The Divas Championship is viewed negatively today since it represents the past failures of WWE not taking the women’s division seriously, but the title had some good moments. A few talented women tried their best to make the title relevant despite the booking of short matches and ineffective storylines. Unfortunately, not everyone had great title reigns with the championship.The history of Divas Champions certainly saw both success stories trying to improve the belt’s image and disappointing champs failing to make a positive impact. Find out what caused such fascinating changes in the women’s division leading to the new Women’s Championship belts. The following wrestlers either elevated the Divas Championship during their title reigns or did nothing with it.

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10Elated Title: Paige

The NXT success of Paige played a huge role in the women’s division there getting a bigger chance. WWE debuted her in the best possible way by defeating AJ Lee to win the Divas Championship on the Raw after WrestleMania 30.

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Paige’s Divas Championship reigns were nowhere near the NXT Women’s Championship run, but she still did a great job adding interest to the belt. The matches and character work of Paige each meshed for a successful run before injuries shortened her career.

9Did Nothing With It: Maryse

Maryse represented the perfect diva to WWE during her reign as the Divas Champion. The looks and modeling background of Maryse made her a huge commodity to WWE after learning the business during the Diva Search contest.

WWE was impressed with Maryse’s heel character since her depth was there, but the matches just always missed the mark. Maryse couldn’t do anything of note to improve the reputation of the Divas Championship.

8Elevated Title: Eve Torres

One of the more surprising success stories for the divas’ division saw Eve Torres thriving as a heel. The face character of Eve struggled despite always having a solid role in the shows. Torres turning heel completely changed her career for the best.

The last Divas Championship run of Eve saw her getting strong heat with her charisma shining. Torres would have photo shoots after wins posing over her opponents. The heel run ended too soon when Eve left the wrestling business to a start family and work on her own projects.

7Did Nothing With It: Alicia Fox

Alicia Fox has been a veteran of the women’s division for many years now with minimal memorable moments. The biggest opportunity of Fox’s career came when winning the Divas Championship in an upset.

Fox struggled to build momentum with just a few minutes of ring time each week leading to little improvement. Many fans forget that Fox even won the Divas Championship to show how poorly the reign went.

6Elevated Title: Beth Phoenix

Beth Phoenix was ahead of her time with the strength and great matches in the women’s division. WWE gave Beth more ring time than the average diva of the era when she won the Divas Championship as the Glamazon.

Phoenix had solid matches despite the odds being against her at the time. WWE has treated Beth with the utmost respect as a legend today due to how much she tried to accomplish back when the women had lower ceilings.

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5Did Nothing With It: Brie Bella

The Bella Twins would improve throughout the years when working hard to learn new things when the division started to receive more opportunities. Nikki Bella had a successful Divas Championship reign after the improvement, but Brie Bella’s title reign came when they were very limited.

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Brie won the Divas Championship in 2011 and struggled to have a memorable title reign. WWE treated most of the women as interchangeable at this time and gave them little ring time Brie’s title reign was a forgotten part of her career.

4Elevated Title: Nikki Bella

The rise of Nikki Bella saw her improving quite a bit during his record-setting Divas Championship reign. Nikki defeating AJ Lee and held the belt for 301 days until Charlotte Flair was the one to end her time at the top.

Many fans hated Nikki as a heel since she made sure to remind everyone just how dominant her title reign was at the time. Nikki’s hard work paid off with the biggest success of her career which is now part of her legacy.

3Did Nothing With It: Natalya

One of the more disappointing Divas Championship reigns saw Natalya failing to do much with the belt. Natalya was among the few women on the roster at the time with the ability to have good matches or work with various styles.

WWE still wasn’t ready to expand the division and used her as any other wrestler. Natalya had a better title run years later with the Smackdown Women’s Championship, but her time as Divas Champion is all but forgotten.

2Elevated Title: AJ Lee

AJ Lee was the person to add the most credibility to the Divas Champion. The character work of AJ got her over when working in major storylines with main event stars like Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, Kane, and John Cena.

WWE trusted Lee to have a long Divas Championship reign when moving back into the women’s division. AJ held the title for 295 days before losing it to Paige to get her over instantly as well. The success as Divas Champion made Lee the first woman to get WWE merch in many years and proved she was a draw.

1Did Nothing With It: Kelly Kelly

WWE tried to make Kelly Kelly the face of the women’s division in 2011 when defeating Brie Bella for the Divas Championship. The look, young age, and modeling background all made Kelly the prototypical diva WWE wanted for the division during her time in the company.

Kelly, unfortunately, failed to make much of an impact as the Divas Champion. The weak matches and limited television time saw her unable to get any momentum. Kelly’s title reign lasted 104 days and never had another title reign after dropping the belt to Beth Phoenix.

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