While it’s not necessarily an indication of how good a wrestler is, the amount they get paid does reflect how the company views them. Main eventers, merchandise movers, and wrestling legends get a decent piece of WWE‘s pie.

Forbes recently released the list of the highest-paid WWE stars based on their 2019 income. Only active competitors were included, so the earnings of huge stars like John Cena and Ronda Rousey were not taken into consideration. Also excluded was Tyson Fury and his $15 million price tag for his Saudi Arabia bout. Without further ado, here are WWE’s top money-makers.

WWE Top 10 Highest Paid WWE Stars photos and video

10Braun Strowman: $1.9 Million

The newest WWE Universal Champion kicks off the list, commanding close to $2 million for wrestlers to get his hands. Braun Strowman looks the part of a WWE superstar, and Vince McMahon has rewarded him handsomely, both in terms of a contract and in-ring success. Very few people have beaten Goldberg, and even fewer have dominated him.

We’ll see how long The Monster Among Men can hold on to his title. Fans are hoping he’s not just a transitional champion that gets to keep the title while Roman Reigns is away.

9Stephanie McMahon: $2 Million

The “Billion Dollar Princess” makes it both as an on-screen performer and as a backstage executive. While wrestling fans see Stephanie McMahon only a handful of times in the ring in a given calendar year, she’s still a key cog in the family business and gets paid accordingly.

She’s always been the lone woman in previous versions of this kind of list, but, this year, she actually has some female company. Whatever her role may be in the future, Stephanie is always a lock to make the top 10 highest paid WWE stars.

8Shane McMahon: $2.1 Million

The elder McMahon is next on the list. Shane O’ Mac gets a little more than his sister because he put on quite a few matches in the past year or so in addition to being a producer.

The keys to the kingdom may no longer be in his hands, but Shane will always have a spot in his family’s company, and he is certain to be making a decent buck, too. Here comes the money, indeed.

7Bill Goldberg: $3 Million

Love him or hate him, Goldberg demands attention and is certainly a draw. It’s the only reason Vince decided to put one of his most prestigious titles on a 53-year-old, squashing The Fiend in the process.

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In addition to the Saudi shows, Goldberg worked two of WWE’s Big Four events, netting him a cool $3 million for a handful of appearances. While he lost the Universal Championship to Braun at WrestleMania 36, it’s safe to say fans haven’t seen the last of Goldberg; Vince will make sure to get his Spear vs. Spear match.

6Becky Lynch: $3.1 Million

Becky Lynch keeps on making history, becoming the first female wrestler to make the top 10 highest paid WWE stars. She’s definitely earned it and continues to trailblaze. Not only is “The Man” a headliner, but she’s carried gold with her everywhere for the past year.

Next to The Big Dog, Becky is undeniably the face of WWE, and she gets paid handsomely for it. Hopefully, she can make the top five sooner rather than later, as she continues to be a top draw and a massive merchandise seller.

5Triple H: $3.3 Million

Rounding out the McMahon family is The Game. Fans know about Triple H’s executive role behind-the-scenes, but the bulk of his income comes from his on-screen performances. He has featured in recent Saudi shows, as well as being a major player in the buildup to Survivor Series.

Let’s not forget about his match at WrestleMania 35 against Batista. Triple H might not be a regular anymore, but he’s certainly among the more expensive part-time options WWE has utilized recently.

4Seth Rollins: $4 Million

It’s great to see the Monday Night Messiah among the better-paid WWE workers. While his push as the face of the company was derailed, Seth Rollins continues to thrive as a heel.

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Still, his run at the top featured awesome wrestling moments, most notably overcoming the Beast Incarnate not once, but twice—Seth deserves his pay for that accomplishment alone. He’ll always feature in the main event, as he’s earned Vince’s trust, something that is truly priceless.

3Randy Orton: $4.1 Million

Randy Orton may have teased going to AEW, but, ultimately, it was just that: a tease. He most likely used his social media antics as leverage to get a massive deal out of WWE. We’ll see how much he rakes in for 2020, but, as of now, The Viper sits comfortably among the top three highest-paid in the company.

Orton’s resume speaks for itself, and he’s a company man through and through. As long as he’s wrestling, expect to see RKOs exclusively in a WWE ring.

2Roman Reigns: $5 Million

Roman Reigns might be The Big Dog, but he’s not the top dog when it comes to the biggest bank accounts in WWE. Still, this generation’s golden boy makes a ton of cash, and 2019 was no exception.

Roman missed the first quarter of the last year due to his battle with leukemia, but, as we all know, that didn’t stop him from coming back in record time. He’ll continue to be a main event and make bank for many years to come.

1Brock Lesnar: $10 Million

To no one’s surprise, the Beast Incarnate tops the list. Doubling the second-highest pay in the company with a contract worth $10 million, Brock Lesnar is the smartest wrestler alive from a business standpoint, making millions of dollars for minimal work.

That isn’t meant as a shot towards Brock, as he makes efficient usage of his time, putting eyeballs on the product while offering a truly larger-than-life wrestling persona. Like it or not, as a crossover star, Brock’s earned the right to command his massive pays days.

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