The reality show Total Divas gives viewers a peek at the drama that follows the ladies in and out of the ring. Throughout the show’s nine seasons there’s been plenty of shocking moments, some more scandalous than others.

Whether it was work related problems or personal issues, the ladies aren’t shy about revealing their aspects of their lives. Cameras were always on hand to capture a scene and get the women’s perspective on the situation. For today’s article, we’re going to be looking back at the show’s history by looking at the ten of the most scandalous Total Divas moments.

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WWE Top 10 Scandalous Moments Total Divas photos and video online

10Cameron’s Temper

Cameron was known to have a fiery attitude, and her temper often got her into trouble. During an episode in season one, Cameron was driving around town with Naomi and Jimmy Uso. The passengers soon got a glimpse at how out of control Cameron could be. She became angry with the car in front of her and when the vehicle stopped, she got out to confront the driver.

Naomi and Jimmy stepped in to diffuse the situation. Later after some convincing from her friends, Cameron decided to seek help with her anger issues.

9Alicia’s Boyfriend Lies To Her

When Alicia Fox joined the cast during season three, her personal life became a central storyline to the show. After having her heart broken, Alicia was ready to find love again. She appeared to have found it with a man named Darryl.

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However, after she and Rosa Mendes did some snooping, Alicia discovered her boyfriend lied about his age. Instead of being in his 40s, Darryl was actually 50. When she confronted him about it, Darryl admitted he lied, but didn’t think it was a big deal. However, as Alicia explained, lying is a big pet peeve for her.

8Natalya’s Embarrassing Mishap

The ladies have experienced plenty of embarrassing moments on the show. Natalya often has the worst luck when it comes to finding herself in humiliating situations. In an episode from the first season, Natalya is competing in a match with Naomi when she accidentally wets herself.

Natalya was horrified by the incident, and how fans kept bringing up the mishap. She was even afraid of being ridiculed when the next time she went out for a match. Eventually, it was forgotten and Nattie returned to the ring with no other mishaps.

7Nikki’s Secret Marriage

There’s been plenty of secrets revealed throughout the course of the series. But one huge secret came from Nikki Bella. During a girls’ trip, Nikki and Natalya were having a discussion about marriage when Nikki confessed that when she was just 20 years old, she married her high-school sweetheart.

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She went on to explain that the marriage was later annulled, and that nobody, including her family knew about it. Later Nikki would reveal the information to her family and her boyfriend John Cena, who weren’t happy that she kept it a secret from them.

6Summer Rae Slaps Natalya

Summer Rae was known as the bad girl on the show. For two seasons, Summer’s actions created tension with her and the other girls. She had problems with Eva Marie and Brie Bella, but her biggest enemy was Natalya. The two women had heated exchanges throughout season two.

One memorable moment came when Summer visited Natalya’s house to try to make peace. However, things didn’t go so well. Once again the two women argued, and this time things got physical when Summer slapped Natalya. Summer stormed off in a huff, while Natalya threatened to call the cops.

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5Dean Ambrose Vs The Hat Thief

Fans were surprised when private couple Renee Young and Dean Ambrose joined season six of the series. Dean seemed to live up to his nickname of The Lunatic Fringe. While on a trip to visit Renee’s family in Toronto, Dean chased after a thief who took Renee’s hat. A horrified Renee tried to calm Dean, who was determined to confront the guy.

While Renee was embarrassed by the incident, her family thought Dean’s actions were noble. Renee realized she was too harsh on Dean and at the end of the episode the two made up.

4Eva And Jonathan’s Elopement

Eva Marie and her husband Jonathan Coyle eloped after a few months of dating. The two kept their marriage a secret from everyone, including her family. When Eva and Jonathan went to her hometown for a visit, they sprung the news of their marriage during a family dinner.

Eva’s parents and siblings were upset she had secretly gotten married, and they had concerns about Jonathan, whom they didn’t know too well. While they were furious upon hearing the news, after some time Eva’s family finally gave their blessing to her and Jonathan’s union.

3John’s Legal Document

John Cena and Nikki Bella caused plenty of noteworthy moments during their time together. Of course some moments were a bit scandalous. In season one, Nikki decided to take the next step in their relationship by moving in with John.

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While Nikki was unpacking, John had one other surprise for her. He presented his girlfriend with a legal document to sign, which would protect his assets in the event of a break up. Much like Nikki, fans were also angry that Cena would spring this on her at the last second.

2Natalya Meets With A Dominatrix

The women sometimes push the envelope when it comes to establishing their wrestling personas. When Natalya learned she was going to be switching to a heel, she decided it was time to unleash her wild side.

To help with the vision for her new character, Nattie enlisted the help of a dominatrix. She invited the lady over to her house for some tips on how to be a domineering woman. Tyson looked on as Natalya received her lessons, but before long he was asked to be part of the sessions.

1Brie Mode Unleashed

Brie was considered the modest of the Bella Twins, however after a few drinks she would unleash her Brie Mode side. When the girls went on the European tour, Paige wanted to see Brie Mode in action.

She and Brie embarked on a night on the town, and Paige wasn’t disappointed as she witnessed Brie’s wild side come to light. At the end of the evening, a drunk Brie and Paige returned to the hotel. The next morning Brie suffered a severe hangover, and was admonished by Nikki for her behavior.

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