2020 has been a tough year for wrestling, but Seth Rollins and Jon Moxley have shown that top stars can still deliver great results. Both former members of The Shield entered the year with extremely important goals and opportunities for their respective careers. Rollins tried a new heel character to take his career in a new direction. Moxley leaving WWE last year saw him having his first full year outside of the company that frustrated him.

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Both wrestlers can be realistically viewed as the MVPs of their companies based on the positive reaction to their work. WWE fans will likely prioritize Rollins as one of the positives for the company. Moxley has won over the AEW viewers as the top champion for most of the year so far. Make your own decision regarding who is having the better 2020 after viewing the arguments for both Rollins and Moxley.

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10Rollins: Reinvented His Career After Failed Title Run

Seth Rollins was tasked with having to completely turn his career around after a disappointing 2019. Despite having two major Universal Championship wins over Brock Lesnar, the fans turned him for the poor booking in his title reigns.

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The big change in completely turning his character into a new persona saw Rollins succeeding as a heel. It didn’t take him long to change his identity from the failed Universal Champion into one of the bright spots on Raw.

9Moxley: Proved He Is A Great Champion

The WWE Championship run of Dean Ambrose saw him losing a lot of momentum after becoming a top face. Ambrose was never positioned as a serious threat to the world title after his one WWE Championship run ended.

AEW put the world title on the now-named Jon Moxley after he rebuilds his reputation as a top star after leaving WWE. The AEW Championship reign of Moxley has been a success proving he’s able to lead a company if allowed to show his talent.

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8Rollins: Memorable WM Match

Seth Rollins facing Kevin Owens at WrestleMania 36 was one of the better matches of the two events throughout the weekend. Owens finally got revenge after months of Rollins and his faction attacking him.

The moment of Owens diving from the top of the WM sign-on Rollins through the commentary table may be the spot of the years. Rollins did his part in contributing to another great match on the biggest stage.

7Moxley: Two Great Matches At NJPW Wrestle Kingdom

Jon Moxley may not have been in WWE for WrestleMania this year, but he did have the New Japan equivalent. Wrestle Kingdom was also expanded to two nights this year with Moxley wrestling on both cards.

The first night saw Moxley defeating Lance Archer for the North American Championship in a Texas Death match. Moxley defended the title successfully against Juice Robinson on the second night for a strong weekend on NJPW’s biggest stage.

6Rollins: Best Challenger To Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre’s WWE Championship run has been hit or miss. The programs with Bobby Lashley and Dolph Ziggler were poorly booked even though he still managed to have decent matches in the tough spots.

Seth Rollins was the one heel to present a great challenge for McIntyre in the storytelling. Both wrestlers developed chemistry to have a great match at the Money in the Bank event. Rollins proved he was still a main event talent even when losing his title shot to fall out of the title picture.

5Moxley: Wrestling Different Styles

Jon Moxley has made it clear he never wants to get pigeonholed into being a one-dimensional wrestler. Despite thriving in the hardcore environment, Moxley loves to mix it up with various opponents in AEW that works in different styles.

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The hardcore matches against Kenny Omega and Joey Janela showed he still thrives there. Brodie Lee provided more of a bar fight feel with Moxley slugging it out without the use of weapons. Moxley even showed his submission side when feuding with Brian Cage.

4Rollins: WWE’s Top Heel

The heel turn of Seth Rollins saw him wanting to make a drastic change after the audience soured on him. Rollins unleashed a lot of his legitimate anger and frustration towards the fans for how quickly they grew tired of him.

This new persona sees Rollins justifying his horrible actions by blaming the fans or the face wrestlers. Actions like ripping out Rey Mysterio’s eye or manipulating others into doing his bidding makes Rollins a ruthless heel.

3Moxley: Great Promos

The biggest change for Jon Moxley in leaving WWE for AEW is the improvement in his promos. Moxley revealed he hated having to follow scripts in WWE and felt it prevented him from delivering promos that improved the product.

2020 has showcased that with Moxley cutting great promos whenever getting the chance. Showdowns with Chris Jericho, Taz, and a few others give Moxley an argument for having the best promos in wrestling this year.

2Rollins: Helping New Stars

Seth Rollins has not only worked hard to reinvent his image, but he also wanted to help others. Buddy Murphy and Austin Theory have each benefited from being part of Rollins’ faction. The Authors of Pain were also doing well until injuries removed them from the equation.

Even opponents like Aleister Black and Humberto Carrillo had standout moments feuding with Rollins. The top spot for Seth makes it convenient for him to shine the light on others while still remaining strong as a main event act.

1Moxley: Biggest Consistent Ratings Draw

AEW signing Jon Moxley after he left WWE was a huge move to give them another established main event act in the industry along with Chris Jericho. Moxley ended up providing even more success for the television show Dynamite than expected.

The ratings for Moxley’s segment are always extremely strong and often the highest-rated of each episode. YouTube views also show a bigger spike if Moxley is involved since he has a strong fan base that wants to watch him perform every single week.

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