstratuscom, which boasts nearly 2 million followers and over 1,100 posts. So let’s take a look at ten of Stratus’ best posts on the most photogenic part of the Internet..

Trish Stratus WWE Top 10 Instagram moments and video online

1020 Years Of Stratusfaction

The “then and now” style photo is always good fodder for wrestling social media because we love to see how wrestlers looked at the beginning of their career versus later in their career. Here Trish Stratus shows us the Trish of 20 years ago versus the Trish of more recently when she had a couple of one-off in-ring returns at Evolution, a couple episodes of Raw, and SummerSlam, where she had a pretty good match with Charlotte Flair.

9Dolly Parton Challenge

A fun thing everybody got into in early 2020 was the Dolly Parton Challenge, where you post a four-panel collage of yourself appropriate to each social media platform: a professional photo for LinkedIn, a wholesome photo for Facebook, a stylish photo for Instagram, and a sultry photo for Tinder. Trish Stratus almost nails it here, but we kind of feel like the Instagram choice wasn’t quite as glamorous or stylish as it should have been.

8Trish Recording Something

Here Trish Stratus posts a little teaser for a future project: herself, in a recording booth, vaguely gesturing near a microphone. There’s not even the slightest hint about what she’s working on, so we’re going to make some wild guesses about what this project is.

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So, it’s either a Simpsons guest spot, a true crime podcast, finally putting together that rap mixtape she never talked about, doing movie trailer voice overs like that Lake Bell movie, or professionally testing mic levels as a side hustle. Those are the only things it could be.

7Face-Off With Charlotte

We alluded to it earlier, but in 2019, Trish Stratus got into a feud with Charlotte Flair that culminated in a match at that year’s SummerSlam. Here Stratus posts a very short montage of photos from one of their promos, complete with Ken Burns effect, set to her own WWE entrance music, “Time to Rock & Roll,” featuring vocals from Lil Kim. It may be our Internet poisoned brains, but the whole thing plays like some kind of absurd Vine.

6The Pose

Trish Stratus doesn’t have a lot of playful or fun photos on Instagram, so we’ll take what we can get here like this one from Houston Comicpalooza. As you can see, Stratus has found a mural with a not-great illustration of a cowgirl dramatically pointing in a style not unlike her own ring taunt. So, of course, she has to stand in front of it and do the pose. Because how can you not?

5With The Bella Twins

Controversial wrestling abilities aside — they’re worse than WWE says they are, but better than many fans actually give them credit for — The Bella Twins are probably among the biggest female stars WWE ever produced, what with all those reality shows and everything. Here Trish Stratus posts some pictures of herself with the Twins, congratulating Brie and Nikki for having a successful in-ring career. The only time she ever crossed paths with them in the ring was at the first Women’s Royal Rumble in 2018.

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4Happy Birthday Mickie James

For fellow WWE star Mickie James’ birthday, Trish Stratus posted a series of photos of their time together in WWE, accompanied by a long text recollection of their friendship over the years. When James first came to WWE, Stratus was her first feud, and the pair had an extended feud that lasted more than eight months heading into WrestleMania XXII.

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The match that ensued between the two led to Mickie James’ first Women’s Title in the company and has been lauded by fans as one of the best women’s matches in WrestleMania history.

3Trish Stratus Caresses A Giant Eugene Levy

All this thing is missing is some poutine and a maple leaf and it would be the most Canadian photo of all time. Stratus, who hails from Toronto, is a fan of Eugene Levy’s sitcom Schitt’s Creek — the Canadian Arrested Development, kind of — and grew up watching SCTV and Canuck comedies of that nature. Here she’s out at a fundraiser for SCTV alum Dave Thomas’ son, who suffered a spine injury.


We mentioned earlier that Lita ranks alongside Trish Stratus as one of the influential female wrestlers of the Attitude Era — both as bitter rivals and as unlikely tag team partners. What’s cool about them is that they seem to be pretty good friends in real life, as evidenced by this cute Boomerang of the two being affectionate to promote a tour of appearances the pair were doing together.

1Nineteen Years Of Stratusfaction

For the 19th anniversary of her WWE debut, Trish Stratus, posted a four-panel image of the first time viewers saw her on screen — scouting Test and Albert to become their valet — alongside a very long caption that talks about that fateful day. There’s a lot of fun information in the text: how a nervous Trish and Lilian Garcia hurriedly went to the mall to put together the outfit for her debut, and how being a valet helps prepare you for certain aspects of being an in-ring performer.

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