Two decades ago, MMA was walking a thin line as they tried to get the sport off the ground. It was banned in many states in the U.S. and some authority figures had labeled it “human cockfighting,” and had made it their personal agenda to make sure it never aired on television.

After years of struggling, it finally rose past all the hate and roadblocks, and became known as one of the fastest-growing sports enterprise in the world. It’s now one of the biggest sports brands out there and has a huge fan base.

However, there are a lot of skeletons in the closest. Over the years, the UFC has faced many allegations and they have even been dropping in ratings because of them. Some big time UFC fighters such as Brock Lesner and Ronda Rousey have even left to join the WWE.

UFC injury Top 20 OMG Moments photos and video

20The Reebok Deal They Have Is Unfair And Restrictive

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On July 6, 2015, Reebok became the official sponsor and sole provider of merchandise for the UFC when they agreed to pay the UFC $70 million over a six-year period if the UFC made all their fighters wear their attire during fights and promos only.

According to many fighters left because of this, stating they couldn’t align themselves with a company they couldn’t relate with. Some were even fired for speaking up.

19They Refused To Accept The Seriousness Of Head Trauma

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Being a UFC fighter comes with a lot of injuries, especially head injuries, which are the most common injury.

According to though, the UFC did not acknowledge the seriousness of brain injuries until Joe Rogan brought up the issue.

In fact, when Ronda Rousey got knocked out by Holly Holm, Dana White came out and told everyone there was nothing wrong with her.

18Dana White Has Gone After Both Fans And Fighters

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When it comes to the UFC, Dana White treats it as if it’s his own child.

According to, he is so protective over it that he will fire a fighter in a heartbeat if they make any remarks or take any action that could seem harmful to it. He is not afraid to go after a fighter under his employ or even a fan.

17There Have Been Accusations Of Fighters Using “Enhancers”

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Being a UFC fighter takes a toll not only physically, but also mentally.

According to, many fighters have been accused of drug use throughout the years.

In fact, back in 2013, Rousimar Palhares was busted for elevated testosterone after his fight with Hector Lombard and Chael Sonnen was busted in 2010 for Performance-Enhancing Drugs after his loss with Anderson Silva.

16The Sport Is So Barbaric That It’s Illegal In Several Countries

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Before Zuffa stepped in and took over the UFC, it was known as a deathmatch between two fighters who had to fight until there was only one of them left.

According to, many countries have banned the sport because they feel it’s too barbaric and fighters are putting their lives on the line. Just look at Joao Carvalho, his life ended in 2016 from a brain injury he received during a fight.

15The Pay Stinks


Even though it’s the fighters who are putting their lives on the line during their fights, they receive a small fraction of the money they get for their matches.

According to, both former fighters and active fighters have come forward and revealed to the world how unfair the pay system really is. Any time someone tries to speak up though, Dana White charges in and sticks up for the UFC.

14Injuries Can Lead To The Loss Of Millions

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When a UFC fighter is injured or refuses to fight, it can interfere with the matchmakers and end up costing the company millions in lost revenue.

Unfortunately, according to,withdrawing from a fight is a common practice in the UFC and tends to set Dana White off more than anything else.

13There Have Been Too Many Fights With Unskilled Fighters

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Many UFC fighters must have skills in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, boxing, judo, taekwondo, and karate, just so they can hold their own in the octagon.

According to though, the UFC likes to sign people in other sports who lack any of those skills just because they would bring in a large audience. Take WWE superstar CM Punk for example, he had no martial arts skills what-so-ever and was quickly defeated in his match.

12There Has Been Fighting Outside The Cage

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On August 8, 2014, Jonathan Paul Koppenhaver, also known as War Machine, attacked his former lover Christy Mack.

According to, Jonathan cut her hair, broke her nose, lacerated her liver, and shattered a few of her teeth.

She isn’t the first victim either.

In fact, Real Sports has tried to urge the UFC to establish stronger domestic abuse policies, as well as raise the standards of the fighters they hire.

11Dana White Had Mafia Troubles


In the past, Dana White has revealed the real reason why he was driving out of Boston.

According to, criminals, a mafia to be exact, came a knocking and wanted payments for Dana’s gym. The leader of the group was the nefarious Whitey Bulger, who was arrested back on June 22, 2011.

10They Have Had Some Trouble Expanding Into Other Countries

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Dana White has been trying for years to expand the UFC into foreign markets. He has been hitting roadblocks though.

According to, Mexico has been their biggest obstacle due to organized crime and the “Mexican Initiatives.”

The UFC would like to expand though not only in Mexico but also the UK. It has been hard though seeing has each country has different ways of doing things.

9The Judging Is Inconsistent

Bleacher Report

One of the most controversial issues in the UFC seems to be judging.

According to, scorecards are not only confusing to the fans but to also the fighters and supposedly, its because the judgment is not always right.

Judges are supposed to watch for Octagon control, effective aggressiveness, clean strikes, and effective grappling. There is just too much for them to watch, take in and remember.

8The Success Of A Fighter Is Based On Personality More Than Skills

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Being a UFC fighter means not only having fighting skills but also be good at trash talking.

According to, the UFC tends to favor unskilled fighters that have a strong personality, while skilled fighters are constantly overlooked.

Just take Chael Sonned and Chris Weidman for example. Chael has received numerous title shots because of his personality and trash-talking skills, while Chris, who is a skilled fighter, must beg for title shots.

7There Are A Lot Of “I Am Too Injured To Fight” Excuses

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The UFC is a brutal sport that basically always ends in some type of injuries such as busted knee, ruptured ears, fractured fingers, or broken ribs.

According to, the UFC has witnessed an increase in fighters who are canceling or changing their fights. Many fighters are finding it easier to just avoid fighting by playing the I have an injury card, even if they don’t really have one.

6Fighters With Conviction Are Allowed Back In The Ring

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Not only does the UFC have issues with the increase of domestic abuse cases and outside fighting, but they also have allowed numerous fighters with convictions to return to the ring.

According to, Nate Diaz was sent to jail back in 2018 for domestic battery, yet it wasn’t long before he returned and was set to fight.

In fact, he has a match coming up November 2nd with Jorge Masvidal at UFC 244.

5There Are Consequences If A Fighter Refuses To Fight

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Sometimes, fighters will refuse to fight other fighters. When this happens, there are consequences they must face.

According to, on June 19, 2017, Germaine De Randamie was stripped of her featherweight belt after she refused to fight Cris “Cyborg” Santos. Germaine supposedly wanted more time to heal from an injury, but later admitted that she felt Santos was undeserving of a title shot due to her past substance addiction.

4Dana White Is Just A Big Pain In The Butt


Dana White is a rude, inconsiderate, foul-mouthed, big pain in the butt, who is known to overstep and make things up for better promotions.

According to, Dana has made claims that Ronda Rousey is the biggest star in the UFC and Conor McGregor is the PPV “king.” It’s because of those claims that fans stopped taking him seriously and viewing the UFC as a joke.

3It Based Itself On A WWE Business Model


Not many people want to accept this fact, but the UFC uses the WWE as a business model to make money.

According to, the only thing different from the WWE and UFC is that what happens in a match in the UFC is real, while the WWE is scripted. Everything else though, the personal feuds to sell fights, the weekly TV shows, and the PPV format is all learned from the WWE.

2UFC Fighters Must Go Through Rigorous Training

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Anyone who wants to become a UFC fighter better be prepared to go through to improve their technical skills, lift weights, perform cardiovascular exercises, and increase their strength, all while building strategy and endurance.

According to, training camps last up to eight weeks and involve fighters taking on opponents twice their size for up to seven hours a day.

In fact, fighters find their real opponents are easier than their training ones.

1They Like To Hire Unskilled People As Gimmicks

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Another unskilled fighter that the UFC hired to perform is James Toney.

According to, James was hired to fight UFC champ Randy Couture at UFC 118, a fight that he was annihilated in.

Once Randy got James down to the ground, it was all over. Randy had no idea how to counter or what to even do. It was a slaughter.

UFC injury Top 20 OMG Moments photos and video