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Carmella WWE superstar pictures AND Video online

Carmella WWE superstar in her Royal Rumble waits, living life under a microscope

<pre><pre>WWE superstar Carmella in her Royal Rumble waits, living life under a microscope

It was not long ago when WWE superstar Carmella was the center of attention on “SmackDown.”

In 2018, the “Princess of Staten Island,quot; became the first Miss Money in the Bank briefcase and charged the following year to become a female champion of “SmackDown,” a title she had for more than four months.

Since then, he has been out of the championship mix while he was part of the hijinx with R-Truth with the 24/7 championship. But after he was recruited for “RAW,quot;, she is back alone and focused on winning the championship again.

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That can change very quickly at this Sunday’s WWE Royal Rumble event (broadcast live on the WWE Network) with the winner of the 30-woman Royal Rumble match on the top rope, winning a WrestleMania 36 championship in April. The only question now is whether she will be one of the participants (more on that below).

They have been interesting years for Carmella, full of ups and downs. While that came with a race for the championship, it also included great scrutiny of open fans on social networks who didn’t like their work in the ring. And with life as a WWE superstar, she gets a lot of attention both inside and outside the ring that includes her relationship with “SmackDown,quot; host Corey Graves, something that was detailed in the most recent season of E! Total Divas reality show.

Sporting News recently spoke with Carmella about his hopes for Royal Rumble, his current role in WWE and how he tries to live a very public life.

(This interview has been slightly edited for its length and clarity).

SPORT NEWS: The Royal Rumble is approaching this Sunday. As of now, you do not officially participate in the women’s Royal Rumble Match. Would you like to make an announcement about that match?

CARMELLA I wish I could make an announcement. I really do not know. I hope to be part of that. I’ve been part of the last two, so I really hope to be part of the game, but I guess you’ll have to tune in and find out.

SN: Officially, there have only been (five) women announced for the match at this time. With the Rumble, there is always a surprise element as to who will be part of it. Some names are announced in advance, others are not. What do you think about so many names that are not yet announced?

Carmella WWE superstar

CARMELLA I prefer it that way. I think, as you said, that’s the exciting part of the Rumble. You never know who the music is going to get or who is going to download. I think that if he announces all the names, there are only a few surprises, while everyone is not announced here, it is much more exciting that way.

SN: The Rumble is such a unique combination. Sometimes it can be just you and another person in the ring and other times, there may be chaos with 10, 12.15 people there. What is it like to be part of this?

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