The women of WWE are doing very well today with championships for RAW, SmackDown, and even tag teams. But not that long ago, the ladies of WWE were stuck in costume fights and flaunting their looks. Trish Stratus appeared to be nothing but eye candy when she began with her stunning beauty and a fun drive. But in late 2001, Trish astounded everyone by turning into a first-rate wrestler. Over the next five years, Trish would dominate the women’s division, holding the belt for seven times and elevating the woman of WWE.While a knockout, Trish relied more on her in-ring skills than showing herself off (she was famous for turning down multiple Playboy offers). It helped that she had good rivals like Lita, Mickie James, Molly Holly, and Victoria. While she ended her primary career in 2006, Trish has made a few returns since, and still the moves from her “Stratusfaction” to the “Ma-Trish” to stand out. Here are how all eight of Trish’s championship reigns in WWE rank as a reminder of how she paved the way for scores of today’s female stars.



Trish Stratus WWE Hottest Top Career moments photos and video BIO


8Hardcore Title (May 6th, 2002)

Believe it or not, Trish actually can claim to be a Hardcore champion. To be fair, it’s hard to find someone in WWE in the early 2000s who didn’t hold that belt for even a few minutes. It was on May 6th, 2002 RAW as a simple match between Trish and Jazz turned into various guys going after Hardcore Champion Stevie Richards.

In the chaos, Trish was able to take advantage of Richards being knocked out by Bubba Ray Dudley to pin him for the title. Her “reign” lasted roughly twenty seconds before Bubba put her through a table, and Richards pinned her. But Trish can at least claim to hold this belt for a few moments.

7Seventh Women Title (September 17th, 2006)

This was less about a real reign and more the moment itself. After ruling the division for six years, Trish announced that she was retiring from in-ring action. Fittingly, her final match was with longtime rival Lita at Unforgiven in Toronto.

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They two went all-out in a wild battle that ended with Trish making Lita tap out to the Sharpshooter. She gave up the title the next night, so this was simply giving Trish the farewell of winning the belt in her hometown, which is a great way to close out a career.

6Fourth Women’s Title (March 30th–April 27th, 2003)

This had promise as a great reign by Trish but sadly didn’t work out that way. At WrestleMania XIX, Trish fought Victoria and Jazz in a three-way battle for the Women’s title. It was a fun match with Trish finally hitting a Chick Kick on Victoria to win her fourth title, tying the Fabulous Moolah’s record.

Just 28 days later, Trish lost the belt to Jazz at Backlash. It seemed odd for Trish to get a huge win at the big show and drop the belt so quickly, but she could at least boast a good Mania title victory.

5Second Women’s Title (May 13th–June 23rd, 2002)

Trish’s second title win wasn’t exactly the best way to show her off. It was on the May 13th, 2002 RAW as she and Bubba Ray Dudley faced Jazz and Hardcore Champion Stevie Richards in the old “winners get all the bets” stipulation.

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To her credit, Trish showed she could hang with the hardcore fighting with some wicked moves and won the title in her hometown of Toronto. Her reign wasn’t bad, yet only lasted 41 days before losing it to Molly Holly. Still, it proved Trish’s first win was no fluke.

4First Women’s Title (November 18th, 2001–February 4th, 2002)

It all began here. Before this bout, Trish was seen as just a hot lady but nothing serious. At the 2001 Survivor Series, Trish was part of a six-pack challenge with Ivory, Jacqueline, Molly Holly, Jazz, and Lita for the vacant Women’s title. Trish would come out on top and do an excellent job as a champion.

She soon proved her great athleticism and being more than a pretty face. She lost the belt to Jazz in February of 2002 on RAW, yet this kicked off one amazing in-ring career for Trish.

3Third Women’s Title (September 22–November 17th, 2002)

2002 saw the Brand Split happen and the decision that the Women’s Title would be only defended on RAW. Trish won the belt at Unforgiven, defeating Molly Holly in the odd feud where Trish mocked Molly’s rear-end.

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It got better with her wild rivalry with Victoria that included a no-DQ match on RAW. It ended with Trish and Victoria in a brutal war at Survivor Series, which Victoria won. But this reign proved Trish was more than just a hot face, so it was essential to her overall career.

2Fifth Women’s Title (June 13th–December 6th, 2004)

Trish’s fifth reign began by winning the title in a four-way match at Bad Blood 2004 over Victoria, Lita, and Gail Kim. Trish was now a wicked heel and did an excellent job as the arrogant champ. That included the great angle where she had a “broken nose” and took to wearing a faceguard to the ring.

It ended when she and Lita engaged in the first women’s match to main event RAW with Lita winning the title. Yet this reign sparkled thanks to Trish’s great heel act.

1Sixth Women’s Title Reign (January 9th, 2005–April 6th,2006)

In terms of length, Trish’s sixth reign is easily her best. She won the title from Lita at New Year’s Revolution in January of 2005. Trish would hold it for a whopping 448 days. True, she was out for injury for a few months in 2005, but that’s still a fantastic run.

Trish started as a heel early in her reign but soon moved back to being a face and taking on just about every other woman in the company. The reign came to an end at the hands of Mickie James at WrestleMania 22 yet ranks among the longest title reigns of anyone in WWE history.

Trish Stratus WWE Hottest Top Career moments photos and video BIO