Survivor Series has been a mainstay on the WWE calendar for over three decades. There have been some brilliant Women’s Championship matches and some lackluster ones.RELATED: Top moments WrestleMania History photos and video

Following the brand-split in 2016, WWE introduced the Raw and SmackDown Women’s titles, which have yet to be defended at the event. The main reason for that is since the second brand split, the main focus on Survivor Series has been the Raw versus SmackDown, champion versus champion matches. Hopefully, in years to come, both championships will be defended at Survivor Series as they are prestigious titles, which deserve the spotlight at this huge event in November.

Womens Championship Match At Survivor Series video

8Trish Stratus (C) Vs Lita (2004)

Lita v Trish 2004

The rivalry between Trish Stratus and Lita was heating up again in 2004. At the Survivor Series pay-per-view, Trish defended the Women’s Championship against Lita. Unfortunately, it was an extremely short match.

All Lita had on her mind was to inflict pain on Trish. She succeeded in her mission as Lita assaulted Trish with a steel chair, and Trish was left a bloody mess after the damage caused by Lita. Subsequently, Trish legitimately broke her nose but she left with her Women’s Championship intact which was a small consolation.

7Jacqueline (C) Vs Sable (1998)

Jacqueline v Sable

Jacqueline and Sable had the honor of becoming the first women to compete for the Women’s Championship in the 90s at the 1998 Survivor Series. Jacqueline and Sable were embroiled in a personal rivalry as Jacqueline took on the role of Sable’s ex-husband Marc Mero’s manager.

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Whilst, Jacqueline is an established competitor, she was unable to have a good match with Sable. It was one of the worst Women’s Championship matches in history but Sable overcame Jacqueline to embark on a sixth-month reign as champion.

6Ivory (C) Vs Lita (2000)

Ivory v Lita 2000

Joining the Right to Censor was the best thing to happen to Ivory’s WWE career. Ivory quickly won her third Women’s Championship while part of the group. Her title was at stake against Lita at the 2000 edition of Survivor Series.

Unfortunately, Ivory wrestled in boots which limited her in-ring movement. She wore traditional wrestling boots after this match as one of her boots, legitimately busted Lita’s face open. It was a short match as expected with RTC leader Steven Richards distracting the referee. Ivory took advantage and grabbed her title, and nailed Lita with it when she was performing a moonsault, stealing another victory in the process.

5Six-Pack Challenge (2001)

Six-Pack Challenge 2001

Chyna left the WWE in November 2001, although the Women’s Championship was not defended for six months. At the 2001 Survivor Series, Trish Stratus, Lita, Jacqueline, Mighty Molly, Ivory, and Jazz all competed in a six-pack challenge for the vacant Women’s Championship.

Jazz made her WWE debut in this match, and the match was at a very fast pace. However, it was Trish’s crowning moment as she planted Ivory with a Stratusfaction to win her first Women’s Championship.

4Lita (C) Vs Mickie James (2006)

Lita v Mickie 06

At Survivor Series 2006, Lita defended the Women’s Championship against Mickie James in her retirement match. Unfortunately, Lita suffered a torrent of abuse from fans in attendance, who shouted many nasty things at her.

No wonder Lita wanted to retire as she became one of the most hated heels of the era. Nevertheless, the match itself was decent with Mickie regaining the Women’s Title with a devastating DDT. Lita’s dismal record at Survivor Series continued as she competed in five Women’s Championship bouts and lost them all. It was also the final time that the Women’s Championship was defended at Survivor Series.

3Molly Holly (C) Vs Lita (2003)

Molly v Lita 2003

Molly Holly is one of the most underrated Women’s Champions in WWE history. Molly was a top heel and she defended the Women’s Championship against Lita at Survivor Series 2003. Lita returned to action in the fall of 2003 after a year out, ruled out of action due to sustaining a serious neck injury that required surgery.

This was actually a good match with Lita missing her moonsault. Molly took advantage with her Molly-Go-Round finisher but Lita kicked out and Molly’s shocked expression on her face was everything you needed to. Nevertheless, Molly regrouped and she retained the title after pushing Lita into the exposed turnbuckle. Notably, Molly wore a wristband with the initials “CH” which was in memory of her on-screen cousin Crash Holly, who passed away earlier that month.

2Trish Stratus (C) Vs Melina (2005)

Trish v Melina 2005

To keep up with the early stages of brand warfare between Raw and Smackdown, Raw’s Women’s Champion Trish Stratus feuded with SmackDown’s Melina. Trish had no choice but to put her Women’s Championship at stake at the 2005 edition of Survivor Series, as she was abducted by MNM.

There was no doubt that Melina was still in the early stages of her in-ring career. However, Trish made her look like a star, and to Melina’s credit, it was evident that she would be a future Women’s Champion judging by the brilliant performance she put on. Nevertheless, Trish retained the championship in an enjoyable Women’s Championship match.

1Trish Stratus (C) Vs Victoria (2002)

Trish v Victoria 2002

The best Women’s Championship match in Survivor Series history came in 2002. Trish Stratus’ reign was in serious jeopardy as she squared off with Victoria in a Hardcore match.

Trish and Victoria knew how to tell a good story and Victoria was a psychotic heel. This was one of the most violent women’s matches in history and both women did not hold back. Ultimately, Victoria clinched her first Women’s Championship at Madison Square Garden.

Womens Championship Match At Survivor Series video