The history of WWE featured many great makeshift tag teams of two singles wrestlers coming together. Both wrestlers in a team must put their singles aspirations to the side when committing to the tag act. The success will depend on how much chemistry they have together and how much WWE believes in them as a duo.

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Quite a few teams with two singles stars have found great results. It can be easier since the fans usually have some sort of investment in each wrestler from their time on their own. The best-case scenarios will see the wrestlers involved having legacies for both their singles work and time in a tag team. Find out which duos did well with the unique scenario. The following WWE tag teams united after having success as singles stars.

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10Rated RKO

WWE paired together Randy Orton and Edge as the two top heels to feud with D-Generation X. The run of Triple H and Shawn Michaels teaming needed heel teams with enough credibility to challenge them.

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Orton and Edge united to take down the common enemies with the name of Rated RKO. The feud found success with the heels thriving together. Triple H’s injury cut the team’s run short, but Rated RKO still did enough to create a lasting legacy.

9Chris Jericho & Christian

Chris Jericho and Christian each saw their careers needing a change after WWE bailed on their respective singles run. Christian was a former Intercontinental Champion and Chris Jericho was coming off his Undisputed Championship reign when they teamed up.

The Canadian heels had great chemistry since both could deliver humorous promos and have incredible matches. Jericho and Christian won the WWE Tag Team Championship together before they eventually split up in a love triangle storyline with Trish Stratus.

8Kane & Rob Van Dam

WWE put together Kane and Rob Van Dam when they were two of the most popular faces in the company. There were not any top spots in the main event scene available to them, so they were placed in the odd couple tag team.

Van Dam tapped into Kane’s softer side to share laughs together. The fans loved the team and they became one of the most over acts in the company. Kane unmasking to turn heel ended the team as he attacked RVD to end his only friendship.

7Owen Hart & Davey Boy Smith

The real-life brothers in law of Owen Hart and Davey Boy Smith found great success together in WWE as a tag team. Bret Hart was the top face in the company when Owen started to get over as a heel. Davey Boy grew stale as a face and turned heel to unite with Owen.

Jim Cornette represented them as the manager of the tag team along with Vader to make up Camp Cornette. Owen and Davey had their own identities and success which helped them sell the team as a great heel act.


Chris Jericho and Big Show teamed up when the original plans of Jericho and Edge as a duo ended with Edge getting injured. Big Show was struggling for the right role when he lucked into teaming with Jericho.

The chemistry was there as JeriShow dominated the tag division for many months. D-Generation X feuding with JeriShow gave WWE one of their biggest tag feuds in a long time. Big Show and Jericho showed the benefits of two singles stars teaming up long enough for a real run together.

5The Brothers Of Destruction

The Undertaker and Kane started off as rivals with Kane debuting as Undertaker’s long-lost brother. On and off feuding saw them going back and forth until finally becoming an official team in 2001 during the Invasion storyline.

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The Brothers of Destruction took over the tag division dominating against the WCW and ECW teams trying to challenge them. Kane and Undertaker loved working together and still hold relevance when having short-term reunions in recent years.

4Booker T & Goldust

Booker T started to struggle in WWE after the Invasion storyline ended and he had to find a new path to the top. A face turn saw him getting involved in hilarious skits with Goldust as the two tag partners with nothing in common.

Goldust basically stalked Booker trying to win him over before Booker developed an attachment with him. The mix of two drastically different wrestlers led to some of the funniest moments in WWE history. Many fans still link them together even though they had legendary singles careers and other tag partners.

3The Bar

Cesaro and Sheamus were both looking for something new when having a best of seven series shortly into the brand split. Raw highlighted the two hard-hitting hosses until the series ended in a draw in the final deciding match-up.

Mick Foley awarded the title shot on the line to Cesaro and Sheamus in the tag division. New Day saw their record-breaking Raw Tag Team Championship run ended by the new duo known as The Bar. Sheamus and Cesaro had great chemistry to team up for a few years before recently splitting in 2019.

2The Rock ‘N’ Sock Connection

WWE didn’t plan to put The Rock and Mick Foley in a legendary tag team, but their chemistry dictated a run together. Both wrestlers always worked well as opponents and started to become friends when both were top faces.

Foley and Rock brought their A-Game with the hilarious segments leading to huge ratings. The Rock and Sock Connection was officially formed and created a legacy that became part of their respective careers. Rock and Foley are still often linked together since the tag run connected with so many fans.

1Team Hell No

Daniel Bryan and Kane entered a feud against each other when both were in need of something new. Their rivalry ended with them being forced to team together despite their hatred for one another. The anger management skits allowed their humor to shine and become the top act on WWE television.

Team Hell No was formed when the fans voted on the name of the new duo. Bryan and Kane found lightning in a bottle with hilarious segments and great matches. The Shield debuting in a feud with Team Hell No even helped them get over. Bryan’s singles career benefited even more with the face run coming from the fan love during this time.

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