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Trish Stratus Hottest WWE Top 10 secrets photos and video online BIO

Trish Stratus Hottest WWE Top 10 secrets photos and video online BIO

10 Things Trish Stratus Never Did In Wrestling

Despite Trish Stratus being a WWE Hall of Famer, there are still many things that she didn’t manage to accomplish within her amazing career.

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Trish Stratus has gone down as one of the greatest wrestlers of all time and was a true pioneer for women’s wrestling. She changed the game for women and showcased that they could be used for more than just their appearance. Stratus competed during an era where women’s wrestling wasn’t exactly a prominent feature, she still became a huge star.Despite Stratus being a WWE Hall Of Famer, there’s plenty that she didn’t manage to accomplish within her amazing career. In this list, we will reveal 10 things that Stratusfaction never ticked off the bucket list.

Trish Stratus Hottest WWE Top 10 secrets photos and video online BIO


10Women’s Tag Team Champion

During her career, Trish Stratus had no problem picking up plenty of titles, but one championship that she has never held is the Women’s Tag Team Championships. Now, she hasn’t been a full-time wrestler since the titles were debuted, but she has been very active.

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Stratus has returned to wrestle many times during the period since the titles were brought in, and there’s no doubt fans would love a Team Bestie tag team run. Trish and Lita can both still work to a high level, and seeing them challenge for the titles would be amazing. They could add some real legitimacy and honor to the titles while putting over another team of younger talents at the same time. However, for the time being, this is something Stratus has never done.

9Win A Royal Rumble

There have only ever been three women’s Royal Rumble matches in history, but Trish Stratus made a point to be part of the first-ever one. However, she failed in her quest to win it.

There’s certainly room for an incredible final run as a Women’s Champion for Stratus if she wanted it, and it could create some fantastic contests. Winning a Rumble could easily set that up, but for now, this is something she has failed to achieve.

8Trish Vs Lita At WrestleMania

Considering that this is one of the most iconic women’s feuds in WWE history it is crazy to think that Trish Stratus and Lita never went one on one at WrestleMania. This could have been a major match for WWE to put on any ‘Mania card, yet it somehow never happened.

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The two ladies did compete in the same WrestleMania match at WrestleMania 18, but that was in a triple threat match that also involved Jazz. These two women could have torn the house down on The Grandest Stage Of Them All, but sadly WWE never booked it to happen.

7Defeat Charlotte Flair

In what seems to be Trish Stratus’ final ever wrestling match, the Hall Of Famer went one on one with Charlotte Flair. It was a dream match at the 2019 SummerSlam event and it more than lived up to the hype.

This match was all about proving who is the greatest female wrestler of all time, and unfortunately for Stratus, it was the Queen who came out on top. It was a brilliant match, but sadly, her record remains to be seen that she never defeated Charlotte Flair.

6Win A Slammy

Slammy Awards don’t really mean much in all honesty, but it is still surprising that Trish Stratus has never won one. The Slammy’s were around during her time in WWE and she was one of the biggest stars of that time.

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She could easily have picked one up for a Match of the Year or something similar. The Slammy’s might not be up there in terms of titles, but she has never managed to win one regardless.

524/7 Championship

Speaking of titles that Trish Stratus has never won, the 24/7 Championship is another. It’s basically a comedy title at this juncture, however, there is a growing list of people who have held it now, including both men and women.

Considering the fact that Stratus has been at plenty of shows in recent times, it could have been easy for WWE to put the title on her. While the company might consider her to be too big of a name to hold the title, it would be cool to add it to her collection and her legacy. After all, she is a former Hardcore Champion.

4Work As A General Manager

Even though Trish Stratus has ‘hosted’ Monday Night Raw before in a one-off episode, the Hall Of Famer has never worked as an official General Manager of the brand. WWE has had women in the role plenty of times before with Paige and AJ Lee as examples.

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However, Stratus simply hasn’t been one of those. WWE often likes to bring legends into this role to keep them around the product and considering she’s strong on the microphone this role would suit her. Perhaps down the line, it is something that could happen if WWE brings the General Manager role back to the main roster shows.

3Wrestled Sasha Banks In Singles Action

When it comes to dream matches in WWE, Trish Stratus facing Sasha Banks is one of the highest on fans list. The two women had a major confrontation inside the first-ever women’s Royal Rumble match and both of them made it clear they want the match.

WWE itself has even teased the idea of the two women competing against each other, yet has never actually pulled the trigger. If Stratus is to ever wrestle again, this is the one match that fans most want to see, and hopefully, there’s still time for it to happen.

2Win The Divas Title

To be fair, this might be something that Trish Stratus is happy to have never done, but it is still something she never accomplished. Stratus simply wasn’t around during the lifespan of the heavily criticized Divas Championship to try and win it.

However, she did return and wrestle during that period, so if she had wanted to make a comeback and challenge for the title it could have been possible. But, Stratus’ legacy probably looks stronger having never held the title.

1Headline A PPV

Sure, Trish Stratus was part of the 2018 women’s Royal Rumble match, but so were 29 other women. This wasn’t a match that was built around her, especially considering she was a surprise entrant in the match.

Despite the fact she was the biggest female wrestling star during her era, she never got to headline a PPV event. Even during her comeback matches when women’s wrestling has been a focal point, Stratus still hasn’t gained that spot. While she and Lita did headline Raw during their careers, a PPV was a barrier that neither lady was sadly able to breakthrough.

Trish Stratus Hottest WWE Top 10 secrets photos and video online BIO

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