WWE has done wonders to improve its women’s division over the years. The Women’s Revolution got off to a slow start but now, the females are better positioned than ever before. With so many extraordinary talents, picking who will be champion can be tough. Should new girls get pushed or should old champions hold gold again?

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WWE has a plethora of female talents who deserve to hold a championship once again and can help elevate the title to new heights. Of course, some others don’t need to be near gold again, especially if they’ve held it enough in their careers.

WWE Best women champions History

10Doesn’t Deserve: Beth Phoenix

Phoenix is currently a commentator on NXT

Beth Phoenix dominated the Women’s division in the latter part of the 2000s. The Glamazon rightfully earned her spot in the WWE Hall of Fame in 2017 as the youngest inductee in history at the age of 36. In her prime, Phoenix held the Women’s Championship three times and the Divas Championship once for six months.

The Glamazon is currently doing a brilliant job on NXT and can still go in the ring once called upon. However, if Phoenix is to come back and wrestle for a short feud, there is no need for her to hold a championship again.

9Deserve: Becky Lynch

The Man is currently inactive due to pregnancy

The longest Raw Women’s champion in history, Becky Lynch is currently on a hiatus due to her pregnancy. The Man had an impressive impact on the women’s revolution as she headlined WrestleMania 35 with Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair last year. Lynch became “Becky Two Belts” as she won both the Raw and Smackdown Women’s Championships.

Of course, it is all dependant if Lynch fancies a return to the squared circle. If The Man decides to return to the WWE, there is no doubt that she is worthy of holding gold once more.

8Doesn’t Deserve: Naomi

Naomi is one of the best entertainers

Naomi is one of the most hardworking talents in WWE. She made a name of herself as an incredible competitor during her time on Smackdown in 2016 and 2017. The former Funkadactyl held the Smackdown Women’s Championship twice with her victory at WrestleMania 33 in her hometown of Orlando, the highlight of her career.

Unfortunately, injuries have plagued Naomi’s career, who undoubtedly would have won more championships if she was not injured. She has a new lease of life after being drafted to Raw but her days of being a champion seem to be in the rearview mirror.

7Deserve: Alexa Bliss

Bliss made history in 2017

It’s hard to believe that Alexa Bliss is just 29 but she has achieved a lot in her WWE career. In 2017, The Goddess made history by becoming the first woman to win both the Smackdown and Raw Women’s titles. It’s an impressive feat as she had multiple reigns with both championships.

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Bliss is currently enjoying a mini career renaissance by allying with “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt. She speaks very well on the mic and her Moment of Bliss show created compelling television. She clearly thrives as a heel, and Bliss is more than capable of having another run with the Raw Women’s Championship which is long overdue.

6Doesn’t Deserve: Carmella

Carmella won the Smackdown Women's title in 2018

Carmella has proven that she can mix it up with the very best inside the squared circle. Despite having an entertaining run alongside R-Truth, her work as a heel and as Smackdown Women’s Champion in 2018 was the standout moment in her WWE career.

The former Miss Money in the Bank was recently revealed as the mystery woman on Smackdown. Reverting as a heel may do Carmella a world of good as her character desperately needed a change. Perhaps, “Mella is Money” but there is plenty of top talent ahead of her, who are far more deserving of winning a title than the Staten Island native.

5Deserve: Trish Stratus

Stratus is one of the greatest Women's Champions of all time

Trish Stratus was one of the most improved wrestlers in the 2000s. Stratus’ hard work and dedication led Stratus to a well deserved WWE Hall of Fame career, which saw Stratus win the WWE Women’s Championship an amazing seven times.

Trish has made some sporadic appearances in the past decade and she certainly has a lot to offer. The WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships have failed to produce some memorable feuds since its inception in December 2018. Stratus and her best friend Lita could send the title to new heights, even if it’s on a short-term deal, which would give the title the instant credibility it needs.

4Doesn’t Deserve: Natalya

Natalya won the Smackdown Women's title at SummerSlam 2017

Natalya is a veteran in WWE but for the past decade, she has been incredibly patient to get her chance as Women’s champion. After losing the Divas Championship to Eve Torres at the 2011 Royal Rumble, Nattie would have to wait another six years to claim another title in the WWE.

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She won the Smackdown Women’s Championship from Naomi at SummerSlam 2017 and held the title for three months before losing it to Charlotte Flair. For sure Natalya is a reliable in-ring worker, and an asset to the WWE but in truth, fans will have little interest in seeing Natalya clinch another title.

3Deserve: Sasha Banks

Banks needs a long title reign

Despite being a record-setting five-time Raw Women’s Champion, Sasha Banks is actually one of the worst Women’s Champions of all time. The Boss is not a bad competitor by any stretch of the imagination but her title reigns have been dismal. She has failed to successfully defend the title, which is unheard of for someone of her caliber.

However, Banks is no longer associated with Smackdown Women’s Champion Bayley, and she ended her reign. The Boss finally had a successful title defense and a meaningful title reign would move her into the upper echelons as one of the best Women’s champions of all time. Her fellow Four Horsewomen, Bayley, Charlotte, and Becky Lynch all had their time in the spotlight as champions with Banks needing the same treatment but has to be done right.

2Doesn’t Deserve: Mickie James

James does not need another Women's title reign

Mickie James is one of the most underrated WWE Women’s Champions in history. James arguably had one of the greatest feuds with Trish Stratus over the title in 2006. The five-time Women’s Champion held the Divas Title once, and since she rejoined the WWE, she has been unsuccessful in her quest to win a seventh Women’s Title, which would draw her level with Trish.

Just like Natalya, Mickie is a veteran and she can be used to have great matches with the established stars like Asuka and Alexa Bliss. However, fans would not be disheartened to see Mickie hold the WWE Women’s Championship for a final time. She is already recognized as one of the best and does not need another title reign to validate her greatness.

1Deserve: Charlotte Flair

Charlotte is the greatest of all time

In her five years on the main roster, Charlotte Flair has made a huge impact on the Women’s Revolution. The Queen is a 12-time Women’s champion with four Raw Women’s Titles and a record five Smackdown Women’s Titles on her growing resume. There is no doubt that Charlotte will go down in history as the greatest female wrestler to walk through the doors at WWE.

Understandably, fans have grown sick and tired of Charlotte winning title after title but she brings instant credibility to a championship. Flair is currently on a hiatus but you can guarantee once she returns to Monday Night Raw, she will have title aspirations with a 13th reign on the horizon

WWE Best women champions History