WWE Superstars always have an image to maintain even when the cameras aren’t rolling. As professional wrestlers, they are expected to be as tough as they come, which practically means that they are keeping kayfabe alive as much as possible. With such expectations set out for them, they have to avoid getting caught in embarrassing situations, especially if they may make them appear to be weak. But that has become quite the task since even personal photos make their way to the internet these days.

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And when a Superstar shares that part of their lives with their followers, it means that it’s available for everyone to see – which is why so many posts are taken out of context. For instance, there are plenty of family photos around the web that make these WWE Superstars come across as softies. But their reputation is quite vital for their on-screen character, especially if they happen to be tough. In the old days, most of these stars would have wanted these photos to be removed from the internet since they make them look bad in some ways.

But kayfabe is no longer as strong as it once was, and it has become much more difficult to protect a character. These photos aren’t bad by any means, but they do feature these stars in an unusual position. Thanks to the internet, none of these photos will ever be erased from memory as they will be seen by generations to come. Here are 15 photos of tough WWE stars acting like softies.

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15Triple H

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Love him or not, Triple H would be considered among the toughest guys in kayfabe. He had a dominant run that spanned multiple eras in which he accomplished everything there is. For most of his career, Triple H played the role of a heel so it is surprising to see him behaving like a goofball in real life, especially considering how much he used to attempt to protect his image. Not only did Triple H always try to look strong for the cameras, but he also played backstage politics to maintain his spot on top.

In this photo, we see Triple H far away from the ring, spending some fun moments with his daughter.

And if there is anyone The Game loves to entertain aside from the WWE Universe, then it would have to be his three children who clearly meant the world to him.

14Brock Lesnar

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Here is a rare photo of Brock Lesnar having his hands wrapped around something, but he is not delivering a Suplex or an F5. Lesnar is undoubtedly one of the toughest Superstars in WWE history with an impressive background in amateur wrestling, as well as an impressive resume in the UFC. Since his debut, he has been promoted as an unstoppable force, assaulting everyone who gets in his way.

Over the past few years, Lesnar has really delivered some beatdowns to make him appear even tougher than he already is. But even someone as tough as Lesnar also wants to pet a dog at any given opportunity, and for once in his life, he appears to be more than happy to be taking a photo. Even at his softest, Lesnar still has an intimidating appearance that would scare most people even if he is holding an innocent dog.


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If you have followed Kane’s journey in the WWE, then you would be led to believe that he is incapable of leading a normal life outside of the wrestling business. He has been featured in some of the edgiest angles in wrestling history, while also being portrayed as a monster. In the eyes of the WWE, that would be the next level of tough Superstar, placing Kane on a rare pedestal with only a few other stars.

Unlike his failed on-screen relationships in the WWE, Kane seems to be getting along just fine with his real wife.

He is even smiling for the camera, which is a rare sight given how serious Kane has looked throughout his career. But it appears that Kane couldn’t be more different from his character, as he is said to be one of the sweetest wrestlers in the industry.

12Braun Strowman

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Dubbed as The Monster Among Men, Braun Strowman has earned his nickname based on his WWE run. Not only is he a tough guy on screen, but he also happens to be one in real life. Prior to his transition to professional wrestling, Strowman competed as a Strongman and won multiple titles. After seeing Strowman come out looking like a legitimately tough Superstar after teaming up with Nicholas at WrestleMania 34, then it’s safe to say that nothing can make him look weak.

But a strong case may be made for this particular photo in which he seems to be enjoying halloween too much, looking happier than a child. Based on what we know about Strowman’s real life personality, he loves having fun whenever possible – and he has been allowed to bring that element into his wrestling character as of the past few months.

11Roman Reigns

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Given that he is the WWE’s current choice as the face of the company, it’s safe to say that Vince McMahon places great value in the image of Roman Reigns. And for the past years, they have built him up to appear as an unstoppable force who usually to overcome the odds, even when they all seem to be against him. As such, Reigns has attempted to look like the toughest Superstar on the roster with his appearance and attitude.

But when he isn’t delivering Superman Punches to his opponents, you can find Reigns flexing muscles with his daughter. That’s one way to spend quality time with her as they appear to be having a blast. When the lights are on, Roman Reigns wants the world to believe that he is truly the toughest man on earth. But in real life, Reigns’ softer side tends to appear plenty of times, especially when the children are involved.

10Kevin Owens

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Based on his Twitter actions, one would assume that Kevin Owens is the toughest Superstar in the WWE. He is always talking tough towards his WWE opponents, as well as fans who disrespect him with their tweets. While Owens has never been known as a troublemaker or to get into backstage fights, we can tell that he is tough in real life as most would believe.

In this photo, we see Owens embrace his inner Minnie Mouse with a dramatic pose for the camera. The context of the photo is unknown although it most likely happened with his kids around – whom he spends plenty of time with. And when it comes to his kids, Owens is more than willing to act goofy in order to get their precious laughs from them. But even as he poses as Minnie Mouse, Owens still comes across as a tough guy.

9Kurt Angle

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In this beautiful family photo, the only thing that seems to be missing is Jason Jordan. If you thought that Kurt Angle was all about breaking ankles at all times, then this photo may show you a different side to him. For long, Angle has been known as one of the toughest Superstars in the business, which is no surprise considering that he won a gold medal with a broken neck.

These days, Angle splits his time between the WWE and his family with the latter playing a huge part in his life. And while he may be a wrestling machine, as well as one of the toughest men to step inside the squared circle, Angle is as soft as any parent around his wife and kids. You can clearly feel the joy by simply looking at Angle’s huge smile in the photo.

8Bray Wyatt

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If this photo had been taken in the old days, Bray Wyatt’s career may have been affected since he would have been unable to recover from breaking such kayfabe. Known as one of the most unique Superstars in recent years, Wyatt is seen here having fun with Stephanie McMahon and Renee Young. He is also striking quite the pose as you can tell by his positioning, which doesn’t make him so threatening.

Vince McMahon probably had a different reaction to this photo than most fans would since Wyatt isn’t exactly living up his gimmick. Maybe this photo ended up being the reason behind the constant derail of Wyatt’s career, as he has been unable to remain relevant at times. His current partnership with Matt Hardy may prove to be highly beneficial for the sake of his career in the WWE.

7John Cena

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John Cena has served as the host for The Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards, which always brings out his softer side. But we have come to see that plenty over the years due to high level of involvement with the Make A Wish foundation. Cena is also known for being easy going and naturally charismatic, while also being unafraid of being apart of emotional moments.

He is surely one of the strongest men in WWE history as we have seen him pull some truly impressive spots, proving that Cena’s strength is among the very best. But in this photo, Cena is clearly putting on a show for the audience, which consisted mostly of parents and kids. And seeing as that happens to be his target in the WWE, you can tell that it comes naturally to him as he always excels in such roles.

6Jinder Mahal

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You don’t have to be a fan of Jinder Mahal to agree that he is a tough Superstar. There are some wrestlers who natural have that aura, and while he may not be charismatic, he does come across as tough. In the WWE, he has done so at a great success rate for the past year – winning the WWE Championship as well as the United States Championship. But in this photo, Mahal looks much different than we are used to seeing him.

His angry personality has made it nearly impossible to imagine him being a softie, but anything is possible when puppies are involved.

And even Mahal’s inner heel couldn’t help but smile when holding them. If you ever wondered whether Mahal has a softer side to him, then this photo should address all concerns for the time being.

5Baron Corbin

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Every now and then, the WWE cameras capture crying kids in the crowd – usually as a reaction to an in-ring moment. And that’s exactly what happened in the photo above when the young fan reportedly started crying due to something that Baron Corbin had done during his match. Despite portraying a heel, Corbin took a day off from being a villain and did the most face move ever by consoling the fan.

It was a sweet gesture that made the kid’s day and gave him a memorable experience for lifetime. Thankfully for Corbin, the cameras weren’t filming at the time or else Vince McMahon may have completely lost it on him. Reports have always suggested that McMahon is a big believer in Corbin, and he certainly wouldn’t want him to look soft, but given the circumstances of the photo, then he may have earned a pass.

4Seth Rollins

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Seth Rollins has earned the reputation of being one of WWE’s toughest competitors for always giving full effort while providing high quality matches – regardless of the time length or amount of bumps involved. And even when he wasn’t pushed by the creative team, Rollins remained over with the fans which speaks volumes about his popularity. Rollins may have managed to avoid looking like a softie during his WWE stint, at least for the most part.

But some private photos taken with his ex girlfriend paint him in a different light, as he is seen rocking a hot dog costume here. Judging by his face expression, that was certainly not his idea as you could tell that his former partner had a major role in convincing him to snap the photo. As soft as it may be, it isn’t bad enough to ruin Seth Rollins’ credibility.

3The Rock

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The People’s Elbow is far from being the most devastating finisher in the wrestling business, but that doesn’t exclude The Rock from being one of the toughest Superstars in WWE history. More recently, he has become a fitness symbol for millions of followers of people around the world as evident by his huge following across social media. The Rock is always showing off his muscles whenever possible, and who could blame him?

He is one of the few stars who will always look strong regardless of how soft they may be acting. It’s evident by his appearance that The Rock remains as strong as ever, if not more than ever. But the photo above is the closest you will see to The Rock coming across as soft. He clearly loves children, and this is a beautiful photo of him welcoming his new daughter to the world.

2Randy Orton

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Randy Orton has always attempted to look tough inside and outside the ring. Even when the cameras aren’t rolling, Orton has the tendency to carry his act around fans. It makes sense based on his profession as well as what he has accomplished, and Orton is probably attempting to maintain his image for the most part. But lately, he has been caught in some photos that make him appear as a softie.

It is likely related to his role as a parent which always shows us a different side of Orton. And for them, Orton is quick to drop his act as The Viper to assume his full-time role as a dad, who happens to be very fun based on his wife’s social media posts. Having a family has certainly helped Orton mature over the years, bringing his softer traits to the forefront.

1The Undertaker

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Over the years, The Undertaker has gone over the majority of his opponents as he is arguably the most dominant force in WWE. Even in defeat, The Undertaker never looked weak as he was always a strong force from the early beginnings to his advanced years. The soft moments of The Undertaker are very rare to say the least, but this photo captures one of the most notable among them.

Even The Undertaker couldn’t resist taking a nice selfie with his beautiful wife Michelle McCool.

Being The Undertaker, it didn’t affect him at all and only made him more likeable to some fans. There is nothing that could possibly make The Undertaker appear to be soft, but this is as close as it gets. But then again, he may have had a different reaction if he was portraying The Deadman gimmick at the time.

WWE Top 15 Photos and video Superstars REAL LIFE | Love story