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Zusje MMA Luxuria Astaroth Photos And Video Online Real Life

Zusje MMA Luxuria Astaroth Photos And Video Online Real Life


Luxuria Astarot returns as Zusie. The model, known from Donatana’s clips, begins her career in show business again, this time as a singer and participant in the next gala concert Fame MMA. Find out what we know about her personal and professional life.

Karolina Smogulecka, since her real name is Zusia, once known as Luxuria Astaroth, began her career in Polish show business in 2012. While still a teenager, she appeared in a music video for one of Donatan’s first hits, “Nie Likimy Do”. The oil in the video “Slovyanka” is bewildering with its extraordinary beauty and immediately attracted the attention of Internet users and the media. She owes her original features not only to the procedures of aesthetic medicine, but above all to her ancestors with oriental roots: her grandmother was from Ukraine, and the other grandmother was half Chinese and Russian.

After the overwhelming success of the video, Luxuria received many interesting professional offers. In 2014, the movie “The Promise” was released in cinemas, in which Smoguletskaya played the role of Angelica. However, over time, Luxuria became increasingly talked about in the media in the context of scandals and scandals, rather than its successes. As it turned out later, her scandalous statements and shocking behavior were caused by alcohol and drug addiction. At a critical moment, at the urging of her mother, she finally decided to seek professional help. He’s been sober for over a year. In September 2018, she underwent an 8-week course of inpatient therapy at the drug addiction psychotherapy center in Jastrzembia Gora.

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After leaving the rehabilitation center, Luxuria abandoned not only her previous party lifestyle, but also her current artistic pseudonym. Like Zusje, she decided to start trying her hand at music. On her YouTube channel, you can already find several clips of her original songs.

On October 26, 2019, during the Fame MMA 5 gala in Gdansk, it was officially announced that 24-year-old Zuse will fight in the octagon with Marta Linkevich, who is 2 years younger than her, during the sixth event, which is scheduled for March 28, 2020 … He prepares for a duel in Three City, where he currently lives with his mother and is studying psychology.

Zusje MMA Luxuria Astaroth Photos And Video Online Real Life


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Zusje MMA Luxuria Astaroth Photos And Video Online Real Life

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