While Total Divas showcases some of the in-ring action that takes place in the world of WWE, the fights that happen on this show tend to be backstage or in public. Of course, there’s a blend of reality and storylines and that is what creates the real drama in order to make the show as exciting as possible.

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The fights that take place throughout Total Divas can be utterly ridiculous, but they always happen in dramatic fashion, even if what they’re fighting over is trivial. Over the course of the show’s history, there have been plenty of fights amongst those involved, and that’s one of the reasons people keep going back for more.

10Training Goes Wrong

Paige and Cameron

While wrestling is certainly dangerous within itself, as Paige’s career-ending injury showcases, the key is to keep others safe. However, when Paige and Cameron headed to the Performance Center to train, that isn’t what happened.

Paige felt Cameron was being dangerous and taking too many risks, which eventually led her to call Cameron out. They ended up pulling hair and had to be split apart while other NXT trainees watched on.

9Go-Kart Tensions

Total Divas

The Funkadactyls were always shown as close friends on Total Divas, with Naomi and Cameron being partners in and out of the ring. However, during one episode where they went go-kart racing, tensions seriously boiled over.

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After Cameron spent too long bragging about beating Naomi, things got personal. Naomi claimed she was better in the ring with Cameron saying she cuts better promos. Eventually, there was hair pulling and pushing as the partners ended up fighting.

8Bar Brawls

Tamina Snuka Bar Fight

Sometimes, it is actually members of the public who end up in the fights on this show, as happened during one scene at a bar. A drunk member of the public started taking shots at Tamina, Naomi, and Natalya and was quickly made to regret it.

He actually attempted to roundhouse kick Tamina, which was a decision he quickly regretted. Tamina had no problems taking the fight to him, and luckily for this stranger, Naomi and Nattie were on hand to pull her back.

7Dean Ambrose Chases A Stranger

Another example of a stranger deciding to mess with the wrong people came when Dean Ambrose was out having a meal with Renee Young and her mom. They sat outside at a table and someone walked by and stole Renee’s hat.

So, true to his Lunatic Fringe form, Ambrose simply jumped up and chased them down the street. While the actual chase isn’t shown, it is a hilarious and dramatic moment as he goes after his wife’s hat.

6Contract Disputes

Brie Bella and Maryse argue

This fight may not have gotten physical, but the verbal confrontation between Maryse and Brie Bella is one of the most intense moments of the show’s history. The reason for that is because the issues between them are well-known and are very real.

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Maryse blamed the Bella Twins for her not getting a WWE contract and she had no problem letting Brie that. She unloaded her frustrations on Brie and it led to a very heated confrontation.

5Vincent Calls Out Brodus Clay

Vincent Total Divas

Backstage can certainly be a tense place in WWE, with everyone wanting to do a good job and impress. However, when things went wrong for Tons Of Funk and Brodus Clay yelled at Cameron, it was her boyfriend, Vincent who was losing his cool.

Despite not actually being involved in the business, Vincent was desperate to find Brodus and fight him. He had to be pulled away by Natalya and Jimmy Uso in order to calm down.

4Live Event Debate

Lana and Carmella

Lana has caused quite a lot of controversy during her time on the show, and one of those moments just so happened to involve Carmella. She believed Lana was trying to get her taken off live events and it led to a big confrontation between them.

They had a serious argument outside a bar where the two of them threatened each other and had a heated debate until they eventually decided nothing was going to be solved and they went back inside.

3Hair Pull Fight

Total Divas

Natalya and Summer Rae had quite the rivalry on Total Divas, which led to some fantastic moments of drama throughout the show. One moment saw them riding together, despite the fact they didn’t like each other and things quickly escalated.

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Nattie pulled the car over, got out, and launched Summer’s bag out into the distance as they continued to argue. The conversation moved on to taking shots at each other’s hair and that lead to Natalya dragging Summer out of the car by her hair as they had a fight until Rosa Mendes could calm things down.

2A House Visit

Summer Rae slaps Natalya Cropped

Speaking of Natalya and Summer Rae, the car incident wasn’t the only time they fought on Total Divas. When Summer Rae visited Natalya’s house, things got tense between them which featured some of the worst acting you’re ever likely to see.

Summer eventually slapped Natalya, which led to the WWE veteran losing her cool, demanding that Summer never visits her house again as Summer was thrown out.

1Who Gets The Best Room?


The most intense and dramatic fight that has happened on Total Divas took place during a trip to Lake Tahoe. Paige and Lana have always had a legitimate history of not being close and that nearly came to blows on this one.

Things didn’t get physical, apart from when they pretended to fight after to prank the others. However, the argument was incredibly intense, reducing Lana to tears as things boiled over, all about who got the best room.

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