When fans meet wrestlers in real life, they get excited. This excitement often leads to them asking for a photo. This can be a great experience for the fan. But that doesn’t always translate to a great experience for the wrestler involved. There are many things that can make a photo awkward. But regardless of the reason why, you’ll love seeing the photos that we have included on our list today. Even if the wrestlers wish that these photos never existed.

Sometimes wrestlers get approached in places they may expect, like airports. Which is where a hilarious photo of The New Day takes place. But sometimes there are cases like Randy Orton. Who had a trip to the bathroom interrupted by the flash of a fan’s phone. Mark Calaway, better known as The Undertaker, was also probably wishing he wasn’t stopped by the sales associate while shopping.

Paige was taking part in an arranged fan event, but she was probably still not too thrilled with the fan who got far too familiar with her body for the photo. And as for Tammy “Sunny” Sytch, she elected that the bedroom was where she wanted to meet fans. But are you really too surprised about that? Fans are going to keep asking for photos for the foreseeable future. So perhaps wrestlers can take some tips from this list on how to avoid becoming a candidate for a future instalment on this topic.

These are the 20 Awkward Photos That Female (And Male) Wrestlers Didn’t Want To Be In.

20Ronda Rousey

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Ronda Rousey is one of the most talked about names in the WWE. She made her debut after infamously flaming out in the UFC. Following a dominant start where she was making a name for herself as the best female UFC wrestler ever, Rousey lost 2 fights on her way to retirement. The first of which came at the hands of Holly Holm. There was no way Rousey was going to accept any fan photos with the one-sided loss she took that night.

That didn’t stop the paparazzi from being there when she arrived at LAX.

Rousey was feeling so awkward that she literally tried to hide her face. At least she had a mob of security, and her future husband Travis Browne, there to help direct her.

19Seth Rollins

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Seth Rollins knows that he has the potential to become one of the most marketable stars in the WWE. And part of that responsibility means that if a fan comes up to him and asks for a photo, that he should probably oblige and try and move on with his day. But for whatever reason, this fan thought that going up to Rollins – who seemingly just finished working out – was too awkward of a thing to add to her day.

Instead, she thought that this was the perfect time to try and take a selfie of herself that captures her in the background. Sorry girl, you’re not Cena and he very much can see you. Which means that as awkward as this photo was, and we’ll sure you agree it’s very awkward, the conversation that followed must have been even worse.

18Kelly Kelly

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Kelly Kelly wasn’t always getting airtime in the WWE because she was making people speechless with her athletic prowess. But hey, she did her best and nobody should knock her for making a career out of it. Kelly also was married to Sheldon Souray in 2016, but the two found themselves divorced by the end of 2017.

As an NHL player, we’re sure Souray has many fans that come up to him and show him some appreciation for what he’s done on the ice. But you can imagine that nobody is going to get quite as close to Souray, as this fan seemed to feel getting to Kelly Kelly. We know the fan must have been very excited to run into her, but don’t you think he probably could have let her get off the phone first?

17The New Day

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The life of a professional wrestler is one that definitely requires a significant amount of travel. Which already can be not the most enjoyable experience of the world. That we’re sure for many wrestlers raises their level of anxiety, to begin with. Much less when you factor in that one of the most common places to run into wrestlers unexpectedly is at an airport.

For the members of The New Day, it may be even harder for them to slip under the radar as they are often traveling together. Which means that if one of them is spotted, it’s only a matter of time before that fan tracks down the rest of them. In this case, they all have various levels of enjoyment in the fact that their photo was being taken, but the end result is the same. That this is one awkward fan photo! At least the fan looks happy though?


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The way that fans interact with WWE superstars may be strongly influenced by whatever their gimmick is in the WWE. Which may be great for some wrestlers if they’re more standoffish in person and get to play a character that is in-line with that. But you need to hope that Bayley feels like who she is as a person is as into the idea of hugging as she has been on the screen.

Though we’re sure that even if Bayley loves hugging that she’s probably had her fair share of sweaty or smelly hugs with fans over the years.

In this instance, she may just be grateful that there was a barrier there to prevent yet another fan interaction that ended with some physical contact.

15Roman Reigns

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Some of the most passionate fans of the WWE are the ones that are willing to make the journey to meet the superstars in person. But the request that this lady seemingly had for Roman Reigns was definitely far too passionate. While you can understand why we’ve cropped the photo to keep your boss at work happy, the fan decided to ask Roman to hug her from behind and get extra familiar with some of her features.

No, just no. Not appropriate, not acceptable and something that absolutely explains the puzzled and mildly offended look on Roman’s face. Needless to say, his hands still made sure to travel far enough south to avoid any future lawsuits. But still not enough to avoid landing a spot on our list today.


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There were many things that Paige did in the ring that people thought were memorable. But one of the aspects of her wrestling persona that may stand out the most was her love of sticking her tongue out. Something that while we’re sure she thought looked good on television, she probably didn’t expect her fans to express that same level of enthusiasm.

Especially when she is sitting at an autograph signing with her partner at the time, Alberto Del Rio. To his credit, he looks more amused than anything at this fan who elected to show off his own tongue and level of intensity. While the fan was probably hoping Paige would join along, nobody would blame her for just sitting there awkwardly and reaching out for Del Rio’s hand for support!

13Brock Lesnar

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Regardless of how many times wrestlers meet fans, there must always be at least some level of anxiety that goes with it. What if they’re rude? What if they’re super obsessed? Or what if you go to take a photo, and it turns out there is a huge group of people there who want to meet you.

Judging by the stern expression on Brock’s face, the situation probably started out with one fan wanting a quick photo.

But once people heard that a “celebrity” was there, word spread until 5 different people (and one photo bomber) came along for the party. Even if, realistically, at least one person in the photo has absolutely no idea who Brock is. All of which may have made the situation all the more awkward and frustrating for Brock to have to endure.

12Sasha Banks

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Sasha Banks has helped inspire countless people around the world to go out and try and chase their dreams. Regardless of if Banks was popular or not, she takes an incredible amount of solace in knowing that wrestling was the thing that she always wanted to do with her life. In a past interview, Banks stated “We don’t feel like we’re famous. We just feel like we’re doing what we love”.

That being said, we’re sure she still feels at least a little famous when she gets asked by fans to pose for a photo with them. It’s just too bad for the fans sake that the end result of the photo is one that’s awkward and not one where Banks is looking her usual beautiful self. At least the fan kept their distance?

11Randy Orton

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WWE superstars must meet thousands of fans on a regular basis. Which means while they are at times more than happy to stop and indulge in their request for a photo, they don’t always have time to stop and look at the finished result.

And considering Randy Orton is topless, you can reckon he was probably in a rush on this particular day. But for whatever “reason”, this fan happened to have the right approach to command the attention of Orton. Though if he had taken a look at the photo after, not only would he had to have been incredibly embarrassed by his awkward gawking, but he’d probably make sure this photo never ended up seeing the light of day!

10AJ Lee

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As far as the general public is aware, the marriage between AJ Lee and CM Punk is still as strong as ever. Which is extra nice to see when you consider they’ve both left the company and gone on to better things. Especially when you see other examples like John Cena and Nikki Bella that has recently fallen apart.

Lee definitely interacts with fans on a less frequent basis now, but she still has a history full of photos with fans that are plenty awkward.

Nothing may top this one however that saw one fan showing just how far he’d go to show his love to AJ. Lee still looks tremendous in the photo, but that’s more credit to her than anything!

9CM Punk

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We are sure that if you asked CM Punk to be upfront about his experiences in his WWE, that there would be many things he would be happy to complain about. Such as the fact that his fame meant that he would at times have to interact with fans when he was just out trying to live his life.

If this photo is any indication, Punk must have had hundreds of experiences where he was exhausted or not in the mood but was still asked for a photo request that he obliged. Perhaps the thing that would have worked in his favour is that Punk is a known Blackhawks fan. Though any brownie points the fan earned may have been lost when he put his hand on Punk’s shoulder.

8The Bella Twins

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With the long history that both Nikki and Brie have with the company, they have spent thousands of hours surrounded by men who are in tremendous shape. Not to mention the fact that Brie is married to Daniel Bryan and Nikki is… Well, who knows what the future holds for her!

But if Brie posted a photo of her grabbing Daniel’s biceps, or Nikki grabbing John’s back when they were dating, people would probably think it was pretty awkward and cringey. This is a pose that does not get better when it’s a fan involved. Especially when you consider the chances that the ladies saw his biceps and asked for a chance to take a photo with him flexing, versus him saying he wanted to show off for the photo, are probably pretty low.

7Shawn Michaels

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Wrestlers are very familiar with the fact that they are there to help promote a product. That along with being wrestling includes various different sponsors that help keep the lights on. But when they interact with a fan, you need to imagine that they’re hoping their ability to promote a product isn’t a factor in how the meeting goes.

These two fans were clearly feeling confident not only in their product but in themselves, that they had the courage to ask Michaels to hold up a book for them during the photo. Perhaps Michaels did it as a favour because one of the fans was clearly a big enough fan to buy souvenir belts. Either way, nobody should be surprised that Michaels didn’t even crack a smile.

6Ashley Massaro

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Ashley Massaro has many different accomplishments in her life. Along with appearing in the WWE, she also had a (rather short) stay on the reality show Survivor and also left nothing to the imagination with her photos taken for Playboy.

Which means Massaro has plenty of reasons as to why fans would want to come and meet her in person, as was the case on this particular day. But what we can’t seem to understand is why the need to have cash being flaunted in the picture? Did the person not think that the photo looked cool enough without trying to brag about his wealth? At least the fellow in the middle didn’t hover hand Massaro or it would have been even more awkward!

5The Undertaker

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One of the most distinguishing features that someone can have is a tattoo. And in the case of Mark Calaway, there are definitely plenty of them on his body to recognize him for when he goes out in public. Even if he’s wearing what is perhaps the most “un” Undertaker outfit in the entire world, khaki shorts, a tucked in polo shirt and a hat. The world may implode if the camera panned down and saw ‘Taker rocking some socks and sandals.

It’s possible that Calaway had no interest in taking the photo with this salesperson, but judging from the bag in his hand, it looks like the fan waited until after the sale to ask.

By that point, provided the service was friendly, it definitely would have been awkward for him to refuse. Even if the end result is still a very awkward photo.

4Tammy “Sunny” Sytch

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The Hall of Fame career of Tammy “Sunny” Sytch had Stych rely on her appearance and appeal on the screen. Though she was also no stranger to action of a more tender variety either. Something that perhaps made her transition into the “film” industry not too surprising.

But back in 2013, Sunny elected for a fun way to “spice up” her fan interactions. Namely, she put on a seductive robe and crawled into bed with them for what we can only hope was a very quick photo before they moved on. A situation like this also means that no matter who the fan is, you’re bound to come away with an incredibly awkward photo that you probably won’t want to show people. Maybe you want to give her some credit for having an “original” way to take fan photos. But more realistically you’re also going to look at this photo and wonder how Sunny fell so far from her time in the sun.

3Randy Orton (Part 2)

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Professional wrestlers understand that when they go out in public, that there is a pretty good chance they are going to get recognized. But you know that they are probably hoping that more often than not, that people are going to leave them alone. You might give these two fans some points for probably not saying anything to Orton.

But is it still awkward? You better believe it. In fact, it’s probably even more awkward. There’s no “winning” when it comes to a bathroom photo with someone. But doing it in this matter, all while decked out in Cena gear and with your Dad standing beside you none the less definitely wasn’t helping anyone’s case. Why not just wait till he left the washroom and ask for a photo then?

2Paige (Part 2)

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Paige has had many scandals in the WWE that have at times left her with a questionable public image. But one of the most important parts of being a WWE superstar is being good with your fans. And as far as Paige is concerned, that’s definitely one thing she can always pride herself on. Along with an active social media presence, Paige has countless photos of her with fans from various conventions.

We’re sure the fan in this photo may have had good intentions, but it definitely comes off as one of the most awkward fan photos that Paige has probably ever been involved with. He was also only a few inches away from learning just how much pain Paige can inflict when people go too far!


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There aren’t many wrestlers in the WWE that have been more physically imposing than Kane. Being billed at 7’0 tall and 323 pounds, it’s no wonder he towered over most of his competition. But as scary as Kane can be in the ring, out of it, Glenn Jacobs is seemingly a tremendous guy. Who, at the very least, was willing to stop on this particular day and agree to a fan’s request to have a photo taken.

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