Reality series Total Divas has proven to be a massive success for both WWE and the E! Network. The show is incredibly popular, and it has certainly helped in growing the women’s division in WWE.

More fans care about the women of WWE because of the show, which cannot be denied. However, while the women on the cast such as the Bella Twins and Natalya have received recognition, many wrestlers have made cameos.

Sure, the partners of the cast, such as Daniel Bryan, are expected to appear, but there have also been some other more random cameos. Within this list, we will reveal 10 wrestlers you didn’t know have appeared on the series.

WWE Top 10 Cameos moments Total Divas photos and video online

Total Divas Bonus Clip, April 20th, 2014

10Saraya Knight

Let’s kickstart with someone who has made a couple of cameo appearances throughout the history of Total Divas. Saraya Knight is Paige’s mother, who has appeared both physically and via Skype within the show.

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While some wrestling fans are aware of her history, others may not know that Saraya is a legendary wrestler around Europe. She and her family are major names, particularly within England.

Therefore, it is certainly fascinating any time she appears. Saraya is normally featured in order to help her daughter during difficult periods of her life.

9The Four Horsewomen

The biggest names to not be involved in Total Divas so far are all four members of the Four Horsewomen. They’re the biggest names in women’s wrestling, but none of them has ever been featured members of the cast.

All four women have made it clear that they want to keep it that way, but that doesn’t mean they’ve avoided being on the show completely. Seeing as how they’re obviously always backstage, they have appeared on camera plenty of times.

Most noticeably, the Four Horsewomen have appeared when the Total Divas ladies are getting their makeup done for WWE television.

8Wade Barrett

Wade Barrett clearly didn’t want to be part of the show, and you can’t exactly blame him. His cameo appearance was quite an awkward one as he was confronted by Alicia Fox about their past relationship.

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The two of them used to date but that all came to an end, hence why he wasn’t really part of the show. But that didn’t stop Alicia Fox confronting him for, which was quite an odd scene, to say the least.

7Big E

Perhaps Big E’s cameo was too funny not to notice, but he certainly did appear on the show. He is someone who pops up at times when Natalya has parties, and he is also someone who her sister ended up becoming attracted to.

It led to some hilarious scenes with the two of them flirted as Natalya struggled uncomfortably with the idea. Big E was obviously his incredibly charismatic self, which is what made it all so much fun to watch.

6Alberto Del Rio

Speaking of romance, that is the reason that Alberto Del Rio made his cameo appearance. He infamously dated Paige several years ago in what was the start of a very difficult time in her life.

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He randomly appeared as her date during one scene which left the rest of the cast shocked, as well as the fans watching at home. The relationship ended up being a negative thing for Paige’s life, and it was quite an uncomfortable time on the series.

Because she ended up being suspended during this relationship, a lot of Paige’s content that season was scrapped, therefore Del Rio appeared less frequently.

5Lilian Garcia

She might not be a professional wrestler, but Lilian Garcia has certainly had a major career in the industry. She is one of the greatest ring announcers of all time, and she is also someone who has made a cameo appearance on Total Divas. 

Garcia has her own podcast, Chasing Glory, and that’s how she appeared. As WWE told the story of Alexa Bliss’ health history, they used her interview with Garcia, thus giving Garcia a brief cameo on the show.

4The Brian Kendrick

The Brian Kendrick is an incredibly gifted professional wrestler. He might not have been a main event star in WWE, but he is notorious for his in-ring abilities and being a very good teacher.

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Because of that, he was hired to be Eva Marie’s personal wrestling coach when she was trying to develop her wrestling abilities. It was a big storyline for Eva, as her wrestling skills weren’t at the required levels, and provided Kendrick with several cameo appearances.

3Stephanie McMahon

The McMahon family likes to keep themselves very private when it comes to reality and social media, so they’re not people you expect to be popping up on something like Total Divas. 

That is why most people forget about Stephanie McMahon’s appearance. She pops up a few times, such as when she drops the major announcement the women will no longer be called “Divas.”

But she also appears in a conversation with Natalya when she decided to confront Stephanie about her lack of opportunities in WWE so far.

2Teddy Hart

Speaking of Natalya, she is responsible for bringing quite a few cameos to the show as many different wrestlers visit her home. She’s part of a legendary wrestling family, and because of that she’s got a lot of connections.

One person who has popped up a few times is Teddy Hart, who wrestles for MLW. He is Natalya’s cousin, which is he often appears when she has a party at her home.

However, Total Divas doesn’t reference them as family, and instead call him “Natalya’s friend Ted,” for some reason.

1Roman Reigns

That’s nobody is too big for Total Divas, and that includes Roman Reigns, who once admitted that people swear on purpose to avoid being filmed for the show.

However, Reigns has appeared a couple of times in very brief cameos. He is the face of WWE, so any time he makes an appearance it is certainly a big deal, and he has mainly been shown in passing.

He’s appeared briefly while in the gym, and also backstage. It’s fairly clear Reigns doesn’t want to be too involved, but he doesn’t run away from the cameras either.

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