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Veronika Zolotova Age paparazzi photos and videos biography Career

Veronika Zolotova Age paparazzi photos and videos biography Career


Veronika Zolotova is a popular singer, blogger and participant in the Hype House project. She came to the project in mid-July, everyone liked her beautiful appearance, and songs that millions of people listen to every day. As Veronica wrote on her Instagram, she makes songs for the soul.



  • Real name: Veronika Zolotova
  • Nickname: Zolotova
  • Date of birth: December 11, 2002
  • How old: 20 years old
  • Zodiac sign: Sagittarius
  • Weight: 49 kg
  • Height: 164 cm
  • Relationship: single
  • Place of birth: Belarus, Minsk
  • Where does he live: Russia, Moscow

Interesting Facts

Veronica has over 3.1 million Tik Tok followers. Photo: instagram .

Veronika Zolotova is a popular blogger, born in Minsk. She is 16 years old and her horoscope is Sagittarius. You can also pay attention to its parameters, small stature and low weight. About education, we can say that she graduated from 11 classes and video on her YouTube account.

In her Tik Tok account, she signed up as “Vash Vero Zoloto” and also added in the description that she is a member of the “Hype House”. Veronica is a young girl with a very beautiful appearance, which attracts a lot of attention to her. She is a popular blogger, and it can be said that her appearance helped her achieve success. At the moment, she has 3.1 million subscribers, and her videos are gaining hundreds and millions of views.

In the public SRC Vkontakte, they wrote a post about Veronica, where they said that she did not want to fly with her Tik Toker team to the Maldives and therefore she cried. In the end, she admitted that she liked it here and did not want to leave here.

Also, the public Tik Tok House reports that Veronica and the team were not allowed to enter the airport, and because of her citizenship, she had to fly to her homeland in Belarus.

Personal life


Everything is fine with her personal life. She is a member of the Hype House , there are a lot of guys around her. Yes, and she herself is already a popular personality and will not be left without attention. But unfortunately, she does not tell anything about her relationship and does not even give a hint of them.

Therefore, we cannot talk about it, and give any specific information whether she has a boyfriend or not. Perhaps she doesn’t have anyone yet because of her loud voice, when she speaks it seems to many that she is screaming, but in fact she just has a loud voice.


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Veronika Zolotova Age paparazzi photos and videos biography Career


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Veronika Zolotova Age paparazzi photos and videos biography Career


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