Whether it is a guilty pleasure, something you pretend you don’t watch, or one of your favourite shows, Total Divas is a major hit on the E! Network. Allowing fans to take a glimpse into the lives of not only the WWE women’s roster but also the lives of their partners (who are often also WWE stars).

While reality television can often be molded to showcase certain things, it has certainly put a greater spotlight on the ever-changing cast of the show. Because of that, their every move is now analyzed to a greater detail and people have created a stereotypical opinion of the cast because of what they’re shown.

But like all stereotypes, people are often not as they seem and the snippets you see either in the ring or on Total Divas doesn’t represent the entire person. So, with that in mind, here are 15 photos of the Total Divas cast (past and present) that will change your opinion of them.

New Total Diva Paige responds to WWE

WWE Top 15 Photos Change The Way You Think About Them video

15Eva Marie Tried

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All Red Everything is no longer part of either the Total Divas cast or the WWE roster as her career in wrestling has seemingly come to an end, with Eva Marie showing little interest in continuing a career inside the ropes following her WWE departure. Regardless of that fact, when she was with the company Marie became one of the most hated people in the locker room by both fans and coworkers due to her inexperience at wrestling. For all the abuse she took, Marie did actually try to become a better performer and put a lot of hours training with The Brian Kendrick. This was highlighted on Total Divas and she did begin to show some potential in NXT and then on SmackDown Live, but after a wellness policy violation, her time with WWE was swiftly brought to an end.

14Crazy Cat Lady

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Natalya is often considered the veteran of the women’s locker room and is one of the most talented performers in the company. However, her actual character is one that has remained very similar, whether as a heel or face throughout the majority of her career. One thing that Nattie perhaps loves more than wrestling is her cats, which I think she might just love more than anything on this planet. Her obsession and constant photos, even creating a social media account for her pet quickly caught the eyes of fans and WWE creative. Since then, her character has developed, wearing cat ears and even being granted merchandise for Two Paws as Natalya has gone on to embrace being an animal lover.

13All About Family

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One of the core themes throughout the cast of Total Divas is their relationships with their own family and the importance it plays in their lives. While the show does focus on most of the cast’s family, it pays particular attention to the Bella Twins and their family. Of course, one of the main reasons for that is who is actually in that family and their power in the WWE, but it is crystal clear that both sisters love their family and that it is one of the most important things about their lives. The family is played up so much with the Bella’s that WWE and E! created a spinoff, solely focusing on them with Total Bellas. The show explores the Bella family in even closer detail and only confirms how family orientated both ladies are, something that all WWE fans can get onboard with.

12Embracing Her Beauty

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While it has always been obvious to fans that Renee Young was an incredibly attractive female (as much as 2K tried to prove otherwise in WWE 2K16), it wasn’t until she joined the cast of Total Divas that fans really began to appreciate her beauty, although she still keeps it very understated and classy.

Whether it was because Young was being put up against other beautiful divas, or because they got to see her in a bikini (something fans already see with most wrestlers ring gear) it appeared that Young has finally embraced her beauty and the WWE Universe loved every second of it. She is definitely not defined by her looks, but as good as she is on commentary she is just as easy on the eyes.

11Brie Bella Bares All

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Pregnancy is a beautiful thing and is something that all mothers cherish. That is exactly what Brie Bella wanted to do. It was clear throughout her pregnancy that she wanted to remember every single moment and the fact she was prepared to walk away from the ring to become a mother clearly highlighted that this was a decision she didn’t take lightly.

Brie has shared her entire journey with the WWE Universe on both YouTube and Total Bellas and that is set to continue on Total Divas after her pregnancy. This picture simply highlights that while she continued to focus on being beautiful and having a career, she also took her role as a mother seriously, showing a whole new side to herself.

10All Grown Up

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The current cast of Total Divas is completely different to that which started on season one, and while some of the original cast have moved on and no longer work for the company, some still do but in different capacities. That is the case with season one’s JoJo. As a young, timid 19-year-old she didn’t have much of a presence during the first season and was someone that fans quickly forgot about. That is no longer the case as she is now a fan favourite. While she is still young, JoJo has grown up to become one of the hottest females in WWE, with her weekly pre-Raw Instagram posts being incredibly popular among fans. We hope she continues to please fans for many years to come.

9French Beauty

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Throughout her WWE career, Maryse has always played the role of the villain. That has given fans a certain perception of her. This perception is something that she has managed to change when she was on Total Divas, giving the WWE Universe a better look at who she is as a real person. While she does still play a heel in her storyline, although currently away from television due to being pregnant, the WWE Universe have come to respect her a lot more. She has proven herself to be a kind and loving wife who cares for her dogs and is very career driven. Those are traits that are tough to hate and we’re glad we were able to be shown this side of Maryse on the show.

8You’ll Know Her Name

Mandy Rose made quite the impact on Total Divas. After making her WWE entrance through Tough Enough, fans wondered if she would ever actually make anything of herself, but it is fair to say she certainly will. Rose has been quietly making waves in NXT and has all the potential to go all the way. Fans might have seen her as someone not to get behind after her actions on both reality shows, but she has proven she is willing to do some very hard work to get fans on her side. Plus, if that doesn’t work, her Instagram photos will certainly do the trick as Rose displays her jaw-dropping beauty. All she has left to do is prove she can fight with the best to make it in the company as a huge star!

7Give Her A Chance

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WWE fans have recently been pushing for Emma to be given more of an opportunity by the company, something that is currently paying off for the Australian. But one star who also hasn’t gone over too well with fans is Summer Rae. Despite being portrayed as argumentative on Total Divas, Summer Rae is actually a real-life sweetheart who does anything for her fans and is incredibly athletic but hasn’t been given the chance to shine. Despite not being given a platform on WWE television, she certainly makes the most out of Instagram. She is creating a spotlight for herself with her gorgeous photos, making sure the WWE Universe doesn’t just forget about her in a hurry.

6Brie Mode

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While earlier in this article I may have discussed how Brie Bella showed a different side to her in-ring character when she became a mother for the first time, we are now going to discuss a totally different side of the Bella twin that has been highlighted many times on Total Divas. Brie Mode might have worked as a catchphrase for the WWE Universe to get behind, but when you see that the origins of that name are simply Brie Bella getting uncontrollably drunk, you have to question why WWE decided to market it. While the majority of the time Brie Mode is lighthearted and simply about having fun, it has showcased a totally different side to the hippie and environmentally friendly person she normally is.

5Lana Crushes

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Ever since she burst onto the scene, the WWE Universe fell in love with Lana. Whether she has been acting as a manager for her partner Rusev, or in her more recent role as a wrestler the WWE Universe has seen Lana’s beauty and talent and appreciated all of it. Her posts on social media have only increased her fan base and had WWE fans wanting to see more of her on screen, whether it is a model shoot or simply Lana training, she knows how to capture the attention of the fans. Lana’s fan base only seems to grow with every Instagram post or any time her catchy theme song echoes around an arena of SmackDown Live, she has legitimate star power and it would appear that she is well aware of that fact.

4Hidden Scars

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On the outside WWE’s roster look like real life heroes to fans, legitimate superstars who are working at the elite level in a sport, gaining all the money and fame that comes with it. Of course, that is true, the WWE stars are gaining a lot of opportunities to be positive about, but that doesn’t mean they have always had an easy life.

Right now, Alexa Bliss is on top of the world, going through the best run of her career, but in the past, Little Miss Bliss has gone through some very difficult times battling with anorexia; almost costing Bliss her life. This is something that she has since opened up about and she has quickly become an inspiration to many people who are going through or have been through a similar situation, showing that you can come out of it on top.


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Bursting onto the scene at such a young age comes with both positives and negatives. For Paige, she quickly became one of WWE’s top stars and rightfully so. Talented in the ring and on the microphone she had the ability to sit at the top of the WWE’s women’s division for years to come. On the other hand, the success and lifestyle can quickly go to the head of someone without much experience and that is sadly what has happened with Paige. Over the last year, the Anti-Diva has had a very tough time getting her career back on track. Whether it was being arrested, her controversial relationship with Alberto El Patron or the leaked videos, there are countless images of Paige that could have turned her from a young child’s hero to someone their mothers will make them avoid. Hopefully, her return to the ring can see Paige put these moments behind her and get back to what she does best.

2She’s Not Like Most Girls

On WWE television, Nia Jax has been portrayed as a monster. Someone who is much larger than her peers and who can and will dominate anybody in her path to glory. While this character has worked brilliantly for the talented female, her role on Total Divas opened up a totally new side of the former NXT star. WWE fans were given a true look at Nia Jax as a person and just how stunning she is, as is clearly proven by the image. As well as that, Jax has become an inspiration for women, as she has admitted to struggling with body image. But when you see images of Jax outside of WWE you can clearly see why she is such a big inspiration to people. Beautiful and strong, Jax is now using her role on the cast of Total Divas to become a positive influence and that is something she is doing a great job of.

1Nikki Bella Is Truly Fearless

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WWE catchphrases are often just created to help create a character, give the fans something to chant or to provide a slogan for a t-shirt design. Because of that, many fans could be forgiven for thinking that Nikki Bella’s ‘Fearless’ catchphrase is simply that, a catchphrase. However, as this image shows, in Nikki’s case it is actually true. When the former Divas Champion was forced to walk away from wrestling due to her serious neck injury, many fans thought that Nikki’s career was over, including herself. Despite her injury, Nikki showed her love for the wrestling business, worked incredibly hard to rehab (including working out in her neck brace) and got herself back to the ring for another run with the company. This shows that she truly is fearless and deserves the respect of the WWE Universe.

WWE Top 15 Photos Change The Way You Think About Them video