As the saying goes about wrestling, ‘it isn’t ballet’ and because of that, injuries do happen. It’s unfortunate and never something that people want to see happens, but from time to time, injuries do occur. After all, the sport itself is very physical and wrestlers are putting their bodies on the line.RELATED: Bella Poarch PAPARAZZI Top photos and video online GIF Real Life

In wrestling, there is a real culture to fight through bumps and injuries to continue and finish matches. Most of the time, that does happen with wrestlers having crazy pain thresholds as they battle through. But sometimes, an injury can be so bad that the match has to be stopped, either for a brief period or altogether, bringing things to an end.

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10Enzo Amore & Big Cass Vs The Vaudevillains (Payback, 2016)

Enzo Amore injured at Payback, 2016

In what was the PPV debut of Enzo Amore and Big Cass on the main roster, the match had to be stopped after Amore collided roughly with the ropes. He was being thrown out of the ring, and instead of just sliding under the bottom rope, Amore got caught up in them and landed hard onto the floor.

He wasn’t responding after and it was very clear things weren’t right. The match was finished instantly as the referee made the call and it was revealed that Enzo had suffered a concussion from the impact.

9Matt Hardy Vs Sammy Guevera (All Out, 2020)

Mat Hardy All Out injury

The most recent example of a match having to be stopped due to injury took place at AEW’s All Out. Matt Hardy took a very nasty bump after being speared from a stairlift, missing the table and hitting his head onto the concrete floor.

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Matt was visibly knocked out in the moment and couldn’t stand up, with Aubrey Edwards calling for the match to be stopped. While this did end up being restarted, it was clear that Matt wasn’t 100%, and was an example of how some matches shouldn’t be allowed to keep working when they’ve been seriously hurt.

8Neville Vs Chris Jericho (Monday Night Raw, 2016)

Chris Jericho confronts Charles Robinson

This was another match that had to be stopped due to injury, but it was actually Neville’s opponent, Chris Jericho, who brought it to an end. Neville had broken his ankle and informed Jericho, but the referee wasn’t aware of it.

Jericho tried to get a quick pinfall but Charles Robinson didn’t finish the match as he didn’t think that was the finish. Instead, Jericho shoved him and got in his face, forcing a DQ finish as he knew that Neville couldn’t continue.

7Sin Cara Vs Alberto Del Rio (Monday Night Raw, 2013)

This was a match that had to be stopped due to injury that perhaps shouldn’t have been. Wrestlers are known for having to work through certain injuries if they’re small and there is a level of respect for the opponent that provides an unwritten code for the talent.

So, when Sin Cara refused to carry on wrestling after breaking his finger, Alberto Del Rio was visibly very angry about the situation. However, the match didn’t continue because of the injury, with Sin Cara clearly not feeling comfortable to do so.

6Daniel Bryan Vs Randy Orton (Monday Night Raw, 2013)

Daniel Byran injured

As an example of how wrestlers often like to fight through injuries, Daniel Bryan reportedly confronted and argued with Triple H backstage after he made the call to the referee to end his match with Randy Orton on Raw in 2013.

The two men were having a fantastic match, but Bryan suffered a stinger and was dealing with numbness in his upper body because of it. While he wanted to carry on, WWE made the right decision to stop it and ensure Bryan was healthy instead.

5Samoa Joe Vs Finn Balor (NXT Takeover: Dallas)

Back when WWE wasn’t a PG company, this likely wouldn’t have caused a stoppage at all. However, in the current era, when Samoa Joe was busted open after brawling with Finn Balor the match had to be stopped several times so the medical team could clean Joe up.

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While they were able to finish things, the stoppages did cause serious disruption to the flow of the match. Fans were booing about it and Joe himself kept trying to just carry on, but WWE ensured he was safe to compete.

4Dana Brooke Vs Sarah Logan (Main Event, 2019)

Dana Brooke injury

This match stoppage might have been missed by a lot of people due to the fact it happened on an episode of Main Event. However, things were brought to an end after Dana Brooke’s head was smashed into the LED ring post following a knee strike.

She hit the post hard and immediately started bleeding heavily, which resulted in the referee calling the match off to keep Dana safe from further injury.

3Mankind Vs The Undertaker (King Of The Ring, 1998)

This is the most famous case of a match having to be stopped for an injury because it saw Mankind take some absolutely ridiculous bumps. He was thrown off the Hell in a Cell roof and put through it, down to the mat.

The match was stopped several times as WWE wanted to check on Mick Foley, at one point actually attempting to stretcher him away. However, because he’s the Hardcore Legend, he continued to finish the match, somehow.

2Droz Vs D-Lo Brown (SmackDown, 1999)


This was a very unfortunate, and serious incident as not only was the match stopped, but Droz, unfortunately, was rendered paralyzed following this incident. The moment came when D-Lo Brown looked to hit his running powerbomb finisher.

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Unfortunately, the move wasn’t hit right after Brown couldn’t get the right grip and Droz landed on his head. This lead to him fracturing two disks in his neck and sadly, Droz was unable to walk again.

1Tegan Nox Vs Rhea Ripley (Mae Young Classic, 2018)

Tegan Nox Injury Mae Young Classic

This was a bitterly disappointing and upsetting moment for Tegan Nox, who had just returned from missing the tournament the previous year due to a knee injury. She was impressing and made it to the quarter-finals when she seriously injured her other knee against Rhea Ripley.

Tegan tore her ACL, MCL, had ligament damage, and more, which was set her out for even longer. The Welsh wrestler was visibly distraught as she instantly knew how bad the situation was for her and this match was brought to an immediate end.

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