Trish Stratus delivered an outstanding career to help lead WWE’s women’s division to a higher level. Past eras of WWE saw the women struggling to get any television time. Stratus worked hard to build her reputation from the fitness model hired as eye candy to the respected wrestler demanding more time for the women’s matches.

Countless memories were made during Trish’s career as she turned the women’s division a stronger part of the program. Stratus returned a few times throughout the years as women’s wrestling continued to grow with new stars that she influenced. Many stories came out about her career as the years went by.

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10Wanting To Face Sasha Banks And Bayley Instead Of Charlotte And Alexa Bliss

Trish Stratus had a few noteworthy comeback matches in recent years to play a role in the women’s evolution. Bayley and Sasha Banks badly wanted to have big matches with Stratus, and she often named them as ideal opponents.

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WWE instead went with booking Alexa Bliss and Charlotte Flair as the bigger priorities of the booking team. Stratus ended up teaming with Banks and Bayley on Raw, but WWE never gave her the singles matches she preferred.

9Had Backstage Heat For Getting Spot On WM 2000

Trish Stratus revealed that she had a lot of backstage heat in her first few months on the WWE roster in 2000. Many members of the women’s division were upset when Stratus received a spot on the WrestleMania 2000 card managing Test and Albert.

The debut of Trish came just a few weeks prior with only two appearances on WWE television getting Test and Albert to join her. Stratus revealed the locker room was upset since WWE didn’t even have a credible women’s match on the show thus leaving them off the card.

8Vince Was Unhappy After WM 22 Match With Mickie

The WrestleMania 22 match between Trish Stratus and Mickie James was one of the best matches of Stratus’ career. Fans in Chicago loved the back and forth action that culminated in James winning the Women’s Championship.

Vince McMahon was the one person unhappy after the match due to Mickie making a vulgar gesture as part of the storyline. James revealed Vince yelled at her for such an action and it took away from the overall impressive outing from both women.

7WWE Wanted To Push Her Because Of Stephanie Matches

Trish Stratus started to break out during her rivalry against Stephanie McMahon. The expectations were very low since neither woman was viewed as a top in-ring worker at the time. Both ladies worked hard to at least provide fun battles during their matches.

Stratus’ improvements started to show during this program, and it opened future opportunities. WWE pushed Trish a few months later as the face of the women’s division with rivalry opening WWE’s eyes to her talent.

6Fit Finlay Became Her Mentor

Fit Finlay is among the most respected producers backstage for WWE after many years of helping the roster. The women from WWE specifically credited Finlay in the 2000s for helping them train before shows to improve her skill set.

Trish Stratus was the first major success story of Finlay helping someone progress strongly in the ring. Other ladies started to ask for Finlay’s help, and it played a huge role in positive changes. Stratus viewed Finlay as a wrestling mentor for all his advice.

5The Rock Shut Down A Potential Romantic Storyline

WWE teased a huge storyline between The Rock and Trish Stratus. The two were involved in a few backstage segments after Rock stepped up to help Stratus when Vince McMahon was once again trying to use his power over her.

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One memorable segment saw Rock and Trish sharing a kiss backstage. Fans expected a romantic storyline moving forward, but it was dropped without an explanation. There were rumors of Rock canceling the angle due to his then-wife feeling uncomfortable with such a storyline.

4Came Back For A Chance To Team With Lita

Trish Stratus returning for Evolution saw the planned match change a few weeks ahead of the show. WWE advertised a match between Stratus and Alexa Bliss was officially changed to Trish and Lita vs Bliss and Mickie James. Alicia Fox ended up replacing an injured Alexa in the match.

The main goal of Stratus for this return was getting to have a big match teaming with her best friend Lita. WWE granted it by allowing them to team up on the historic show in a fun opening match at Evolution.

3Stephanie Didn’t Let Her Pick Who Inducted Her Into HOF

Wrestling fans were a bit surprised when Stephanie McMahon was revealed as the person to induct Trish Stratus into the WWE Hall of Fame. Lita was the expected name since she’s Stratus’ real-life best friend and was her top rival.

Stephanie also had a close relationship with Trish and wanted to be the one to induct her since WWE makes those decisions for most talents. Stratus did get to induct Lita a few years later to give the best friends a HOF moment.

2WWE Wanted A Romantic Storyline With Torrie Wilson

Jim Ross discussed a story about Trish Stratus turning down a WWE storyline in the 2000s on his podcast. WWE apparently wanted Stratus to enter a romantic storyline with Torrie Wilson to her surprise.

Trish was the one that stated she’d prefer to not have an angle. It was obvious WWE would have tried to run the storyline for the eye candy moments given how the women were booked at the time. Stratus wanted to avoid that and continue building the women’s division.

1John Morrison Was Buried For Refusing To Hug Her After Match

One of the few controversial rumors about Trish Stratus to be confirmed featured her having heat with Melina and John Morrison. WrestleMania 27 featured Stratus, Morrison, and Jersey Shore star Snooki teaming up for a win over heels.

The end of the match saw Morrison awkwardly shutting down Trish trying to hug him. Reports indicated that Melina was upset at Stratus getting the spot over her and it inspired her then-boyfriend to express that. Trish revealed she found it disappointing that Morrison acted like that in the ring. WWE started to use Morrison more to put over others before he left the company shortly after.