We all have photos in our past we regret. High school yearbooks, driver’s licenses, vacation photos, it’s commonplace. Many a person has loved to show off some pics of their past to show how much they’ve changed for the better. Others prefer to ignore them to put it behind them totally. But it’s all out there and thanks to the Internet and social media, it’s easier than ever to dig it up. That includes WWE as with the Network, fans can access at any time the first year of some of the biggest stars the company has known. Indeed, a few love to joke about their early gimmicks and how they looked before finding fame. That also means a lot of hazing over their past pics.

It can be a bad gimmick, a poor match or an outrageous costume. In some cases, the difference is so extreme you wouldn’t even know it’s the same person. Many are well known while others might come as a true surprise. But it shows how it’s very rare for a WWE star to have it all together when they first work for the company. From the biggest stars to some lower guys, everyone has an image of their first year with the company that’s wild compared to how they are today. Here are 20 embarrassing photos of WWE stars in their first year with the company to show how far they’ve come.

WWE Top 20 Superstars early years Company photos and video online

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19Xavier Woods

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18Samoa Joe

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17Roman Reigns

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15Bray Wyatt

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14The Miz

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13Dean Ambrose

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11Nikki Cross

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10Charlotte, Sasha And Alexa

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9Jeff Hardy

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8Mick Foley

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7Ron Simmons

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6Daniel Bryan

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5Triple H

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4The Rock

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2Becky Lynch

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1John Cena

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On one of John Cena’s biography DVDs, JBL is shown laughing on how he saw Cena in OVW in 2001 and “this kid doesn’t have a shot in hell.” In reality, even back then, Cena was showing his gift on the mic with bits like “rewinding” his promos to repeat big lines and showed some good charisma. However, “the Prototype” was nothing more than your usual super-jacked guy with a power-based moveset. That’s not including his rather annoying haircut, amazingly super short and making this Boston-bred kid look like a 1990s California surfer. His bland ring gear also didn’t help so it’s amazing Cena got his crack at the big time. Even then, it took that Vanilla Ice impression to save his career and lead to his mega-success and shows that even the face of WWE today had a really dumb look when he first started in the company.