There was no women’s title in ECW. There were very few matches in ECW history where two women fought each other. However, ECW had great use for women and had some of the most legendary names in the 90s when it came to female talent. While a few were wrestlers, most worked as valets and managers and made the most of their time.

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Many angles in ECW were even based around the women. There were cases where two men were fighting over a woman, other times when a woman was used to torment another wrestler, and other times, the women actually stepped up and delivered a beating to the male wrestlers. Every time out, the women delivered on the same level as their male counterparts, despite never working in their own division.

WWE Top 10 Women In Company History Love Story

10Miss Congeniality

Lita in WWE

It might be easy for people to forget that Lita got her start in ECW before making her way to WWE. She worked under the name Miss Congeniality and was the valet for Danny Doring. Most of her work there was just in storylines with Doring, who was a mid-carder at best. She eventually went back to the name Angelica, which she used in Mexico, and then debuted in WWE three months after her debut in ECW, changing her name to Lita and becoming a Hall of Famer.

9Nicole Bass

Nicole Bass in ECW

Nicole Bass was an American bodybuilder who got involved in professional wrestling in 1998. She worked with Justin Credible and Jason and was pretty much their muscle, ECW’s version of Chyna. The difference is Chyna was a muscular woman, whereas Bass was significantly larger at 6-ft-2 and weighing 240 pounds of solid muscle. She feuded with Tommy Dreamer and Beulah McGillicutty. Bass moved on to WWE as Sable’s bodyguard in 1999.

8Kelly Kelly

Kelly Kelly is from the WWE ECW on Sci-Fi days of the promotion. She was first brought out for a segment called Kelly’s Extreme Expose, where she did nothing but a stripteases week after week for the crowd. It was mostly homage to the classic Kimona striptease from the original ECW. She then moved into a girlfriend role for Mike Knox and eventually moved to the main WWE roster, where she became a Divas Champion.


Jazz in WWE

Out of all the women who worked for ECW, the one who was the best all-around professional wrestler was Jazz. She trained as a wrestler in Louisiana and joined ECW in 1999 under the name Jazzmine.

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She was part of The Impact Players with Lance Storm, Justin Credible, and Jason. That partnership ended when Jazz began feuding with Jason and beat him at Heat Wave 1999. When ECW closed its operations, she moved on to WWE and debuted during the Invasion angle. Jazz became a two-time WWE Women’s Champion, winning both titles from WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus.

6Kimona Wanalaya

Kimona Wanalaya in ECW

Kimona Wanalaya is an interesting part of ECW history. She is one of the people that appeared in every ECW television and PPV opening graphics due to one moment that was a last-second decision. She did a striptease for the crowd at the ECW Arena when the show faced time problems, and they needed something to keep the fans occupied. Other than that, she started in 1996 as Raven’s valet and then was involved in the first lesbian angle in ECW with Beulah McGillicutty.

5Tammy Lynn Sytch

Sunny and Chris Candido

The most famous female wrestling talent to ever appear in ECW was the former WWE valet/manager Sunny. WWE released Sunny in 1998, so she joined ECW and made her debut at Heat Wave 1998, just four days after leaving WWE, coming to the ring with her fiance and future husband, Chris Candido. Sytch went on to feud with Dawn Marie, who debuted as Tammy Lynn Bytch. She then feuded with Francine, before leaving the company in 1999 with Candido.


Woman with Sandman and 2-Cold Scorpio in ECW

The first woman to achieve great success in ECW was Woman. Nancy Sullivan left WCW in 1990 after working with Doom while her husband at the time, Kevin Sullivan, was working both in the ring and behind the scenes. Both Sullivan and Nancy joined ECW in 1993, and she remained there until 1996.

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This initially predated Extreme Championship Wrestling, but she was still there when it broke away from the NWA and worked as a manager for Sandman starting in 1994. She was there when Sandman lost his world title to Mikey Whipwreck in an ECW match that also included Steve Austin. She left in 1996 after managing both Sandman and 2-Cold Scorpio and returned to WCW.

3Dawn Marie

Dawn Marie in ECW

Dawn Marie worked as a manager on the independent scene for four years before joining ECW in 1998. Her debut came with Lance Storm, where she called herself Tammy Lynn Bytch, which was an insult as she began a feud with Tammy Lynn Sytch. She ended up as the valet to Lance Storm and Justin Credible under the name Dawn Marie. In 2002, she joined WWE and worked for them for three years, feuding with Torrie Wilson.

2Beulah McGillicutty

Beulah and Tommy Dreamer in ECW

One of the biggest names in ECW history was Beulah McGillicutty, the real-life wife of Tommy Dreamer. She entered ECW in 1995 in a very controversial storyline where Raven claimed she met Dreamer at a summer camp for kids, but she was overweight at the time, so he rejected her. She ended up with Raven, who was Dreamer’s childhood friend.

Now, she was back to get revenge, and she was on Raven’s side in the feud. She ended up teaming with Dreamer over time and feuded with any woman Raven brought in. Her biggest moment came when she fought manager Bill Alfonso in one of the bloodiest matches in ECW history, with Alfonso doing most of the bleeding.


Francine with the Triple Threat in ECW

While Beulah was the crowd favorite, the woman with the most success in ECW was Francine. She joined the company in 1994 and was with ECW until it closed its doors in 2001. Most of her time was spent at the side of Shane Douglas and the Triple Threat. Known as the Head Cheerleader, she managed Douglas from 1996-1999 before he left for WCW. She stayed in ECW and managed Tommy Dreamer, Steve Corino, Raven, and Justin Credible.

WWE Top 10 Women In Company