There’s no denying that Sasha Banks is one of WWE’s most bankable female wrestlers. With in-ring work, charisma, and appearance; Sasha commands attention whenever she steps onstage.RELATED:Torrie Wilson WWE Top 10 Career moments photos and video onlineWhile Sasha remains The Boss, she’s gone through many transformations. Just months ago, fans witnessed Sasha switch from a babyface to a heel when she attacked Natalya. Sasha is a wrestler who can play any role, although fans are sometimes split on whether they like her as a villain or a hero. For today’s piece, we’ll look at why Sasha’s better as a heel and why she’s better suited at being a babyface.

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10Heel: Corrupts Her Friends

After a brief hiatus during the spring of 2019, Sasha returned the night following SummerSlam with a new heel gimmick. A few weeks later, fans would be in for an even bigger shock when Sasha’s best friend Bayley also turned heel. Bayley was known as a good girl with her positive demeanor. However, all that changed when she aligned herself with Sasha. Thanks to Sasha’s influence, Bayley has changed her look and said goodbye to the hugger gimmick. Now, Sasha and Bayley are Smackdown’s resident bad girls, who take down anyone that steps in their way.

9Babyface: Shines On Her Own

One criticism Sasha’s heel turn has faced is that she seems to have taken a backseat to Bayley. While both ladies are great as a heel team, it appears that WWE is focusing more on Bayley instead of Sasha. Since this is a new role for Bayley, it’s expected that she get a bit more attention. However, fans feel Sasha hasn’t had a chance to shine on her own as a heel like she did when she was a babyface. When Sasha was a babyface she was seen as a top singles competitor than someone’s henchwoman.

8Heel: New Feuds

When Sasha was a babyface, a majority of the time she feuded with Charlotte Flair. Although, the two women are WWE’s top stars, their rivalry went on longer than it should have. After six months of their constant fighting, fans got tired of seeming them. When Sasha turned heel, it opened up the potential for new feuds. She had a brief rivalry with RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch. When she moved to Smackdown, she and Bayley proceeded to feud with women such as Naomi, and Lacey Evans, who had just recently turned babyface.

7Babyface: In The Title Picture

Throughout most of Sasha’s babyface run, she was in the title picture. Her and Charlotte Flair fighting over the RAW Women’s Championship became a big storyline for the red brand. While Sasha did win the title four times, she always lost it back to Charlotte a short time later. Since then Sasha’s had plenty of other opportunities to compete for a singles title, but always came up empty.

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Even though she and Bayley recently won the women’s tag titles for the second time, she’s long overdue for another singles title win, which could happen if she turns babyface.

6Heel: Freshens Up Her Character

While fans love Sasha no matter what character she plays, they had to admit that her babyface run was starting to get stale. A heel turn would be a good change for her and they knew it was only a matter of time before it happened. Fans had to be patient, but they got their wish following her return after SummerSlam. They watched in shock as she attacked Natalya, then pulled off her purple wig to reveal her new blue hair. Her heel turn brought a new edge as her character set out to prove why she’s the best.

5Babyface: Sets Up A Feud With Bayley

For years, fans have been waiting for Sasha and Bayley to feud. When Sasha turned heel, fans hoped this would be a sign that she’d feud with babyface Bayley. However, WWE pulled a stunner by having Bayley also become a villain and align with Sasha. While Sasha and Bayley are great as a heel team, there’s been clues that their partnership could be ending.

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At any moment, Sasha could turn babyface and challenge Bayley for the Smackdown Women’s Championship. With Sasha the good girl and Bayley still the bad girl, their feud could be one of the best in the women’s division.

4Heel: Vicious Side

After a four-month absence, Sasha returned to RAW the night following SummerSlam. As a tearful Natalya was giving a speech in the ring, Sasha’s music hit. Upon arriving in the ring, Natalya embraced her, but then Sasha unleashed a vicious attack on her. Fans watched as Sasha delivered a series of kicks and targeted the injured arm of Natalya. When Becky came to the rescue, Sasha took a steel chair and decimated the Lass Kicker. Sasha definitely showed her vicious side that night and walked away with a smile on her face at the destruction she caused.

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3Babyface: History Making Matches

As part of the Women’s Revolution, WWE is allowing women to main event PPVs and compete in history-making matches. During Sasha’s babyface run, she and Charlotte Flair continuously made history in their battle for the RAW Women’s Championship. They became the first women to ever compete in a Hell in a Cell match, plus they also competed in an Ironman match and Falls Count Anywhere bout. Even though Sasha did compete in another Hell in a Cell match with Becky, she hasn’t been booked in any historic women’s matches since becoming a heel.

2Heel: Fits With Her Boss Gimmick

Sasha’s Boss gimmick is one of the reasons she’s become popular with the crowd. Dressed in sparkly attire with shades and bling, Sasha acts like a diva as she walks towards the ring. Now that she’s a heel, Sasha is continuing with her Boss gimmick. The star often tweets how happy she is with the money Vince McMahon is throwing her way. She also brags about her new bling and traveling on a private jet. While fans love Sasha’s Boss gimmick, they agree that it’s more suitable for when she’s a bad girl than a babyface.

1Babyface: Underappreciated

As a member of the Four Horsewomen, Sasha is considered one of WWE’s top female stars. However, many fans feel that she is underappreciated by WWE. Even though she’s a four-time women’s champion and a two-time women’s tag champion, many argue she’s never been given a decent push. All her championship reigns were cut short so Charlotte could win back the title. Despite being a good wrestler and getting over with the audience, Sasha is always pushed aside for another female. WWE’s treatment of Sasha has made her an underdog in the opinion of fans.

Sasha Banks paparazzi Hottest WWE Top 10 photos and video online