Sexy, powerful and smart. Those are the three words which the WWE uses to promote their division of female wrestlers who they refer to as Divas. While most of them are powerful and a handful of them could be considered smart, one could make the argument that each and everyone of the Divas are sexy. The selection process for hiring Divas shows first and foremost that the WWE is a sports entertainment company and not a wrestling company. Several times the WWE has hired women who don’t possess a morsel of wrestling ability in their DNA but because they look like supermodels (and sometimes are), they’re given a shot at standing next to much more talented performers.But wrestling talent is not the focus of our discussion today. No the purpose of this list is to rank the top 10 Divas not on any wrestling talent merits but simply on their looks (call it the Eva Marie rule). Before going any further yes, I’m fully aware of how superficial of a list this is but let’s face it; WWE has never shied away from exploiting the physical beauty of their Divas and I’m sure the Divas knew what they were getting themselves into when they signed their contracts. So please, no angry and misguided comments at the bottom of the page.

On a final note, my taste in women may be a little different than yours and that’s okay. I encourage you to share your pick for the hottest Diva on the roster but please let’s keep it civil. After all, I think any of us would do quite a bit to spend a night with any of these women.

WWE Top 10 Hottest Divas On The Current Roster

Lee vs Nikki Bella vs Paige

13Brie Bella


As the “good” half of the Bella Twins, Brie Bella is more of the kind of girl you would bring home to your parents when compared to her twin sister Nikki. Her petite figure means that she doesn’t have the curves of many of the her other Divas on the list, but her face and super fit body is still a sight to behold.

Brie first graced our television screens in August 2008 and aside from a year-long exit from the WWE in 2012 , she has stuck by the company since. This lovely Mexican-Italian woman is off the market as she is currently married to the current Intercontinental Champion Daniel Bryan. I’m sure some of her biggest admirers are still screaming, NO!

12Alicia Fox


“Foxy, Foxy

You know you are a cute little heart breaker

Foxy yeah, And you know you are a sweet little lover maker”

Yup, Jimi Hendrix seemed to have it right. Alicia Fox made her WWE debut in 2008 as the apparent mistress of Edge as her affair with the Rated-R superstar broke up the on-screen marriage of Edge and Vickie Guerrero. Over the years Alicia Fox has changed her look numerous times (often times looking like a clone of Rihanna) but in my opinion her current look is her best yet. She looks fitter than ever and her straight red hair is a great improvement over the busy curls of the past. Her bubbly and friendly personality on Total Divas shines and it has only helped her case as one of the hottest Divas on the roster.



The first of two English Divas on the list (guess who’s the other), Layla began her career as a dancer, most notably dancing for the Miami Heat basketball team from 2004 to 2006. After her trainer pushed her to enter the 2006 Diva Search, Layla won enough fans over in the voting to receive a $250,000 contract with the WWE. Unlike the previous year’s winner Ashley Massaro, Layla has stayed with the company for a long time and even holds the honor of being the final WWE Women’s Champion. While her time in the WWE seems to be winding down now, we should enjoy Layla for as long as we can while she’s here.

10Rosa Mendes



Oh mama, the list is getting feisty. Rosa Mendes (real name Milena Roucka), has an incredible heritage of Costa Rican and Czech descent, although she was born in Canada (score one for the homeland). A model prior to her WWE debut in 2008, Mendes was breaking hearts of men well before she ever stepped foot in a WWE ring. While her Marilyn Monroe look from 2013 wasn’t her best, the look she sported as the manager of Epico and Primo was absolutely stunning. As a bigger plus, she swings both ways so both the ladies and men have (a fraction of) a shot with her. Huzzah!

8 6. Eva Marie


Remember, only physical appearance is the only requirement for this list. Okay? Goody. Fans first got a look at Eva Marie on the Total Divas reality show and since then eyeballs around the world have not looked away. She has appeared in various fitness magazines over the years but her most famous photo shoot would have to be her shoot with Maxim magazine. Nobody in their right mind would call her the next Trish Stratus, but Marie’s breathtaking body will most likely net her a job with the WWE in some capacity for a while, like it or not.

7Nikki Bella



While her and her sister Brie are twins, Nikki Bella has a couple of, ahem, unique features which allow her to jump ahead of Brie. Yes I know her breasts were surgically enhanced, but if they look good they look good, so who cares? Aside from that, Nikki is overall thicker and has more meat on her bones than Brie, and no Brie, that doesn’t mean that she is the “fat” twin like Total Divas tried to portray her as. Nikki Bella is so spectacular that it almost makes you forget about those horrendous “Growing Up Bella” promos. Almost. So guys, do you want a shot at this Bella twin? No problem, just look how John Cena looks and you’re all set. With that handicap, your chances with Nikki went from 0.01% to negative 20%. So sorry.



Americans, how much do you love your country? A lot I’d imagine right? Well if Lana asked you to fight on behalf of Mother Russia, would you still stand by your country?

Lana (real name Catherine Perry) was born in Florida but she did actually spent most her childhood in Latvia, which she accounts for her fluent knowledge of the Russian language. Perry was a dancer for several years before she was hired by the WWE in 2013. Unlike many other Divas on the roster, Perry seems very comfortable delivering promos and would draw heat in nearly every arena. Now having split from Rusev, she is beloved everywhere she goes.




Natayla is honestly one of the most genetically confusing people on Earth. Seriously, how does someone so beautiful come from the loins of Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart? Don’t take that as me complaining though because I most certainly am not, I’m just staring in awe of the best in-ring Diva the WWE has to offer.

As the only remaining Hart (by blood) in the WWE, Natalie Neidhart is not only keeping doing the Hart family name proud with her great in-ring work, but she is easily the nicest Hart on the eyes. Neidhart has curves in all the right places and the dominatrix-like outfits she’s sporting on T.V at the moment accentuate those curves brilliantly. Put simply, Natayla is a knockout in more ways than one.



I don’t know this for sure, but whoever started all the “Booty Had Me Like” memes most probably started them after looking at Naomi (real Trinity Fatu). Seemingly trying to emulate her father in law Rikishi, Naomi’s signature move, the Rear View takes advantage of her impossible back side to incapacitate her opponents. Unlike her father in law though, viewers aren’t spewing vomit when she does her move.

Now I know I’ve spent a lot of time talking about Naomi’s derriere but that isn’t her only feature. ASSide from her overall curvy nature, Naomi can also bust a move like its nobody’s business, as she was a cheerleader for the Orlando Magic basketball team prior to joining the WWE in 2009. Her character on Total Divas has also endeared herself to viewers as she seems like a very down to earth, mature and funny woman. They may make her a heel, but I won’t stop cheering for this beauty.



From a black Diva to the whitest possible Diva that you can find, Paige (real name Saraya-Jade Bevis) is not only the youngest Diva on the WWE roster but also the prettiest. A former two-time Divas champion and the first ever NXT Women’s Champion, the British bombshell has been wrestling ever since she was a fetus as her mother (also a wrestler) continued to compete while she was pregnant with Paige. Her wrestling talent goes without saying, but even if she was Cameron level bad in the ring, she would at least be fantastic to look at.

Her contrast of vampire white skin and pitch black hair makes her impossible to look away from. She may not have the curves of some of the earlier entries, but Paige makes up for that by having an irresistible British accent and a face painted by angels (or maybe demons seeing as how she’s a vampire). Not only is she white hot, but her ability to express her sexuality in matches makes her the ultimate Diva in the WWE.

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