Injuries are unfortunately the biggest game changer to plans falling through in WWE. The unpredictable nature of a wrestler getting hurt and being forced to miss time will cause WWE to change plans. WWE had a few major storylines and matches in mind that were scrapped at the last minute. Many of the concepts led to fans missing out on cool ideas.

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The aftermath featured new things coming into play to completely change the landscape moving forward. Time showed that some idea changes worked well while others saw the injured wrestlers missed more than most. Find out just how drastically WWE history was altered. The following shocking injuries provided a drastic change to derail WWE’s plans.

WWE Top 10 Injury Times A Major Totally Derailed Plans

10Daniel Bryan Vacating Title Before Dropping Belt To Brock

The biggest plan of WWE for 2014 was to have Brock Lesnar end The Undertaker’s undefeated WrestleMania streak and demolish Daniel Bryan to become the most dominant force in WWE. Bryan was reportedly scheduled to drop the belt to Brock from the day he won it.

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However, the injuries to Bryan to forced him away from WWE after a month of being champ. WWE changed plans by having John Cena win the vacated title and get decimated by Lesnar. The plan worked out for the better since Cena getting squashed was a genuinely shocking moment that elevated Brock to the next level.

9Triple H Faces CM Punk Instead Of Kevin Nash

The entire fiasco of Kevin Nash attacking CM Punk to start a feud with him just felt off from the start. Nash was coming off a TNA run as a secondary talent when WWE had him attack the hottest star in the company to end his title reign.

Punk clearly was upset about the angle based on his interviews, but it grew even worse when Nash failed a physical to get cleared for their billed match. Triple H replaced Nash and instead scored the victory over Punk to hurt his momentum.

8Neville Replaced By Zack Ryder In WM 32 Ladder Match

WWE placed the ladder match attraction into the Intercontinental Championship match for WrestleMania 32. Kevin Owens defended the title against many of the top all-around performers with Neville involved in the match’s build.

An injury coming a few weeks before WM saw Neville heartbroken when removed from the match. WWE replaced him with Zack Ryder despite Ryder doing nothing of note for months. The late addition made WWE go with the surprise of having Ryder win the title in front of the biggest crowd in WWE history.

7Edge Retires Before Completing Feud With Alberto Del Rio

Alberto Del Rio was Vince McMahon’s top heel project when winning the Royal Rumble match in 2011. The WrestleMania 27 match with Edge saw the two having their first big match in the feud with Edge retaining for the happy moment.

However, fans had no idea Edge was going to retire the following night after his neck injury became too serious to continue risking. WWE gave Edge the positive farewell as champion and ended the feud without the assumed end game of Alberto winning the World Championship.

6Batista Missing Planned WM 22 Match With Randy Orton

Batista became one of the faces of WWE in 2005 after defeating Triple H for the World Championship and moving to SmackDown as the top star there. The rumors indicated that Randy Orton vs Batista was the plan for WrestleMania 22 to play up their history in Evolution.

Poor timing for an injury saw Batista vacating the title in early 2006 a few months before the big event. Kurt Angle moved to SmackDown to win the World Championship in a battle royal, and the new plan saw Rey Mysterio winning the belt at WM 22 in memory of Eddie Guerrero.

5John Cena Misses Planned WM 32 Match With Undertaker

The WrestleMania dream match of John Cena vs The Undertaker was one fans wanted for years when Undertaker’s streak became more popular and Cena became the face of the promotion. WWE finally had it planned for WrestleMania 32 in front of 100,000+ fans.

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Cena suffering an injury forced him out of the WM plans and put WWE in a panic. The bold move of Shane McMahon’s return saw him replacing Cena and WWE adding the Hell in a Cell stipulation to make up for the loss of their biggest attraction.

4Seth Rollins Missing Title Match Vs Roman

WWE going with Seth Rollins as the top WWE Champion over Roman Reigns in 2015 saw the title eventual change expected to come later in the year. The former Shield teammates had their first big PPV title match scheduled for Survivor Series 2015.

Reigns was expected to have his crowning moment ending Rollins’ title reign, but Rollins suffered an injury weeks before the show to vacate the title. A tournament was made with Roman winning the title. However, Sheamus cashed in Money in the Bank right after to add a new story with Reigns needing to overcome another obstacle.

3Finn Balor As The Face Of Raw

Finn Balor becoming the first Universal Champion gave him a chance to become the face of Monday Night Raw right at the start of the 2016 brand split. WWE wanted to keep Roman Reigns out of the title picture for a while after his suspension.

Balor was the guy WWE banked on following his call-up from NXT. Unfortunately, an injury struck during the night he won the title forcing him to vacate the belt 24 hours later. Kevin Owens won the Universal Championship and had the first proper run with the title even though it wasn’t the same plan as a heel.

2Mr. Kennedy Losing MITB

Mr. Kennedy suffered one of the worst-timed injuries in WWE history. The third Money in the Bank ladder match was won by Kennedy with plans of him winning the World Championship since it was too early for anyone to lose a cash-in.

Plans of Kennedy defeating The Undertaker for the World Championship and feuding with him ended when an injury took him off the show. Edge beat Kennedy for the briefcase and moved to Smackdown to cash in on Undertaker. The more heartbreaking twist for Kennedy was that his injury timetable was inaccurate, and he returned months faster than WWE expected when changing plans.

1Two-Man Power Trip Feud Never Playing Out

The alliance of Steve Austin and Triple H teaming aligning with Vince McMahon saw the former enemies dominating WWE. Both heels were sadistic with brutal beat downs on The Rock, Kane, The Undertaker, Lita and the Hardy Boyz.

WWE initially planned for them to eventually split up with Triple H as the face, but the infamous torn quad injury took Triple H out of action for about seven months. Austin trashed Triple H in promos to keep the potential of a match alive for Triple H’s return. The timing didn’t work out as Austin turned face before Triple H came back.

WWE Top 10 Injury Times A Major Totally Derailed Plans