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WWE Friday Night SmackDown 19.09.2002 ONLINE HD

SmackDown 19.09.2002

On the October 16, 2003 episode of SmackDown! Guenard was blinded by Tajiri during a match between Tajiri and Noble, after which Tajiri spewed his “Black mist” onto her face (this version of the mist was only ever seen in this instance). Storyline-wise, this encounter resulted in a physical ‘injury’ to Guenard. After recovering, Guenard started appearing at ringside with sunglasses on, to ‘sell’ the after effects of her injuries. During this time, Noble would throw Guenard in front of various opponents at a match’s climax, to both save himself and let him later accuse them of “hitting a woman”, etc. Later in this storyline, Rey Mysterio revealed to Guenard that Noble was exploiting her in the aforementioned manner, resulting in Guenard turning against Noble and becoming a fan favorite in the process. The two feuded, culminating in a match at No Way Out in which Noble had to wear a blindfold. True to character, Noble cheated to win as he removed his blindfold during the matchGuenard debuted on the SmackDown! brand on the June 6, 2002 episode, in a backstage segment with The Hurricane (who was her on-screen ex-boyfriend) and Jamie Noble. Noble and Guenard then became an on-screen couple undergoing a “trailer trash” gimmick.[4] They were both playing as heels, with Nidia leading Noble to several wins, due to interference during the matches. At the King of the Ring she led Noble to winning the Cruiserweight Championship from The Hurricane.[5] She then began to feud with SmackDown! Diva Torrie Wilson leading to many solo and mixed tag team matches with Guenard and Noble against Wilson and various other cruiserweights, including Funaki, Billy Kidman, Rey Mysterio, and Brian Kendrick.[6][7][8][9][10]

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