When it comes to fantastic ladies in WWE, Trish Stratus is still one of a kind. At a time when Divas played more on their looks, Trish was, of course, a stunning bombshell. But she was also a serious wrestler who could be terrific as either a face or a heel. Notable is how Trish was practically the only major lady of her time who didn’t doff it all for a men’s magazine and let her in-ring work talk for her. At the same time, Trish was never shy from showing off in bikini shoots and great costumes.Her style was always unique. The woman could pull off fantastic outfits for big PPVs like WrestleMania, yet even a simple suit fit her nicely. But sometimes, even Trish couldn’t properly pull an outfit off. It may have looked okay wearing in the closet but not in the ring. Granted, any outfit on Trish is automatically tremendous, but a few are lacking. Here are the five best and five worst looks Trish has managed over the years and marvels that even her “poor” ones still look better than any other lady in WWE.Trish Stratus WWE Top Moments Career pictures and video online

10WORST: Too Simple

Being laid-back is all well and good. But it was always annoying when for an extended period, Trish headed to the ring looking for all the world like she just threw on some random outfit from the closet.

For a long time, a simple shirt and tight pants were her ring gear, and while she still looked fabulous, it lacked any flash or real style. She would shift it up to brighter outfits now and then, but Trish was always better dressing up than trying some simple random style.

9BEST: Supporting The Troops

WWE’s annual “Tribute for the Troops” show was a highlight for the ladies showing off. While many were in “Santa” outfits, the 2005 show had Trish teaming with Ashley Massaro against Candice Michelle and Maria.

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While the other ladies were skimpy, Trish wore a capable camo-styled outfit not too different from her usual ring gear. It was hot but also fit for the match and better than the sexy outfits the others wore. Trish proved she could make army gear work for her like any other outfit.

8WORST: A Bad Evolution

After years away, Trish returned to the ring at the Evolution PPV. She and longtime frenemy Lita paired up to face Mickie James and Alicia Fox (subbing for the injured Alexa Bliss). One would expect Trish to break out a fantastic outfit, but this just seemed…odd.

It looks more like an unused Mandy Rose costume with the black and white mix and the fishnet in the middle also being poor. Having the left arm covered and the right bare was also a strange choice. It just wasn’t the best look for Trish’s big return.

7BEST: Mania XIX Silver

WrestleMania XIX was a big moment for Trish. She, Jazz and Victoria put on a great triple threat match for the women’s title. Trish had terrific gear in a solid silver suit that looked fantastic when combined with a long coat and her usual cap.

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It was useful for the ring as she handled the action and fit her nicely with hitting a bulldog on Stevie Richards. It also fit when Trish won the title and celebrated one of her best WrestleMania moments in a lovely style.

6WORST: Going Hollywood

Wrestlemania 21 was set in Hollywood, so it’s weird that Trish was dressing like a 1920s Chicago gangster. Facing Christy Hemme, Trish came down in a zoot-styled pair of pants with suspenders, bare midriff, and simple white shirt.

It’s okay for an interview outfit but not in the ring, as proven with Hemme pulling on the suspenders. Oddly, this might have been a better fit for the following Mania in Chicago, but it simply didn’t work as an in-ring outfit.

5BEST: The Valet Classic

It’s still astounding to remember when Trish was little more than another eye candy valet in WWE. She sure stood out with that outfit, which usually consisted of halter tops or tight dresses with a long coat and a huge cowboy hat.

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She used it when managing guys like Test and Albert and little hint of the excellent wrestler she’d become. While she’s had scores of better in-ring outfits, this ensemble is what got Trish attention to rank as a classic.

4WORST: Canadian Pride

One can see what she was going for, but it just didn’t work. As WrestleMania X8 was held in her hometown of Toronto, Trish decided to dress up like the Canadian flag.

The right red top and white shorts with the Maple Leaf on her rear along with white hat must have seemed okay in a closet. Sadly, once worn into the ring, it just looked ridiculous. Trish went a little too far with her patriotic fervor.

3BEST: Wedding Crasher

Few things were hotter than heel Trish in 2004, but this was still remarkable. In a complex angle, Lita was forced to marry Kane and came to the ring in a black wedding gown.

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Trish crashed the ceremony as only she could, in an utterly stunning white lingerie wedding piece that had everyone gasping. Of course, it led to a wild brawl between her and Lita, but Trish was easily the hottest evil maid of honor in history.

2WORST: The Mask

To her credit, she pulled it off better than she should have. But the angle of Trish having a “broken nose” against Lita and wearing a complex face covering was a low one.

Hiding that gorgeous face behind a huge mask wasn’t right, and the “onesie” outfit concealed too much of her incredible beauty. Trish managed to handle it for the most part (even using the mask as a weapon), but it wasn’t her best appearance.

1BEST: Her Farewell

It’s fitting that for her final match at Unforgiven 2006, Trish wore an excellent outfit. It was a take on her usual suits with a nice tight top, a bare midriff, and leggings notable for the stitches at the side showing just enough flesh.

It was a terrific outfit to mix up Trish’s beauty with great power and paid off with her beating Lita to win the Women’s Title one last time. While she’s returned in other outfits, this stands as an elegant look for Trish to close out her primary career.

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