WWE recently confirmed that Randy Orton and Drew McIntyre will do battle once again at the upcoming Hell in a Cell PPV event. It will mark the third time that the two men have competed for the WWE Championship and, this time, it will take place inside The Devil’s Playground.

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Orton and McIntyre have had a traditional singles match, an ambulance match, and now will have a Hell in a Cell match as this fantastic feud continues to be personal, physical, and entertaining. But with this being the third time they have met for WWE’s richest prize, who should walk away with the title this time around?

WWE Randy Orton VS Drew McIntyre Hell In A Cell photos and video online

10Randy Orton: Chasing Ric Flair’s Title Reign

Randy Orton punts Christian

Randy Orton is one of very few wrestlers who could genuinely overtake Ric Flair’s record title reigns, and he is someone the Nature Boy would likely endorse to do so. However, if he is going to do that, he needs to add another WWE Title reign sooner than later.

Orton teased the idea of both him and Cena getting to 16 and then competing for the title to break Ric’s record, and that is a story that would be amazing to see. Plus, just having him get closer to that number would open up plenty of storyline ideas and make Randy even more of a threat.

9Drew McIntyre: It’s Not Time To End The Reign Of The Scotsman

Drew McIntyre has been WWE Champion since WrestleMania 36 and by today’s standard, he is putting together quite a lengthy run. However, at no point has it felt stale, and that’s a credit to Drew himself.

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He has been a tremendous champion and people aren’t calling out for it to end. That’s a great sign for him, as fans are not bored of his time with the title, which is why WWE shouldn’t take it from him just yet.

8Randy Orton: Setup For Edge’s Return

Rated RKO implode

While this would be some serious long-term storytelling, as it’s unclear when Edge is going to be back from injury, it would be a brilliant move by WWE. Randy Orton taking out Edge, to then go on and become WWE Champion, only for Edge to return and take it from him.

This would be an amazing storyline and would feel like a fitting end to the epic story between Orton and Edge. The Rated-R Superstar being champion is something fans can easily get on board with and would be brilliant to see.

7Drew McIntyre: A Major Stipulation Victory

WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre As The WWE Champion

Drew McIntyre’s title run has been fantastic so far, and a major stipulation victory like a Hell in a Cell would certainly cement that. Of course, he won the ambulance match, but that was with help and that stipulation isn’t as iconic as this.

The Hell in a Cell is a classic stipulation that fans love, and seeing Drew score a huge victory inside of it would be a monumental moment within his reign that could really be a memorable step for him.

6Randy Orton: A Big Surprise

Randy Orton's WrestleMania 30 entrance

When it comes to Hell in a Cell’s other major title match, it is pretty obvious Roman Reigns will be retaining. That is how many people feel about this match as well for Drew, but if Randy Orton was to win, it would create a nice surprise.

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Orton winning is unexpected, and while it’s rare that he’s the underdog, that is certainly the case. A surprise victory is something that always goes down well in WWE, and when that can lead to a veteran with the title, that’s not a bad thing at all.

5Drew McIntyre: Push New Talent

Randy Orton is an excellent wrestler, a world-class main event star, and someone who fans absolutely respect. However, he has been in the top spot competing for the title on three major PPVs now, and that has stopped other talents from thriving.

WWE has got a great roster right now, full of amazing talent who are capable of putting on great main event matches. So if Drew can win again, then they can be allowed a chance to shine against The Scottish Psychopath.

4Randy Orton: Build Him Back Up

Randy Orton vs Drew McIntyre

When Randy Orton first became the number one contender, he was absolutely red hot. Orton was the number one heel star in WWE after his feud with Edge and he felt fresh and exciting again, which was great for WWE.

Orton looked like he was loving his work and that showed in what he was doing. However, after two clean defeats against Drew already, he has already become less of a threat. Putting the title on him would instantly put Orton back to the top of the card, which would be great for The Viper.

3Drew McIntyre: There’s Still More For Him To Do As Champion

While Drew has been a good WWE Champion, he hasn’t had that many feuds yet. He battled Bobby Lashley briefly and then quickly faced Dolph Ziggler before this lengthy storyline with Randy Orton began.

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Fans want to see what else Drew is capable of and who he can compete with, so keeping the title on him would allow for that. Audiences want to see more of him and WWE should allow that by having him retain.

2Randy Orton: Freshening Things Up

Randy Orton: the 3rd highest paid wrestler of 2020

While Drew McIntyre is doing a good job as WWE Champion, every now and then WWE does like to hit the refresh button. Starting things off again with a new champion can be exactly that, which is a big reason why Randy Orton could win the match.

It just allows WWE to tell totally different stories as there would be a heel champion. It would certainly feel fresh and, heading into WWE’s biggest time of the year, that isn’t a bad thing.

1Drew McIntyre: End The Feud

While the storyline between Randy Orton and Drew McIntyre has been entertaining, the fact is that it has been going on for several months, and it’s time for something new.

The only way to truly end this storyline without the need for more rematches is for Drew to retain. Plus, a Hell in a Cell match feels like a perfect way to end such a lengthy feud, wrapping things up in style.

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WWE Randy Orton VS Drew McIntyre Hell In A Cell photos and video online