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Brock Lesnar WWE full match Video ONLINE

Brock Lesnar WWE full match

WWE commentator Corey Graves recently took to his podcast, “After The Bell,” to talk about several professional wrestling topics.

Here are the highlights:

Encountering Brock Lesnar for the first time in person during a 2015 RAW cancellation:

That night stands out to me because it was the first time I encountered Brock Lesnar in person. I found myself in a conference room sitting beside him, and there was an awkward silence. Neither of us knew each other or what to make of one another other than the fact that I was as terrified of him in person as I had been for years on television.

So did what any reasonable human would do in that situation: I complimented ‘The Beast’ on his jacket which surprisingly led to a fun little exchange. A conversation with Brock Lesnar, who at that particular juncture, did not decide to tear me limb from limb. Lucky me.

What Lesnar did for the locker room after the cancellation:

Brock Lesnar WWE full match

The show was very interesting. They re-aired the Royal Rumble match from the night before [and aired] a few backstage interviews with Roman, Brock and many others, and allegedly, [the] now WWE Champion paid a significant amount of money to keep the bar wide open for everybody to make sure they made the best of a crappy situation.

I, of course, stayed in a completely different hotel, but it led to me finding the only open establishment in the scenic Stamford, CT where myself and two-thirds of The Shield made sure that none of the beers at said establishment went unattended. What a day. Not all bad things came from that snow storm: fun memories, fun times but let’s hope RAW doesn’t get cancelled ever again.

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