As the old song goes, “anything you can do, I can do better…” as the ever evolving evolution of women’s wrestling continues, every so often one of the ladies would break through to the men’s side of things. Typically, one of the girls would win one of the men’s championships. Sometimes, it was a sign of one of these female fighters finally breaking barriers. But more often than not, it was a comedy spot that barely lasted.

Even if the star was deserving of a spot, they didn’t spend a long time with the title. No matter how far women have come, there’s still an old world mentality when it comes to the ladies grabbing a men’s title. But it’s happened more times than fans might realize. Here are several times women have won men’s championships in WWE and beyond.

WWE Top 10 Female Wrestlers Who Won Male Titles In Pro Wrestling

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10Chyna – Intercontinental Championship

Despite how her life unfortunately ended, it can’t be stated enough how much Chyna meant to the wrestling business. In fact, her contributions can be seen even to this day. There was no one like the degenerate Hall Of Famer before she debuted and there hasn’t been since.

Chyna won the men’s Intercontinental Championship not once, but twice in her career. The first was after defeating Jeff Jarrett, and she would eventually become a co-holder with Chris Jericho. The second time was during a tag team match with Eddie Guerrero against Trish Stratus and defending Champion, Val Venis.

9Molly Holly – Hardcore Championship

The Hardcore Championship was the first WWE title that was contested under 24/7 rules. That led to wild night at WrestleMania X8.

Maven fought Goldust for the Hardcore title, but throughout the night, several superstars would engage in Hardcore combat and win the title – Crash Holly, Spike Dudley, The Hurricane, and Mighty Molly; who smashed a frying pan over Hurricane’s head to claim the gold a few moments that night.

8Madusa – Cruiserweight Championship

Because of the incident’s controversial nature, Madusa heaving the WWE Women’s Title in the trash has become what the Hall Of Famer’s career has been known for. However, she was, for her time, one of the best women’s wrestlers of all time.

In WCW, after failing to win the WCW Heavyweight Championship, she wound up in a storyline relationship with Evan Karagias, the then-Cruiserweight champion. After catching him flirting with Nitro Girl Spice, she challenged him for and won the WCW Cruiserweight title.

7Daffney – Cruiserweight Championship

In the latter days of WCW, Daffney debuted in WCW and quickly amassed a small but devoted cult following. Her strange partnership with David Flair and Crowbar made her pretty over, pretty quickly.

She and Crowbar took on Chris Candido and Tammy Sytch with Candido’s Cruiserweight title on the line. They won the match becoming co-Cruiserweight Champions in the process. The next week on Nitro, Daffney would take on Crowbar to take on full ownership of the title.

6Maria Kanellis – 24/7 Championship

The entire concept of the 24/7 Title started as a comedy bit, and the bit continues to this day. During the July 29, 2019 edition of RAW, Maria’s husband, Mike Kanellis, had defeated R-Truth to win the gold.

But in trying to be the dutiful husband, he complied with his wife’s demands, and laid down so that she could pin him to win the title. She would spend the week as champion (who was going to assault a pregnant woman?!) before Mike “pinned” her during an OBGYN visit the next week.

5Jacqueline – Cruiserweight Championship

There have been plenty of women (and men) over the years who have espoused the absolute toughness of Jackie Moore, aka Jacqueline. She showed that toughness when answering the call for open challenge that Chavo Guerrero laid down for the Cruiserweight Championship.

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She won the match and the title but ten days later at Judgement Day, she lost it to Guerrero, who – to add insult to injury – had one hand tied behind his back.

4Trish Stratus – Hardcore Championship

One of the greatest female wrestlers of all time was also a pretty good opportunist as well. After losing her own match in the ring, a Hardcore match involving Crash Holly and Bubba Ray spilled from the back to the ring.

Taking advantage of this, Trish would pin Crash after Dudley smashed him with a garbage can, winning the Hardcore Championship in the process.

3Kelly Kelly – 24/7 Championship

Despite what some critics might say, Kelly Kelly was one of the pillars of the Divas division. Yes, she was exactly the type of pin-up model John Laurinaitis and Vince McMahon we’re going for during her time. But the blonde stunner did her best to learn in the ring.

Watch her matches with Beth Phoenix – she’s not exactly being eaten alive in the ring. Is she going to be remembered for her in-ring prowess? Probably not. But she’s also not going to be remembered her for pinning Gerald Brisco to win the 24/7 title either.

2Terri Runnels – Hardcore Championship

Despite never having really been trained, Terri Runnels added more gold to the Rhodes family name when she was somehow able to pin Stevie Richards in the backstage area, where the underrated diva was conducting interviews.

Her reign barely lasted a minute, as Richards got up and immediately pinned Terri to get his title back.

1Godfather’s Lady – Hardcore Championship

Some of The Godfather’s ladies of the night were actually training to be wrestlers themselves. One of them was the future Mrs. Al Snow, Cynthia Lynch. She was worked in several Indies along with Impact over the years, but she’s best known for being a “ho.”

But as one of The Godfather’s ladies, she was able to pin Crash Holly during his match with The Godfather on Raw. She almost instantaneously lost it right back to Crash in the same match.

WWE Top 10 Female Wrestlers Who Won Male Titles In Pro Wrestling

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