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WWE Sasha Banks Top got snubbed big-time

WWE Sasha Banks Top

Sasha Banks is one of the best wrestlers in the world, yet WWE 2K20 decided to give her a rating that would barely place her above the average.

Whenever WWE need a wrestler to be bigger than the moment, Vince McMahon calls on Sasha Banks. The Legit Boss has a long resume of great matches, which includes an Ironwoman performance in the first Women’s Royal Rumble, the best match of Ronda Rousey‘s career, and a brilliant Hell in a Cell bout with recent No. 1 overall pick Becky Lynch.

So you’d think that Sasha would get a great deal of respect in the WWE 2K20 video game. Unfortunately, you’d be mistaken, because WWE 2K decided that one of the best all-around performers in wrestling is only rated 80.

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Yup, that’s it. 80. That’s like, what? Barely better than average? And Sasha has shown that she can hang with Becky in the ring and on the mic in a feud, so why should the gap between them be 10 rating points? It makes sense for Becky to be rated as one of the elites at 90, but the gap between Sasha and Becky should be minimal. Note that the Hell in a Cell victor was Becky’s first over Sasha in her career.

Sasha Banks herself was highly unimpressed with the low rating, taking to Twitter to insult the only WWE video game currently going.


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I mean, that would explain why they consistently rate men’s wrestlers way, way, wayyyy higher than women’s wrestlers every year.

Anyway, if you have the edition that allows you to re-rate players, I would kindly suggest giving Sasha Banks a rating that actually suits her. You know, something in the 90’s. And yes, you can bump up Becky’s rating accordingly, if you’d like. I’m not willing to get involved in any heated Sasha vs. Becky arguments…I wouldn’t want to have to delete my account as a mere casualty in the “Stan Wars”.

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