Wrestling promotions breaking up legendary tag teams have gone in different routes afterwards. The failed stories show that some duos belong together in the long run, but some of the better breakups led to one or both wrestlers having strong singles run. WWE specifically is known for splitting up tag teams due to Vince McMahon valuing the star power of a singles wrestler more than a duo.

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All wrestling promotions have similar outlooks on believing some teams are better off breaking up for the betterment of the future. Stories of wrestlers thriving in singles roles or having great storylines after splitting up can lead to significant results for all parties involved. Each scenario played out for the better in different ways with similar end games. Find out just what led to the positive results of noteworthy tag team break-ups.

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10Team 3D

Team 3D dominates tag gold in TNA

WWE failed when trying to split up the Dudley Boyz in 2002 and reunited them after a few months. Bubba Ray and D-Von moved to TNA in 2005 when they wanted a change of scenery following contract talks with WWE ending.

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The run in TNA was longer than expected, and they wanted to break up to try the singles runs. Bubba became a singles main eventer as the Bully Ray character. D-Von had an underrated run with a successful TV Championship reign before they reunited in Access and Eights.

9X-Pac & Kane

Kane and X-Pac before their match

The short run of X-Pac and Kane as a tag team was quite underrated when looking at their success together. Triple H betraying D-Generation X and The Corporation betraying Kane led to the two faces forming a popular odd couple tag team.

X-Pac eventually turned heel on Kane by reuniting with DX under Triple H’s leadership as a heel faction. Kane benefited immensely from this with his face run adding more excitement and support from the fan base as a top face.


DIY wins the NXT Tag Team Championship

NXT has been great at developing long-term storylines with huge payoffs. Fans fell in love with the tag team work of Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa. The duo achieved everything possible in NXT as DIY.

Triple H moved forward with the bold move of Ciampa turning on Gargano after a heartbreaking loss to the Authors of Pain. Gargano and Ciampa became main eventers during their heated rivalry that resulted in both men holding the NXT Championship.

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7Kevin Steen & El Generico

Kevin Steen and El Generico

Ring of Honor helped create a post-tag team break-up rivalry that became a big part of WWE television. Kevin Steen and El Generico were a top duo for ROH long before fans knew them as Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn in WWE.

The end of the run saw Steen teasing retirement before pulling off the swerve of hitting Generico in the head with a chair to end the team. Their bloody rivalry linked their careers together to have the feud reach WWE at the highest level.

6The Steiner Brothers

The Steiner Brothers as tag champs

Scott and Rick Steiner worked as the perfect tag team in WCW bringing their chemistry as brothers to the ring. Both wrestlers had an easy path to always finding success in the tag division, but WCW finally split them up in 1998.

The heartbreaking moment of Scott betraying Rick to join the New World Order started his run to the top as a great heel. Rick also thrived as a mid-card face feuding with the nWo afterwards. WCW finding their next top heel in Scott made it a massive success.

5The Mega Powers

The Mega Powers

Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage becoming a tag team felt like the WWE version of an Avengers or Justice League scenario of the two icons uniting. The team had a short shelf life since they were such great singles stars.

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Savage’s jealousy of Hogan growing close with Miss Elizabeth caused the infamous breakup. The duo feuded into WrestleMania V for the WWE Championship as one of WWE’s biggest blockbuster matches of the era.

4Beer Money

James Storm vs Bobby Roode

The tag team run of Beer Money made them arguably the best duo in TNA history. Bobby Roode and James Storm had lackluster singles runs before creating the team that instantly got over in TNA’s tag division.

Their long run ended when both wrestlers had TNA World Championship aspirations with Storm winning first. Roode turned on his best friend by using a beer bottle to hit Storm and win the title from him. Both stars became top main event acts for TNA. However, Roode won TNA’s top title twice. To this day, Roode is still the longest-reigning Impact World Champion of all time, with his first reign lasting 256 days.

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3Rey Mysterio & Eddie Guerrero

Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio as a tag team

The real-life friendship of Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero made them unite in the tag team division for a strong WWE Tag Team Championship run in 2005. Mysterio and Guerrero developed a friendly rivalry with singles matches all won by Rey.

The jealousy and obsession of Eddie saw him turning heel with a vicious attack. Guerrero and Mysterio had an outstanding rivalry for the rest of 2005 that showcased new sides to them. Rey’s son Dominik first appeared for WWE in this angle to make his current run even cooler.

2The Rockers

The Rockers pose

Shawn Michaels attacking Marty Jannetty and throwing him through the barbershop glass window is the moment most fans think of when referencing tag team breakups. The moment elevated Michaels into a singles role to set up the rest of his career.

WWE witnessed Michaels become arguably the greatest performer in company history. Jannetty failed to make an impact on his own, but the success of Michaels was enough to make the split of The Rockers an all-time genius move.

1Edge & Christian

Edge and Christian as WWE Tag Team Champions

Fans often forget how short the run of Edge and Christian was as a tag team since they accomplished so much in under three years. WWE always saw singles star potential in Edge and moved forward with that plan in 2001 when winning the King of the Ring tournament.

Christian’s jealousy saw him turning on Edge to become a hated villain. The two best friends had a great feud and never teamed again on a full-time basis. Edge became a WWE legend and Christian also delivered an iconic career worthy of a Hall of Fame induction. Each gained huge accolades as singles stars.

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