Some wrestlers are just not able to have the success that they would like within the world of WWE. While it might seem like the top destination in wrestling, for some people it just doesn’t work out as expected.

There are only certain spots available for champions and main event stars in WWE, so many end up failing to make their mark. However, that does open the door for them to become a major star elsewhere.

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10Juice Robinson

In WWE, Juice Robinson worked as CJ Parker, which was a hippie-style gimmick that just never connected. He went nowhere in NXT and was just used to put over other wrestlers, however, after leaving he has had great success.

In New Japan, Juice Robinson has become one of the top stars in the company. He has held the IWGP United States Championship, as well as the IWGP Tag Team Championship, showcasing his ability.


EC3 had a very strange career as he started out in WWE as Derick Bateman where he didn’t go anywhere in the company. He then ended up leaving and he went on to become a major star within TNA.

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EC3 was created in TNA, winning the TNA World Championship during his time with the company. He became such a big star that WWE ended up resigning him, although he has since left WWE again and returned to IMPACT Wrestling.

8Sami Callihan

When Sami Callihan worked with WWE as Solomon Crowe, he really didn’t make much of an impact. His gimmick of being a hacker just didn’t connect at all and while he made a few appearances in NXT, it just didn’t work out.

However, outside of WWE, Sami Callihan has been a huge star. He’s dominated in Lucha Underground and held the World Title with IMPACT Wrestling, proving he has main event talent.


When looking back at WCW, DDP was one of the greatest members of the roster, but for some reason, the same cannot be said about his time in WWE. His stalking gimmick on The Undertaker was his most memorable spot, and that was a very weak storyline.

DDP ended up being someone who amounted to very little in WWE, but he had been a top World Champion prior to joining the company. He thrived in WCW, which makes his time in WWE a slightly strange one.

6Gail Kim

It’s quite incredible to think that WWE had Gail Kim under contract for so long, but did so little with her. She’s one of the best female wrestlers of all time, yet in WWE she really did go nowhere, not really developing to the point she could have.

However, what was WWE’s loss was TNA’s gain. Gail Kim was a huge part of TNA’s history, helping to build the Knockouts Division, holding the title and really becoming a big star.

5Cody Rhodes

While Cody Rhodes didn’t go ‘nowhere’ in wrestling, he certainly didn’t hit the heights he had the potential to. He was never a world champion in WWE and instead, his career just fizzled out within the company.

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However, he managed to leave and go onto have huge success. Whether it was becoming ROH World Champion, the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion, or the TNT Champion, he has certainly achieved plenty since leaving WWE.

4Evan Bourne

Evan Bourne didn’t have a bad WWE career by any stretch, but he didn’t quite hit the potential that he had. As a high-flying wrestler, Evan Bourne is among the very best, yet he didn’t really tap into that until he left WWE.

He went on to be a top star with PWG and Ring Of Honor, as well as working with New Japan where he picked up several titles. He has become an even better professional wrestler, which just adds to his impressive career.

3Hideo Itami

WWE had such high hopes for Hideo Itami when he joined the roster, with the company really expecting him to be a big star. Injuries really stopped him from going anywhere within the world of WWE, but outside of that, he hasn’t struggled.

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Since leaving WWE, Hideo Itami has been back at his very best working for New Japan Pro Wrestling. He has been dominant, winning the NEVER Openweight Title and showcasing just how talented he is.


Tazz is one of the greatest wrestlers of all time and someone who could mix it up into the ring against anybody. He was very technical but also someone who could hit heavy and really brawl around with bigger wrestlers.

While he was able to hold the ECW Championship during his time in the land of extreme, his career in WWE didn’t really go anywhere. He had all the potential to be a big name in WWE, but the company just didn’t give him the right push.

1Kenny Omega

Many fans forget that Kenny Omega was actually signed to WWE at one stage in his career, but that is because he went nowhere. He didn’t even manage to get from developmental, showing that things just didn’t work for him.

However, as everyone is aware, since leaving WWE Omega has gone on to become arguably the biggest name in wrestling. Winning the IWGP Heavyweight Championship, The Cleaner has had plenty of success outside of WWE.