One of Vince McMahon’s most famous catchphrases on WWE TV is “You’re Fired.” It’s also a phrase he’s familiar with behind the scenes as well. Over the years, wrestlers have come and go. Some have left on their own accord, while others have been wished the best in their future endeavors.

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Many have toured the world and honed their craft in the ring before returning fresh and more dominating than ever. But others have disappeared for good and require a thorough Google search to find out what they’ve been up to after being let go by WWE.

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Some fans might remember Tori for challenging Sable for the Women’s Championship at WrestleMania XV or for being Kane’s girlfriend, which didn’t end well. After becoming a trainer on the first season of Tough Enough, surprisingly, Tori would be fired.

Some fans have attributed her firing to the accusations she made about Raven and Gerald Briscoe, but that has never been confirmed. She since retired from the ring for good and now practices yoga in her own studio in Portugal.

9CAME BACK: Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy has a complicated history with WWE. It’s obvious the company is a big fan of him, as they have made several attempts to push him into the main event.

However, Hardy has stumbled back down the ladder after some indiscretions, which led to his first firing. Fortunately, Brother Nero continued to perform and get himself some help. What resulted was The Hardy Boyz returning to WWE and winning the RAW Tag Team titles on their first night back with the company.

8DISAPPEARED: Hardcore Holly

Bob Holly was one of the longest-serving employees of WWE before he was fired in 2009. Holly had multiple personas during his time with the company, but his most successful was Hardcore Holly.

He won the Hardcore Championship six times and brought in members of his “family” Crash and Molly, who both went on to have successful careers. His last run with WWE saw him teaming up with Cody Rhodes. After Rhodes turned on his partner, Holly disappeared from TV and was let go. He competed on a few independent shows and authored a book, and is now assumed to be retired.

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7CAME BACK: Drew McIntyre

The first time Drew McIntrye was fired wasn’t a surprise to anyone despite being ordained as The Chosen One. Not content with his last appearance being as a member of 3MB, McIntyre would travel the world and compete against some of the best wrestlers on the independent circuit, including Roderick Strong, Will Ospreay, and Jack Jester.

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McIntyre made a big enough name for himself that he was welcomed back to WWE, competing in NXT and then going on to RAW, where he currently holds the WWE Championship.

6DISAPPEARED: Perry Saturn

One of the most successful wrestlers in ECW, WCW, and WWE, Perry Saturn won multiple championships everywhere he went. After injuring his knee in 2002, Saturn was on the shelf for four months before WWE released him from his contract.

After leaving, Saturn would get into an altercation with two men while protecting a woman from being assaulted. He would sustain some injuries that would result in an addiction to meth and becoming homeless. He has since rehabilitated and competed on some independent wrestling shows, but his general whereabouts are unknown.

5CAME BACK: Daniel Bryan

The third time was the charm for Daniel Bryan after being fired by the company twice. Each time Bryan left WWE, he would become one of the top stars on the independent circuit in promotions such as New Japan Pro Wrestling, Ring Of Honor, and the NWA.

On his third return to WWE, Bryan would reach new heights, including winning the United States belt, World Heavyweight Title, and WWE Championship. Even after retiring for two years, Bryan would return to the ring and achieve even more success with another WWE Championship reign.


Some fans might remember Brad Maddox as the referee that screwed over Ryback against CM Punk in a Hell In A Cell match or as the General Manager of RAW. After being relieved of his GM duties, Maddox would compete in some bouts on house shows.

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At one of these events, Maddox would verbally abuse the fans in attendance, and he would subsequently be fired. Maddox would disappear from wrestling but would reappear after Paige’s personal videos came out. He hasn’t been heard from or seen since.

3CAME BACK: Eddie Guerrero

After leaving WCW and arriving in WWE as one of The Radicalz, Eddie Guerrero would be positioned high on the mid-card, winning the European Championship and Intercontinental title. But once Guererro’s personal demons started to catch up with him, WWE let him go so that he could get the help that he needs.

Guerrero managed to clear his head and compete on some independent shows. He would then return to the company and win the tag team titles and the WWE Championship. Guerrero would sadly pass away in 2005, but he is still fondly remembered to this day.


Carlito had a promising WWE career winning some championships during his tenure, including the United States and Intercontinental titles. His final stint saw him teaming up with his Primo and acquiring the Tag Team Championships.

But after a violation of WWE’s wellness policy, Carlito was offered rehabilitation but refused and was let go from his contract. Carlito still appears from time to time on the independent circuit and has been seen on the TV series, GLOW and The Goldbergs, but his appearances are few and far between.

1CAME BACK: Matt Hardy

The first time Matt Hardy was fired was due to unprofessional conduct because of the Edge and Lita situation. The second time was due to some personal issues that Hardy was going through.

On both occasions, Matt would take to the independent scene and revitalize his career in Ring Of Honor and TNA. It was on this journey that he would create his Broken universe, which helped make Hardy an even bigger star than he already was. Fans were excited to see Hardy return to WWE but hoped the company would do more with his new character, which they sadly didn’t.