The history of women to win championships in WWE helped define the legacy of the division at a time when it was harder to do that. WWE recently made changes to make it a more important accomplishment, but the ladies to win gold before tried that their best to step up to set up the future that unfolded.

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Much like any other area of WWE, quite a few fascinating or shocking stories have come out regarding the Women’s Championships. The inside news leaking in the wrestling world is more prevalent than other forms of entertainment to give a glimpse into the wild nature of the beast. Find out more about the juicy details behind the scenes with the most shocking backstage stories involving the various Women’s Championships.

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10Vince Didn’t Plan To Bring A Title Back After Madusa Threw Belt In Trash

WWE went almost three full years without a Women’s Championship on the show from 1995 to 1998. Madusa appearing in WCW with the WWE Women’s Championship belt she won as Alundra Blayze changed the course of history.

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Eric Bischoff convinced Madusa to bring the belt she never lost and throw it in a trash can on live television. Vince quit on WWE’s already weak women’s division after feeling the moment killed any credibility. A title was brought back to the show in 1998 for the Sable vs Jacqueline feud.

9Lita Tried To Change Plans Of Embarrassing Retirement Match In Title Loss

WWE gave Trish Stratus the perfect retirement moment ending her career as Women’s Champion in 2006, but Lita suffered the opposite scenario a few months later. Lita was burnt out after a few years of hatred in her heel role negatively impacted her life.

The decision was made for Lita to have one final Women’s Championship reign before dropping the belt to Mickie James in her farewell match. Lita was fine with that but hated the aftermath of Cryme Tyme selling her “personal items” to the fans. WWE wanted to embarrass her with a shameless segment that Lita did not want to do.

8Vince Gave Up On Gail Kim’s Debut Title Win After A Few Weeks

Gail Kim started off her WWE career with a great moment winning the Women’s Championship in her first match. The battle royal scenario opened it up for her to win without hurting the reputations of the veterans.

WWE had a good chance to build a new star right away, but Vince McMahon quit on her push after three weeks. Gail moved lower down the card and never won another title in WWE. The two stints saw her never getting another relevant opportunity due to McMahon not viewing her as a star.

7Molly Holly Wanted To Lose Hair In Title Vs. Hair Match

WrestleMania 20 featured Victoria and Molly Holly getting the big spotlight for the Women’s Championship since Trish Stratus had another storyline and Lita was injured. Both ladies were among the hardest workers and received a match on the grandest stage.

Molly’s idea of putting her hair on the line convinced management to book the match. The stipulation of a hair vs title match was pitched by Holly and let the ladies defend the belt on the show since it was in jeopardy of missing the card.

6Alexa Bliss’ First Title Win Was Last-Minute Plan

WWE never had huge plans for Alexa Bliss when initially calling her up from NXT to the main roster. Bliss did not have a strong reputation for her in-ring work as primarily a manager during her peak run in the developmental brand.

Alexa’s character skills inspired the call-up when WWE needed more depth following the brand split. Vince McMahon instantly became a fan of Bliss and made the call a week before her title shot to end Becky Lynch’s Smackdown Championship reign for his new project.

5Chyna Refused To Drop Title To Lita

Chyna dominated Ivory to win the Women’s Championship for the first and only time at the historic WrestleMania 17 event. The match set up Chyna’s transition from competing against men to joining the women’s division.

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WWE reportedly wanted Chyna to drop the title to Lita when Lita was getting over as a new fan favorite. Chyna refused to job and retained the title in their big match, but she raised Lita’s hand after the match. The title reign of Chyna ended via her vacating the title since she didn’t want to put over any woman before her contract expired.

4Michelle McCool And Melina Were Punished For Having Too Good Of A Title Match

One of the most memorable Women’s Championship matches before the evolution featured Michelle McCool and Melina having a standout title bout at Night of Champions 2009. Both ladies did things never featured before in a WWE women’s match to get the crowd into it.

McCool revealed in an interview that she and Melina were talked down to backstage for doing too much. WWE didn’t want the women to have great matches and made them feel bad for having one against all odds.

3Vince Instantly Bailed On Plans For Shayna To Dethrone Becky

2020 saw drastic changes for the short-term future of WWE with the women’s division. Becky Lynch reportedly told WWE she wanted time off ahead of her pregnancy with plans in place for Shayna Baszler to defeat her for the Raw Women’s Championship at WrestleMania 36.

Vince McMahon was the one to bail on Shayna after a few weeks of little to no crowd reaction in her big wins. The empty venue shows didn’t save her from Vince’s wrath as he completely gave up on her title win. Lynch won the match and instead relinquished the title without taking a loss.

2Trish Stratus Put Her Future On The Line To Bring Back Women’s Division

The departure of Chyna saw WWE going a few months without a Women’s Championship belt in 2001. Trish Stratus and Lita became huge stars for WWE during that time with Stratus benefiting from storylines involving Vince McMahon, Triple H, The Rock, Kurt Angle, and other big names.

The desire of Trish was to bring back the women’s division as she worked hard to improve in the ring and was the only woman with enough name value to fight for it. Stratus could have played it safe as a manager, but she took the risk of becoming the face of the women’s division and hit a home run.

1Backstage Politics Helped Nikki Bella Break AJ Lee’s Record

Nikki Bella breaking AJ Lee’s Divas Championship record for the longest reign didn’t feel special based on how WWE booked it. The relationship with John Cena already created questions ahead of her having such a long reign.

WWE clearly wanted Charlotte Flair to end Nikki’s reign, but they had a strange DQ finish that allowed Nikki to break AJ’s record. The title change coming days after the record broke made it feel cheap, especially when all the reports leaked that Bella petitioned for it.

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