While Total Divas is certainly over the top at times and many moments are obviously scripted, that doesn’t mean that the show isn’t shrouded in reality. There are many moments that were incredibly real and ended up being controversial.

Whether it’s because of the material that was being discussed or the fact it was a little too much to be shown on television, there have been many controversial moments. Of course, that is the nature of a show like this, as it all adds to the drama.

Within this list, we will take a look at the 10 most controversial moments that have been shown on Total Divas so far.

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10Nikki’s Secret Marriage

We will kickstart with one of the biggest and most controversial moments from the show, which is when Nikki Bella revealed she had actually been married before. It was something nobody was aware of and was a huge bombshell on the show.

Not only had she been married, but it was for three years, and her family wasn’t made aware. That is the part that was controversial, especially considering the fact her family is so tight.

It was a major revelation and a big surprise to everyone involved from the Bella family to the WWE Universe, and it was certainly controversial.

9Paige’s Fertility Issues

Total Divas has never had any problems showcasing incredibly emotional moments, but sometimes the topics can be incredibly heavy. One of those was when the show touched on Paige’s fertility issues.

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This came during the Rosa Mendes pregnancy moment where Paige was heavily involved as her friend. However, it brought an emotional moment for Paige; she revealed that she wasn’t sure if she could be pregnant.

While it was brave of Paige to showcase a serious aspect of her life, there’s no doubt that it was controversial as it was so close to the bone.

8Paige/Lana Bullying

Speaking of Paige, another controversial moment from Total Divas history involved her and Lana. The two of them have never exactly seen eye to eye, and they have come to blows on multiple occasions.

For some reason, they constantly end up on trips together despite the fact they don’t really get along, and it always leads to major arguments. During one trip to Lake Tahoe, things really came to blows between them.

They had huge bust-ups that involved throwing water, chasing each other around the house, and tears. It was certainly controversial as many fans felt it all went way too far.

7John & Nikki’s Break-Up

This is something that was showcased in Total Bellas more than it was in Total Divas, but both shows often get brought together in the eyes of the fans. Obviously, because of how much the relationship was shown, the break-up of Nikki Bella and John Cena was always going to be shown as well.

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However, the show went on to highlight the break-up in incredible detail. It showcased Nikki collecting her final belongings from John’s house, and he refused to be filmed, proving just how emotional the situation was. Moments like this are very delicate, and it perhaps didn’t need filming.

6Eva Marie Bullying

While we mentioned the situation between Paige and Lana earlier and how the Ravishing Russian was treated, many fans also didn’t like the way Eva Marie was treated on the show.

Throughout the entire series, it was clear that Eva wasn’t a major wrestling fan and didn’t have the experience of her co-stars. This led to the rest of the wrestlers to constantly belittle and bully her.

Instead of picking her up and helping her, they seemed to have no intention of actually making her better. While Eva did cause some trouble for herself, when it came to just being nice people, it didn’t showcase the rest of the group in a great way.

5Rosa Tries To Kiss Paige

This was a fairly strange moment of the show and it wasn’t clear whether it was honest or scripted. While there is nothing wrong with the fact that Rosa Mendes is bisexual, it did seem very strange that she made a move on Paige.

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While it’s fine that she might have been attracted to Paige, seeing her make her move, with the cameras rolling, was certainly controversial. It was a very awkward scene that everyone involved would likely rather forget about.

4Poor Vincent

Something that a lot of fans also felt was quite tough to watch in the early seasons of the show as the way that Cameron treated her boyfriend at the time, Vincent. He was a very sweet man who clearly loved her deeply, but it wasn’t clear the feeling was mutual.

She seemed to belittle him and put him down at every available opportunity, which quickly made fans raise their eyebrows and question her actions. It was always controversial when they argued as they had so many fallouts, which was always tough to watch.

3Paige’s Career Ends

One of the most emotional storylines in Total Divas history came with Paige’s career-ending injury. The show followed her as she prepared to reveal the news to everyone and it was a big part of the WrestleMania centric episode.

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There was nothing controversial about her injury; it was just an unfortunate circumstance. However, what was controversial was how the rest of the roster reacted, taking her to voodoo and getting advice from people with no real medical practice. This clearly wasn’t helping Paige’s situation, and it was just quite sad to watch, ending up controversial as many fans didn’t enjoy it.

2Maryse & The Bellas

While Total Divas has always opened up about real issues and problems people have had, it was a surprise that this subject was shown. This was the whole situation regarding how Maryse got released during her initial run.

She blamed the Bella Twins, claiming they got in the way of her re-signing with the company. So, when she joined the show, they simply ended up bringing it up, and nobody really came out looking great here.

It was a surprise considering the fact that the Bella’s are seen as the big stars of the show that the producers would happily allow this to happen.

1John Cena’s Contract

For many wrestling fans, this was a huge signal that the relationship between John Cena and Nikki Bella wasn’t going to work. This was the moment that he handed Nikki a 75-page agreement to read and sign before she could move in.

While the contract was made because of a bad experience with his previous relationship, it didn’t show much trust and faith in Nikki. It was a huge moment that ended up with fans really complaining and judging Cena online.

Even though they did work around it, this was certainly something that people didn’t like. Cena didn’t really redeem himself on Total Bellas either with his house rules that the family had to obey to.

WWE Top 10 litter moments Total Divas photos and video online