Throughout the years, there have been a bunch of different characters in women’s wrestling. There have been punks, jocks, cheerleaders, chosen ones, nerds, teachers, and much much more. The vast majority of them have been total dimepieces as well. In their WWE careers, these women were arguably some of the biggest female stars on the planet. They were role models to children and they acted like superheroes in the ring and looked like superheroes outside as well. All of them have appeared in various WWE photoshoots or DVD compilations, showing off their bodies.

Making this list was a great review of all the women who helped make the women’s division what it is today. Without Alundra Blayze, there wouldn’t be a Charlotte. Without Lita, there wouldn’t be AJ Lee and Becky Lynch. Most of the women on this list have hung up the boots and moved on to other ventures. Others still wrestle in other promotions or make the occasional indy show appearance. But the main theme between them all is that they’ve all kept in great shape and still look great. So sit back and enjoy a trip down memory lane as we look at 20 former WWE divas who

WWE Top 20 FORMER Divas photos and video online

WWE Top 20 FORMER Divas photos and video online

20Alundra Blayze

My merciful goodness, did you see Alundra Blayze at her 2015 WWE Hall of Fame induction? There aren’t too many 52 year olds that are able to sport a crop top with their abs exposed. I hope you did, because there was a perfect 10 on the stage. Now Blayze’s time in WWE was before I was introduced to wrestling, but I went back and watched some of her old matches and she was a fantastic superstar. Before Michelle McCool and Charlotte, Alundra blaze was the pioneer of tall, athletic blonde wrestlers that are successful in WWE. Blayze may be one of the oldest entrants on this list, but she looks much younger. Heck, I think it can be argued that Blayze looks better now than she did when she was competing twenty years ago. She currently drives her monster truck “Madusa” and competes all over the world. Recently, she made an appearance on Table for 3, so hopefully she makes more appearances on WWE programming in the future.


Though Ivory wasn’t known for her evening gown matches or other non-wrestling matches, she is still a very good-looking woman and I would award her a perfect ten. Her most well-known character came as the prudish female representative of Right to Censor, where she was known for wearing a shirt buttoned up to her neck and a skirt down to her ankles. But after they disbanded and Ivory struck out on her own, it was obvious to everybody that she had a great body. She made appearances in all sorts of bikini photoshoots and other WWE photo galleries, showing that she deserved to be put in the same class as Sable and Trish Stratus. She wrestled in WWE until 2005 and currently works as a pet groomer in Washington. However, the call of the ring still manifests itself in Ivory and she has made some independent appearances since her retirement.

18Michelle McCool

Michelle McCool strikes me as the prototypical athletic diva and the current champion Charlotte reminds me a lot of her. McCool is tall, blonde and has a really strong, athletic body. There’s something really attractive about a woman who takes care of her body and treats it like a temple. In my opinion, McCool gave off the athletic trainer vibe throughout her WWE career, which isn’t surprising considering her early character was a personal trainer. I’m not surprised that she looks fantastic even after retiring in 2010. McCool is a student of Krav Maga, which I’m sure is one of the reasons that she is still in fantastic shape. Even though she probably won’t be coming back to WWE after becoming a mother, McCool is still rocking some abs and looks like she could return at any time. I wouldn’t mind seeing her come back for a program with Charlotte to prove who the most athletic wrestler is.


Sable is one of the original blonde bombshells of WWE. She created the archetype and parts of her portrayal have been seen in numerous wrestlers since. I (and probably every male wrestling fan) will never forget the Fully Loaded 1998 bikini contest and Sable’s handprints on her chest. I was only seven at the time and didn’t really know what I was seeing, but I knew it was a big deal. Since her departure from WWE in 2004, Sable has kept a pretty low profile, but she made a couple appearances on Raw in 2015 and recently was seen with her husband Brock Lesnar after his victory at UFC 200. All I can say is that Sable still looks great! She may be a grandmother now, but she has still kept herself in excellent shape. She’s 48 years old and I hope that we get to see more of her on WWE programming since her husband is returning.

16AJ Lee

A perennial fan favorite, AJ Lee may not have the fit body of Kaitlyn or Victoria, and she may not have the stunning good looks of Layla or Trish Stratus, but she still certainly deserves a place on this list. AJ is very similar to Lita in the sense that both divas seem like people you could just hang out with. Since her retirement, AJ has been very vocal about her passions for animals, comic books, and video games. Pretty much every guy in the world likes at least one of those things, and I like all three. This down-to-earth quality increases AJ’s attractiveness tenfold. While she was in WWE, she kept herself in great shape and is still in great shape today. AJ has taken the girl-next-door stereotype and turned it on its head. Hopefully we will see AJ in a WWE ring again, but if we don’t, at least her skipping entrance won’t leave our minds.

15Christy Hemme

Oh man, Christy Hemme was one of my favorites ten years ago and the first Diva Search winner to receive a contract still looks phenomenal. Hemme knew she was hot and wasn’t afraid to show everybody else. Of course, this made her seem even more attractive to people. Her bubbly and likeable personality gained her a whole bunch of fans when she was in WWE and continued through the rest of her career. It’s hard to believe that Hemme is already 35. Upon first glance, she looks like she could still be in her twenties. Although her WWE career was cut short, Hemme was scooped up quickly by TNA and spent ten years of her life there. On April 1st, 2016, Hemme announced her departure from TNA after a long and successful career as an in-ring performer and ring announcer. This was likely due to wanting to spend time with her one-year-old child.

14Mickie James

Similar to Victoria, who you’ll see shortly on this list, Mickie James began her WWE career portraying a crazy person. Although both characters were creepy, Mickie’s semi-obsession tendencies made me feel legitimately creeped out at the time. It wasn’t until after James turned face that I realized she was so attractive. Unlike anybody on this list, Mickie James was sort of rocking the country girl look near the end of her WWE career. That look followed her to TNA and is what typically comes to mind when her name is mentioned. I think that a country girl character could be good for WWE if James ever decides to come back. It’s a completely different side of the spectrum than all of the other characters. She’s still competing for Global Force Wrestling right now and looks great for 36 years old. She could definitely pass for under thirty and I think a lot of fans would love to see her back.


Ohhh boy, Victoria was scary. I remember when she debuted in WWE in 2002 as a crazy, demented person and she freaked me out. I also remember her debuting the Widow’s Peak against Stacy Keibler and me thinking that she actually broke Keibler’s neck. After a seven-year WWE career, Victoria was signed by TNA and spent four years there as well. I think that Victoria is one of the most underappreciated divas due to her awesome moveset and killer good looks. I’ve been lucky enough to meet her a couple times at her restaurant, The Squared Circle in Chicago, and she’s pretty much the nicest person in the world. She also still looks great, which is surprising given the fact that she was around delicious, unhealthy food for so long. Victoria still works out regularly and occasionally wrestles. She’ll continue to be a perfect 10 going forward.


Although Kaitlyn was only in WWE for four years, she left a lasting legacy. She was able to win the Divas Championship and had a great rivalry with AJ Lee. Before coming to WWE, Kaitlyn worked as a fitness model and bodybuilder, so she had a great physique and was able to do things that other divas could not. She was in fantastic shape for her tenure, but never became so muscly as to become unattractive. Since her departure from WWE, Kaitlyn has went back to modeling and bodybuilding and has changed her physique. She’s put on a little more muscle, but it’s all in the right places and she continues to stand out. I highly recommend checking out her Twitter or Instagram for firsthand proof. Sadly, Kaitlyn has already made the decision not to ever return to WWE, but at least we have many memories of “The Powerhouse Diva.”

11Kelly Kelly

Kelly Kelly knew exactly how hot she was. She knew that she was hotter than a thousand flaming suns and made sure the fans knew it as well. Before entering WWE, Kelly was a bikini model, which meant that she participated in a bunch of bikini contests and stripteases, which all the male fans loved. She was never a great wrestler, but she didn’t need to be. She was always happy and portrayed that happiness easily, which endeared her to her fans. She was released from her WWE contract in September 2012 and since then has been part of the television show WAGS. She’s still a main cast member and will likely be one for as long as the show is running. Kelly Kelly looks as good as she ever did in WWE, and that’s partially because of the fact that she’s only 29! Perhaps there’s a chance we can see her on WWE programming again.


When I say the name “Melina,” the first memory that most people are going to think of his her ring entrance. It’s certainly the first memory that comes to my mind. Her smoking entrance would set the stage for her excellent arsenal of moves and her great presence. Unlike some of the other divas, Melina knew that she was a perfect 10 when she started her WWE career. Although some might describer her as egotistical, I would simply describe her as arrogant, which can work in wrestling. Through her career, Melina established herself as one of the most dominant divas in WWE history, all the while looking beautiful. She left WWE in August 2011, but has kept wrestling and still makes the sporadic indy show appearance. Melina continuously keeps herself in great shape and always posts pictures on her Twitter and Instagram of her at the gym. She’s only 37, so I wouldn’t even rule out a WWE return.

9Eve Torres

Even though I’ll never forgive her for what she did to Zack Ryder, I’ll still happily put her on this list because Eve Torres has always been and will always be a perfect 10. Before beginning her wrestling training, Torres was a dancer and model and actually became part of the Los Angeles Clippers dance team. Torres was able to grasp wrestling fairly quickly and won the 2007 Diva Search contest. Thank goodness she did, because who knows if she would have been signed anyway. I’m glad we were treated to four years of Eve. She participated in just about every match and contest imaginable including bikini contests, obstacle courses, arm wrestling competitions, dance-offs, and more. Each one was a successful chance to show off her physique. Since retirement, Torres has stayed in remarkable shape by training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and kickboxing. Currently, she is a spokeswoman and head instructor for the Gracie Women Empowered Self-defense program.

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8Candice Michelle

Yet another diva who knew exactly how hot she was, Candice Michelle still has it all. She’s got beautiful eyes, a perfect smile, and a ridiculous body. Before her WWE career, she was a model and bodybuilder, which was obvious when she began wrestling. WWE saw her potential and even though she didn’t win the Diva Search, they signed her anyway. Michelle had a great look from her first day on television that nobody else could match. Michelle turned into a smug heel and played the character extremely well. As her career progressed, Michelle turned from heel to face multiple times and was the first Diva Search contestant to win the Women’s Championship. She was released from her WWE contract in June of 2009, but that hasn’t stopped her from looking gorgeous all the time. She’s since became a wife and mother, but Candice Michelle will always be known as a perfect ten.

7Gail Kim

Gail Kim became the first WWE diva to win a championship in her first match. Sadly, she only spent 18 months in WWE before being released in a cost-cutting decision. There were also rumors, coming from Jim Ross, that Vince didn’t think she was attractive enough. Is he kiding me?

Luckily, it wasn’t long before she was hired by TNA, where she is still wrestling. In fact, she is the first female inductee into the TNA Hall of Fame. Kim has stayed in fantastic shape throughout the years and looks just like she did when she debuted. She’s as gorgeous now as she was in 2003. Perhaps the saddest fact of all is that she is married to famous chef Robert Irvine, meaning she’s effectively off the market for all you daydreamers out there.

6Maria Kanellis

Not a lot of time has passed since her departure from WWE, but I still think that Maria deserves to be an entrant on this list. While researching this article, I came across some pictures from Maria’s debut year in WWE. I get that this was 2004 and 12 years ago, but Maria looks so very much younger than she does today. She was rocking the dumb, ditzy hot girl character, which was fine, but I’m glad she’s had her chance to change it. Although she ended her WWE career in 2010, she’s been wrestling and managing Mike Bennett since then and boy has Maria matured. She looks more confident now and more sure of herself. That makes her so ridiculously attractive. Maria always had the great physical characteristics, but now her character has become more attractive as well. Simply put, Maria has evolved into the total package.


Lita wrestled in WWE from 2000 to 2006 and while she was there, she played a multitude of great characters. From her early days with The Hardy Boyz to her final days managing Edge, Lita looked great. She still kept the punk rock theme, but amended her style of dress and made her look fresh throughout all six years. She was so much more different than the majority of the divas that she was wrestling. Also, she was cool. Most divas at that time were strictly eye candy. Lita was incredibly attractive, but she also had a great attitude. She seemed like a person you could just hang out wtih. Since her retirement, Lita has played in a band, made a couple appearances on Raw and Tough Enough, and was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. She last made an appearance on the WrestleMania 32 kick-off show, unveiling the new WWE Women’s Championship and my goodness she still looked great.

4Torrie Wilson

Torrie Wilson was known as one of the hottest WWE divas ever and was a perfect 10 during her career. She wrestled in all sorts of stipulation matches and always managed to get cheers from the crowd. She was just so likeable that they couldn’t boo her even if she was a heel. Even though she stopped wrestling in 2008, Wilson has still kept up that perfect 10 image. There’s a theme that runs between all of these women and it’s that they have kept up their fitness training regardless if their future endeavors have required it or not. Most of the women in Wilson’s era were former fitness models and Wilson was no exception. That mindset sticks with a person forever, no matter if they work out for fun or as part of their profession. I think in ten more years, Wilson will still have that perfect 10 look that she’s known for.

3Stacy Keibler

Stacy Keibler made her mark in WWE by using her legs to her advantage whenever possible. Her theme song introduced her by screaming: “She’s got legs and she knows how to use them.” I don’t think an entrance theme has ever been more true. No matter if she was a manager, an in-ring competitor, or Super Stacy, Keibler remained a fan favorite and always got cheers. Since her WWE career, Keibler and her legs have remained in the Hollywood spotlight. She appeared on Dancing with the Stars and turned in an excellent performance, as well as appearing on Tough Enough in 2011. Keibler also appeared on various television shows, always staying in great shape. Obviously, Keibler is also known for dating George Clooney for a period of time. Currently, she has married Future Ads CEO Jared Pobre and they have one daughter. Keibler still looks magnificent and still knows how to use her legs.

2Trish Stratus

There’s no denying that one of the most gorgeous women in wrestling history is still beautiful. When she began her career in WWE in 1999, she was looked at as a blonde bombshell. While her hair has changed color, her looks have not and I will still happily continue to call her a bombshell. Stratus has kept herself in fantastic shape through her yoga series and various film and television roles. Time continues to move forward, but Stratus still looks like she’s ten years younger. Honestly, she looks like she could come back and still perform well in the ring. There have been some rumblings that Stratus would not be opposed to a managerial role in WWE, and I for one, am all for it. Picture her coaching Alexa Bliss! That would be an excellent role to get Bliss more over and get Stratus back on WWE television where a new set of fans can enjoy her work.


I’ve never heard a single person say that Layla isn’t a perfect ten. Seriously. Go ask some people and see what they say. I guarantee that they’re going to answer with some variation of “yes, she’s beautiful.” Before coming to WWE, she was a dancer for Carnival Cruise Lines and the Miami Heat. She even received a championship ring, beginning her acquisition of gold. So even before training to become a wrestler, Layla was an athlete and could move her body in ways that other divas could not. Near the end of her wrestling career, she was managing Fandango and always used to dance with him on the way to the ring. My jaw was on the floor for the entirety of the entrance every single time. Layla knew exactly what she was doing and entertained us fans like crazy. She was also a two-time champion and a solid wrestler to boot.