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John Cena WWE 2020 News video and pictures love story

John Cena WWE 2020 News Reveals He Was On The Brink Of Getting Cut By Before Hip Hop Saved His Career

It’s just scary to think that we could have lived in a world in which there was no John Cena in WWE. But, as the superstar puts it, that was very nearly the case as the company had already let him know he was going to get cut after failing to make the most of his debut vs. Kurt Angle on SmackDown in 2002.

Angle will tell you Cena’s the greatest WWE personality the world has ever seen. He really said so when he wished the 42-year-old a happy birthday last year.

According to Cena, though, he would have gotten the boot pretty early if it wasn’t for a European bus ride that changed his life.

John Cena WWE 2020 News video and pictures

“I was told I was getting my release in the Christmas cuts, because it just wasn’t working, and there’s no argument there. It wasn’t,” Cena said on WWE Network’s new Ruthless Aggression docuseries (h/t Metro). “They gave it to me on a silver platter. And I failed. I messed it up.

‘It was on my last European tour, and I think I was in mixed tag matches – this is how well it was not going. Like, I was just there to maybe have one last time in the ring, but I was on the way out.”

By the time Christmas rolled around, however, Cena had started rapping his promos and was gaining steady popularity among the fans, eventually picking up the Dr. of Thuganomics name.

He might have never gotten the idea if not for that bus ride during which Rey Mysterio was coordinating a freestyle session for kicks.

“We travel as a community, so we’re all on the same bus,” Cena recalled. “So I head a bunch of guys sitting at the back of the bus like Rikishi and Rey Mysterio kind of leading the charge and they were all freestyling.

“Just to pass the time – it was long bus rides. And I remember just being like, ‘Let’s go try this!’ Just drove right in, and it was like it resonated with me.”

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