Few stars in WWE have transformed as wonderfully as Trish Stratus. When she debuted in 1999, she was the typical “eye candy” type. She was a stunningly built blonde who flaunted her body off and seemed little more than just a distraction. In late 2001, as WWE began rebuilding its women’s division, Trish was given some training and unlocked a stunning potential within her. Before anyone knew it, Trish had transformed into arguably the best in-ring female performer of the time.In many ways, Trish paved the way for many of today’s WWE female stars who marry great ring work with terrific looks. She’s had her share of rivalries, some better than others as not everyone is her equal. Here are the five best and five worst feuds of Trish’s career as a reminder of the game-changer she was for women’s wrestling.Trish Stratus Hottest WWE Top Career moments photos and videohttps://vimeo.com/53354712

10WORST: Alexa Bliss

On paper, this should have worked. When Trish made a return to WWE in 2018, she was being hailed as a great legend. Alexa Bliss came out to insult Trish as over the hill and Bliss being the new true women’s champ in WWE. This would set up a tag match where Bliss and Mickie James faced Trish and Lita.

But Bliss suffered a legit injury and was replaced by Alicia Fox. Even before that, the promos of the duo didn’t click well. The fact Bliss was so much shorter than Trish didn’t help either. The whole thing was dropped to end a promising feud.

9BEST: Jazz

For some reason, Jazz is overlooked when it comes to the best women’s wrestlers of her time. She was an incredibly powerful woman who was a striking presence in the ring as she would easily manhandle the other DIvas. She and Trish fought at the 2002 Royal Rumble with Jazz coming close to capturing the belt.

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She would end up winning it a few weeks later and retaining it at Mania X8 against Trish and Lita. Trish regained the title, and she and Jazz had some good rematches. The feud was shortened by Jazz suffering an injury but should be remembered as one of Trish’s better opponents.

8WORST: Stacy Keibler

While she’s a knockout, Stacy Keibler has never been a real wrestler. Her success has always been thanks to those stunning 42-inch legs making folks check her out. She and Trish had some weak battles with included a bikini mud match and various costume contests.

Stacy did her best, but while those long kicks looked impressive, she was just out of her league against a natural talent like Trish. The pair showed that sometimes two stunning blondes don’t mix that well in the ring.

7BEST: Molly Holly

Granted, the start of the feud was rough as it was all about Trish insulting Holly’s backside. But given how tough a worker Molly was, it’s no surprise they did a great job in the ring. The two had an entertaining clash with Molly bragging about being a “real woman” while Trish would prove herself in the ring.

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They traded the Women’s title while fighting in either singles or mixed tag battles. Molly also joined with Gail Kim against Trish to spark the feud up. It proved how good a star Molly could be and Trish handling her well.

6WORST: Torrie Wilson

The entire Invasion storyline had a lot of bad feuds as WWE somehow managed to waste the incredible opportunity of having WCW invading them. The women didn’t have it much better than the guys given there was barely a division at the time. Torrie Wilson and Trish were put against each other, mostly because they were both hot blondes.

This included an arm-wrestling match and then various contests that usually involved the ladies stripping down. They would face off occasionally over the years, and every time, Trish had Torrie outclassed as the latter was a better model than a wrestler.

5BEST: Victoria

Victoria was a stand-out in WWE thanks to her power and psychotic character. She and Trish gelled perfectly in the ring as in 2002, Trish was beginning her transformation into a serious wrestler. Their matches included a no-holds-barred brawl at the 2002 Survivor Series, where they stunned the crowd by beating the hell out of each other.

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Later bouts would be just as wild and include Trish beating Victoria and Jazz at Mania 19 for the title. The two women kept up their rivalry on and off for a few years to show how well they worked together.

4WORST: Stephanie McMahon

The entire program with Trish as Vince McMahon’s on-air mistress was already rough. They had matches with Stephanie going after her dad’s girlfriend and even got a win thanks to interference by William Regal. Then Vince turned on Trish, not only dumping her but allowing Stephanie to pour slop and a mop on Trish.

Granted, Stephanie was never Lou Thesz in the ring, but it was still appalling seeing her get the better of Stratus. At least this was before Trish became a serious worker, so it doesn’t count as much.

3BEST: Mickie James

Mickie James would have become a star in WWE regardless, but her feud with Trish sparked her instantly. She started as Trish’s biggest fan, then a stalker, and when Trish refuted her advances, Mickie went full-on nuts. Their Mania 22 match was notable for the Chicago crowd cheering on Mickie despite her being the heel

After she won the belt, things took a turn with Trish dressing up as Mickie in some complex mind games. Trish suffered a real injury to cut the feud short, but their showdown at the first women’s Royal Rumble was a reminder of this beautiful rivalry.

2WORST: Christy Hemme

As the first Diva Search winner, Christy Hemme got a big push from WWE. Sadly, she couldn’t live up to expectations as she was much better looking hot than being an in-ring worker. She was pushed against Trish at WrestleMania 21 only to promote Christy’s appearance in “Playboy.”

Trish was supposed to be the heel, but given how bad Hemme was in the ring, Trish was the one fans were backing in the match. Even the addition of Lita as Hemme’s “trainer” couldn’t make this a good feud, which exposed how bad a wrestler Christy was.

1BEST: Lita

Even when Trish was just the eye candy manager, she and Lita had a spark together in the ring. They would face off when Trish managed Test and Albert against the Hardyz, so they clashed in an intergender tag match. In 2004, they really went at it in a terrific feud, which included the first time a women’s match main-evented RAW.

The two just clicked wonderfully in the ring to bring out the best in each other, so any of their clashes were good. Fittingly, Trish ended her full-time in-ring career defeating Lita for the Women’s title in 2006. They’ve teamed up since but are better known for their great rivalry.

Trish Stratus Hottest WWE Top Career moments photos and video