While every single wrestling PPV is supposed to be built up to the point of being seen as important and must-see, not every single event manages to create a lasting impact on the industry. Some shows are poor, others are average and even some good shows end up slipping the minds of fans.

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However, every now and then, there is a crowning and definitive event that can change the landscape of the wrestling industry as a whole. Certain PPVs have managed to do that over the years, becoming influential and important for a variety of reasons, ensuring that they are remembered forever.

WWE Top 10 PPV BEST MATCHES HISTORY photos and video online

10WrestleMania 21 (2005)

WrestleMania 21 still holds up as one of the greatest events in WWE history and is one that really saw a turning point for WWE. While the company wasn’t at a PG level here, it was certainly moving away from being quite as raunchy and over the top as the Attitude Era.

The show pushed new talents from Edge to Batista to John Cena, while Randy Orton also impressed. It was clearly the dawning of a new generation and this show really worked as the event to make that happen in one night.

9Survivor Series (1997)

There isn’t a PPV in wrestling history that is talked about more than Survivor Series 1997. This became one of the most infamous PPVs of all time and it is solely down to the Montreal Screwjob.

While the whole show itself was decent, it really was the controversial match between Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels that makes this influential. It was the turning point of both their careers and saw the birth of the heel Vince McMahon on-screen character, which led to some amazing moments down the line.

8WrestleMania 3 (1987)

Purely for the Hulk Hogan/Andre The Giant showdown, this was a PPV for the ages and one that will never be forgotten. The slam heard around the world helped transport Hulk Hogan to new levels of power and fame and it took wrestling to new heights as well.

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This event was talked about so much, even non-wrestling fans were invested and that is why it was such an important show. The imagery of Hogan facing Andre is something that stands the test of time.

7Great American Bash (1989)

From top to bottom, the PPV was stacked. It was massively talked about and rightfully so, as it is one of the greatest PPVs of all time. From a huge WarGames match to Sting taking on Great Muta, this show had everything anybody could want.

The main event between Ric Flair and Terry Funk was also one of the Nature Boy’s greatest ever matches, with this being a superb headliner to close a great show.

6WrestleMania 17 (2001)

WrestleMania 17

This is considered by many to be the greatest WrestleMania of all time, and because of that, it is easily one of the shows that has proven to be influential. The show has everything from top to bottom, with amazing matches and great moments that lasted a lifetime.

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Whether it’s the unforgettable TLC match, the epic encounter between Steve Austin and The Rock, or Austin’s infamous heel turn with the handshake nobody saw coming. This event changed the wrestling landscape and helped really push a new era.

5Money In The Bank (2011)

CM Punk MITB 2011

This was an excellent PPV that features some amazing matches and a red hot Chicago crowd. With two great ladder matches, a strong bout between Christian and Randy Orton, and one of the best main events in WWE history, this show had it all.

However, the reason it is so influential is that it was a turning point for how WWE saw top tier talent. Daniel Bryan becoming Mr. Money in the Bank and CM Punk leaving WWE with the title just changed everything and opened up new opportunities for smaller, more technical wrestlers.

4ALL IN (2018)

All In

A bunch of wrestlers betting on themselves ended up changing the course of wrestling history forever. ALL IN was an amazing PPV that brought together some of the best independent, ROH, and New Japan wrestlers as the wrestling world proved it was ready for something other than just WWE.

Without this event, it is hard to imagine there ever would have been AEW and while the company is still only very young, there’s no doubt that it is going to have a lasting legacy on the wrestling world.

3ECW One Night Stand (2005)

ECW One Night Stand

As far as a stand-alone PPV goes, there isn’t much that can top ECW’s One Night Stand. This show had everything any ECW fan would want, bringing the best of the best together with an amazing crowd to showcase just how special the company was.

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While it may have inspired WWE to bring ECW back, and the less said about that the better, the event is a brilliant tribute to ECW as a company, and is a show that fans still talk about today.

2WrestleMania 14 (1998)

WrestleMania 14

Stone Cold Steve Austin is arguably the greatest wrestling star of all time. He helped shift the needle for WWE and that was all started at WrestleMania 14 with him, Shawn Michaels, and Mike Tyson.

Bringing the boxing sensation into the company got everyone talking and it really was an incredibly big deal. Without the execution of this main event, WCW could very easily have ended up dominating and winning the Monday Night Wars.

1WrestleMania (1985)

While it may not stand up in terms of in-ring quality in the same way hundreds of other PPVs do, there is no wrestling event that was more influential than WrestleMania. The original Showcase of the Immortals changed the industry forever and helped take WWE to new heights.

Without this event, WWE would likely not be in the same position that it is today. Vince McMahon put everything on the line for this show and it certainly paid off for him, starting a legacy that would go on to become simply untouchable.

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WWE Top 10 PPV BEST MATCHES HISTORY photos and video online