Today, women in WWE are seen as major deals. RAW and SmackDown each have a Women’s Championship and NXT’s title is regarded as prestigious. Becky Lynch is getting mainstream coverage and had the honor (along with Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair) of headlining WrestleMania. It’s a far cry from a decade ago, when women in WWE were subjected to brief matches and showing off in costumes. Back then, the Divas championship existed, but wasn’t seen as that important.

There have been a few notable Divas champs. AJ Lee is easily among the best, with her record-setting reigns and popularity with the fans. Nikki Bella held it for an impressive 301 days, while Charlotte Flair was still dominant when the belt was retired. Sadly, other Divas champs aren’t as impressive. Here are some of the worst Divas Champions of all time, as a reminder of how forgettable that belt could be.

WWE Top 10 HORRIBLE Divas champion photos and video online


As a Woman’s Champion, Melina was pretty good. She was terrific on the mic and improved as a ring worker, thanks to her amazing flexibility. What worked against Melina was her backstage attitude, which rubbed co-workers the wrong way.

The problem was that the Divas title looked to be a step down for Melina. Her three reigns as Women’s Champion were quite good, but her two Divas reigns pretty bad (one forced to end due to injury and the other lasting barely a month). Melina just wasn’t a fit for this title belt.

9Eve Torres

Eve Torres might actually have fitted in better in today’s WWE. She had a great look, but was also a skilled worker and was showing signs of improvement. Her promos were rough, but Torres had the skills to be something big. Sadly, WWE saddled her with bad feuds, in a period when the Divas were still pushed in five-minute matches and costume stuff.

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Her ill-advised program with John Cena and Zack Ryder didn’t help either. Her three reigns may have looked good on paper, but they just showed that Torres might have done even better in a different era for women.

8Mickie James

This might seem silly, as Mickie James is one of the best female workers WWE has ever seen. Sadly, her reign as Divas champ was a low point of her career. Her win over Maryse wasn’t bad, but the following feuds didn’t do too well and she held the title barely 75 days.

She lost it to Jillian Hall, of all people, who then lost the belt in five minutes to Melina. Mickie should always be remembered for her fantastic Women’s Champion reigns, but her Divas one is pretty forgettable.


This may seem unfair, as Layla and Michelle McCool were fantastic as the “Dual Women’s Champions,” complete with the “split” title belts. Sadly, Layla’s solo reign as Divas Champion was nothing to be proud of. She had bad feuds with the Bellas and Eve Torres (Torres won the belt from her).

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While she and McCool were great together, Layla lacked the same fun and skill as a solo worker and was soon relegated to “filler performer” for multi-Diva matches. Again, her time as Women’s champ was far better than the Divas title for Layla.


Natalya suffered in her early career, as she was a prime women’s worker in a time period that was more about the looks than in-ring talent. Despite all her skills and pedigree, Natalya didn’t get to show off as well as she could have in the late 2000s. She defeated LayCool for the Divas title, but her reign lasted just 70 days.

Worse, she lost the belt in a four-way battle when Eve Torres pinned Layla. Natalya would have to wait years for a SmackDown Women’s title run to make up for her poor first WWE championship.

5Kelly Kelly

In the annals of women who got a push largely due to their looks, Kelly Kelly ranks high on the list. Her wrestling just wasn’t that great, yet WWE kept pushing her on.

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That includes a stint as Divas Champion over Brie Bella (which also earned her a Slammy Award). Her reign was short and Kelly would leave WWE the next year.

4Brie Bella

Nikki Bella actually impressed fans by holding the Divas title for an astounding 307 days and turning into an accomplished worker. Her twin sister can’t exactly boast the same accolades.

Brie won the Divas title over Eve Torres. Surprisingly, she and Nikki avoided the obvious gimmick of swapping places in matches, as Brie kept wrestling against Torres only to lose the belt in 70 days to Kelly Kelly. The short reign and unceremonious defeat illustrates that, in terms of the Divas title, the Bellas were not at all identical.


Kaitlyn may have simply been in the wrong time period. She worked during that odd time when the division couldn’t decide what it should be about: women who draw fans based on their looks alone or their wrestling ability. Her tenure as champion lasted 153 days, which does seem impressive.

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Sadly, she just didn’t win fans over that well and many have completely forgotten she was in WWE in the first place. It’s not so much that she was a bad champion, but just utterly forgettable.

2Alicia Fox

Despite not standing out in the ring or on the mic, Fox keeps getting pushes and used in the women’s ranks. At 2010’s Fatal 4-Way PPV, Fox won a four-woman challenge for the title.

Unfortunately, she ranks as one of the worst champions, with her lackluster ring work and inability to win fans over. Her reign lasted 56 days before she lost the title to Melina. It was probably Fox’s best moment in WWE, which says a lot about the lack of real impact she’s made on the company.

1Jillian Hall

Jillian Hall had started in WWE with the gimmick of a planner. She later transitioned into a intentionally bad singer with a screechy voice. She could be funny with the gimmick, but her work still left something to be desired. In October of 2009, Hall defeated Mickie James to win the Divas title on RAW.

Before she could properly celebrate, guest host Maria Munenous announced that Melina was now on RAW and she came out to beat Jillian. Her entire title reign lasted less than five minutes, so she has to rank among the very worst Divas Champions ever.

WWE Top 10 HORRIBLE Divas champion photos and video online

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