The history of TNA saw them going after WWE on a few occasions throughout the years. Many fans and wrestlers thought less of TNA for trying too hard to be like WCW and go after WWE despite not having the success to back it up. TNA’s insults towards WWE were a mixed bag of memorable moments and disappointing segments.

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The better moments had a fun spirit to them that provided entertainment value. Unfortunately, the worst ideas just made the company look like jokes who were punching out of their weight class. Find out what caused the pettiness to have such varying results. Each TNA moment insulting WWE either provided success or failed.

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10Success: Curt Hawkins Throwing Shade At Vince McMahon

Curt Hawkins backstage at WWE

One of the most recent instances of TNA throwing shade at WWE featured Curt Hawkins taking a shot of Vince McMahon. WWE released Hawkins and numerous other talents with zero warning during the pandemic to cause anger and frustration.

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Hawkins made a comment in his Impact appearance no longer having to prove anything to an old man with outdated views on wrestling. Many wrestlers and fans have this belief about Vince and it came off as passionate since Hawkins was being genuine.

9Failed: Dixie Carter Throwing Shade At Daniel Bryan

Dixie Carter in TNA

Eric Young winning the TNA Championship felt like a cheap ripoff of Daniel Bryan’s big moment at WrestleMania 30. The story saw Young winning two matches in one night to capture his first world title days after Bryan at the same.

Dixie Carter referenced the criticism thrown toward TNA in a following episode of Impact. The foolish comment saw her implying that WWE and Bryan ripped off Young’s look with the beard in a segment that just made TNA look like a joke.

8Success: Scott Steiner Saying He Beat Everyone In WWE

Scott Steiner in TNA

Scott Steiner joining TNA was a huge move for the company trying to improve its star power. The first major angle for Steiner in TNA saw him working with Christian Cage’s heel faction. Kurt Angle was the biggest threat to all of the heels, and Steiner tried to stop him.

TNA was the first place where Steiner and Angle would have a singles match as Steiner referenced that in his promo. Various WWE stars were named when Steiner said he’d beat everyone in the industry and Angle would be next on his list. Steiner buried Triple H, but their real-life heat made it come off as authentic.

7Failed: Fat Oily Guy Parody

Big Dick Johnson in WWE

The WWE character of Big Dick Johnson became a part of the D-Generation X reunion in 2006. Shawn Michaels and Triple H took part in many elaborate pranks meant to upset the heels that were feuding with them.

One of the constants for DX was Johnson coming to the ring and dancing to upset their enemies. TNA mocked this by having a character literally named “Big Fat Oily Guy” when throwing daggers at WWE. The segments were more embarrassing than anything else and took away from the company’s strengths.

6Success: Matt Hardy Calling WWE A Broken System

Matt Hardy in TNA

The start of Matt Hardy’s first TNA stint featured him joining the hated Immortal faction led by his brother Jeff Hardy. TNA placed Matt into a single angle with AJ Styles since it was the first time the two would feud.

Matt made some insulting comments towards WWE in one of his promos that was actually well received. The ugly ending to Matt’s WWE run saw him calling the company a broken system that turns wrestlers into the bitter heel that he was now playing in TNA. This reference made sense in the grand scheme of the storyline without being too low rent.

5Failed: Kazarian Insulting Nexus

Fortune in TNA

Fortune was an interesting infection created by TNA with the obvious comparisons to the Four Horsemen, especially with Ric Flair involved. Frankie Kazarian was one of the members to referenced WWE’s Nexus in a memorable promo.

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Nexus was viewed as one of the hotter acts in WWE, but Kazarian clearly wasn’t impressed with the “group of rookies.” WWE pushing new talents actually was a rare positive to fans and Kazarian’s comments came off poorly due to it.

4Success: Cookiegate

TNA Cookiegate

The first major reference to WWE by TNA featured a controversial move by the smaller company. WWE was filming it a commercial a few blocks away from TNA’s location in Orlando. TNA decided to try to get some attention from this in shocking fashion.

Road Dogg, Konnan, Traci Brooks, Abyss, and a few others arrived to WWE set with a welcoming of cookies and balloons. Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero were the only ones filmed by TNNA with their faces blurred. TNA aired it and received attention even though WWE reportedly hated it at the time.

3Failed: Mr. Anderson Insulting Triple H

Mr. Anderson wins the TNA Championship

The TNA Championship win for Mr Anderson made him believe he proved WWE wrong. Many people expected Anderson it to become a huge star for WWE as Mr. Kennedy, but backstage politics doomed him after injuries and missed opportunities failed.

Anderson used his title win to throw shade at people in WWE for their criticism towards him. Triple H was specifically the one insulted by Anderson with the implication that he attempted to bury the rising star. Anderson was already a hit or miss choice for the title and this took away from any momentum he had by making it about WWE.

2Success: Rhyno Burying WWE’s ECW

Rhyno vs Christian Cage in TNA

The ECW project from WWE was a huge disaster with most E W legends regretting having anything to do with it. Vince McMahon clearly didn’t want the old school ECW spirit even though he marketed the return as such.

Rhyno was one of the few ECW legends locked into it a TNA deal at the time. The choice was made by Rhyno to remain with TNA and he actually brought his old ECW Championship belt with him to the show. Rhyno cut a passionate promo claiming the new ECW was a joke and he was going to help change the industry with TNA.

1Failed: Voodoo Kin Mafia Calling Out DX

The New Age Outlaws in TNA

Former WWE tag team the New Age Outlaws worked for TNA under the new name of the Voodoo Kin Mafia. Road Dogg and Billy Gunn use this new name to insult Vince McMahon with the VKM acronym.

WWE was rebooting D-Generation-X with Triple H and Shawn Michaels at the time. Voodoo Kin Mafia delivered promos every week for a few months mocking DX and WWE. The parodies and criticism would have worked if they weren’t also two older wrestlers hogging the spotlight in TNA.

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