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Valeriya Bearwolf height Hottest Photos And Video BIO Age Career

Valeriya Bearwolf height Hottest Photos And Video BIO Age Career


Valeria Berwolf is called the Russian Kim Kardashian, a coach with great charisma, and a girl with a big heart and soul. The fitness trainer’s Instagram page is popular, but her dancing and sketches have made her famous.


  • Real name: Valeria Berwolf
  • Nickname: Valeriya Bearwolf
  • Age: 26 years old
  • Zodiac sign: Scorpio
  • Relationship: unknown
  • Place of birth: Vladivostok
  • Where does he live: Moscow

Interesting Facts

As a fitness trainer, Valeria teaches you to take care of yourself, eat right and treat yourself positively. Lera ironically calls the Instagram page the account of a coach with great charisma.



The biography of the star began in 1996. The girl was born on November 14 in Vladivostok. The future celebrity spent her childhood in her hometown. After school, the graduate entered the university, choosing the profession of a merchandiser for herself. During training, Valeria seriously took up training in the gym. Lera left her hometown when she was 21 years old.

According to the celebrity, earlier the parameters did not suit her. Quite an ordinary “shapeless” girl began to play sports, doing to get the perfect figure. She achieved her goal.

Having gained self-confidence, Lera decided to help others. She is confident in the ideal proportions, and to confirm this, she illustrates this with “before” and “after” pictures. However, according to the haters, the transformation was not without plastic surgery. Lera perceives such statements with a smile.

She knows that transformation is impossible without sports. Therefore, she often holds marathons on Instagram, recruiting participants for them through her account. However, Lera rarely uploads training videos, although she willingly shares the complexes of the most effective exercises, but there are a lot of pictures from the gym and beach photos.


Among the wise and the ignorant. Photo: instagram .

The star received the profession of coach at Vader College. Fitness has been and remains the main hobby of the star. She helps to build a dream figure for subscribers.

An important component of success are the dances performed by Valeria with her friends. Short videos posted on TikTok brought the owner of the account over eleven million subscribers. That is why the girl came to TikTok.

Sketches written and performed by the star herself are also popular. As subscribers admit, they often recognize their acquaintances and themselves in the characters represented by the girl.


Valeria is a successful businesswoman. She has a showroom. Lera specializes in selling clothes for girls with large sizes. Valeria places ads in her account. She promotes well-known product brands through posts.

Personal life

Nothing is known about the personal life of the blogger. The girl who starred with her in the video is Valeria’s younger sister.

The blogger loves to travel. She tells subscribers about her trips. She likes exotic vacations the most. However, at the beginning of 2020, Lera got into an unpleasant situation. In Cuba, where the girl went with her friend, they were isolated.

Through an Instagram account, a celebrity asked for help. She wrote that she was being held illegally, as a positive test for COVID19 was faked.

This practice flourishes here in relation to tourists from Russia. The star asked to spread the word.

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Valeriya Bearwolf height Hottest Photos And Video BIO Age Career





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Valeriya Bearwolf height Hottest Photos And Video BIO Age Career


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